Getting to know Ayman Alagili

What is your name and where are you from?
I’m Ayman Alagili from Saudi Arabia.

What is your area of study?
ESL, Conditional Acceptance into Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Why did you choose to come to Brock?
I knew that I would spend 5 years away studying from home so I did a lot of research. I have a lot of friends studying in UK, USA, Canada, Australia and other countries and after asking them about their universities I choose Brock University because of several reasons:

Canadian people are friendly.
When I came to Canada I expected people to be polite and friendly, but I found them more than that. Canadians are awesome and I love Canada because I’m outgoing and almost all Canadian are like me. They make me feel like I’m home.

I love that people here respect you as who you are and they always smile for you and greet you every time. Whatever your hobby is you will find friends that like what you like and you will find new places to enjoy. Like me, for example, I love playing soccer, swimming and running.

Brock University allows you to be whatever you want to be by their available majors.
I had my associate degree of science in Information Technology System Support back home and I came to Canada to continue my education in computer science. I chose my major because it is very challenging all the time. Moreover, this field is always developing and changing which reduces the chances for ‘boring routines’ to develop in my future career.

You not only gain a degree, but you also gain wisdom and perspective.
Brock is not just place to take lectures, but also a place to open your brain widely.
Brock University provides me with the means to reach my dreams.

I can’t explain how much I enjoy learning at this university. All my teachers treat me as their friend whom they care about and want to be successful. They teach by their hearts and they do their job perfectly. In Brock my English skills developed so fast and not just that I learn about different subjects while I’m learning English.

I’ve had a great experience so far and will write about my experiences to come at Brock University.

3 Responses to Getting to know Ayman Alagili

  1. avatar tfallet says:

    اصير لك انكليزي ياشيخ هههههههه
    والله ما فهمت شئ من المقابله .. يكفي السؤال الاخير انت مجاوب جواب 20 سطر
    شكلك غثيت المذيع بالاجابه الطويله وانهى الحوار على طول

    i am love ayman … you all life

  2. it is my pleasuer to know the great of this University &I hope that shorty viseying Brock University

    i truse Iman &Ihope that Ican meet with him soon

  3. Hey Ayman … Finally I knew some personal info about you…
    your English lang has really improved more than ever… i’m really glad 4 this..
    about Brock … I can’t wait the day when I meet you there … Soon :)


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