A few questions with… Wasi Khan!

What is your name and area of study?

Wasi Khan, Bachelor of Business Administration

Where are you from originally?


What has defined your Brock experience?

My Friends.

Looking back at the years I have spent at Brock – one thing which truly stands out is the number of friends I have made. I was lucky, in a sense, to have six of my high school friends join me at Brock. My friends really helped me assimilate to a new environment. We stuck to each other as a pack and came to each others assistance during the time of need. Given that all of us were leaving away from home for the first time, we all needed each others support.

Here at Brock there are plenty of opportunities to meet new people. There are numerous social events and clubs where you get to meet people of similar interests and likes. I have also made a lot of friends through the courses I’ve taken. Most of my courses require group projects through which I’ve met some wonderful individuals. I’ve worked with many different people under testing times and under pressure to cater to the sky high demands of our Professors.

At present my friend circle is very diverse, consisting of individuals from 11 different countries. This is a testament to the diversity at Brock!

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