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My name is Rachel, I am an International Recruitment Officer for Brock University. I travel around (the United States mostly) to spread the word about Brock and the myriad of opportunities that exist here for you.

Between my travels and time in the office I’ve come across an article written by one of my favourite American journalists, Lynn O’Shaughnessy. In it, she writes about  10 Reasons to Attend Canadian Universities.

Since I re-tell these 10 reasons to students on the regular, I thought I would also kick off our new Brock World blog by tailoring the list to Brock University in a little post that I’ll so cleverly call…

10 Reasons to Attend Brock University

1. Reasonable price.
International Students (students coming to Canada on study visa) at Brock pay a tuition of $14,160.15. No, that’s not a typo. Canadian tuition is less expensive than that of many American colleges.

For living expenses, you’ll pay about $8,000-$10,000 (accommodations and meals). Brock guarantees you a spot in on-campus residence during your first year.. so you can settle in, meet your new best friends, and have all meals cooked for you while you adjust to the college life!

2. Exchange rate is favorable.
Trust me. The Galleria Mall in Buffalo, NY is 36 minutes away from my home in Ontario. I shop there too often to know any different.

What does that mean for you? More bang for your buck.

3. Great quality.
Brock Faculties are accredited with prestigious organizations like AACSB International, which means our education is both internationally recognized and of the highest quality.

4. Scholarships available abound.
Brock awards students based on merit (leadership, community service, athletics, extracurricular involvement, benevolent work, etc.) Brock also awards those who excel academically. If you enter your first year with an average of 80% (about a B grade average in high school) or higher… you will automatically receive the Brock Scholars Award.

5. Canadian admission process
That’s right.. all we need to see are your senior level grades from Secondary School. All universities in Ontario use  OUAC. It’s kind of like our ‘Common Application’ system. When you’re ready to apply, submit your transcripts and info through OUAC and your application will make its way to us.

Getting a study visa is simple. Just visit Customs/Immigration at the Canadian border closest to you.

Confused? No worries, we’re here to help.

6. SATs and ACTs are not required.
If you’re anything like me.. you are a poor test taker. However, that does not reflect my ability to perform well in university.

We do not require standardized test scores from our Canadian students, therefore, we will not require them from you.

7. Oh, and no essays either.
If you would like to submit an essay and school profile to us, please feel free to do so. Of course we will take a look. Both will help us to determine what kind of student you are.

8. Canada… land of the true north, strong and free.
We’ll welcome you with open arms and open doors.

9. Attending college in Canada is a
fast track to becoming a permanent resident.
Hey, after you enjoy your time studying at Brock… stay a little while longer!  We’d love for you to join our knowledge workforce after you’ve completed that golden degree.

10. You will still qualify for Federal Loans from your home country.
Maybe you’ll even qualify for fun ‘International Student’ funding or World Bank scholarships too!

Why apply to Brock? More like… why Not apply to Brock?

Please feel free to email us at international@brocku.ca or check out other pages on brocku.ca/internationalcommunity for more information.


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