Only a Few Weeks of Construction Remaining at BioLinc!

As we enter into the final weeks of construction at BioLinc, it is fascinating to look back at photos of BioLinc at the beginning of February and see all the progress that has been made. Over the past few weeks, the construction crew has started painting and putting in the flooring. Over the next few weeks painting will continue, shelving and millwork will be installed and the sheet vinyl flooring will be started in the lab area. Check out the photos below to see how the construction of BioLinc is coming along!

A: Front Entrance/Hallway       B: Administrative Office        C: Conference Room

D: Hallway                                E: Collaborative Space             F: Collaborative Space

G: Hallway into Lab Area          H: Office                                 I: Collaborative Space

J: Wet Lab                              K: Office                                        L: Wet Lab

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