Hey everyone! If you’re interested in sports, this one’s for you!

This September, us Badgers got to welcome a new artificial turf field on campus. The field is a result of a donation from an anonymous donor, as well as a student referendum and it cost 1.5 million dollars to make. The middle of the turf has a massive Badger logo to show off our Badger pride! There are also bright lights surrounding the field so that students can use it in the evenings.  We are super excited about the new field because it will be used for men’s and women’s varsity sports teams such as soccer, lacrosse, and rugby (which are fun to cheer on from the sidelines!!).

The awesome thing about the new field is that almost anyone can use it! So if you aren’t the varsity athlete kind of Badger, don’t sweat it! Use of the field expands to intramural teams as well! Intramurals are a great way to get out and meet new people, while participating in either something you already love, or a new activity! If you are looking for more info about intramural sports, it will be the focus of my next blog so keep an eye out!

Hey, even if sports aren’t your thing who says you can’t have a great time (maybe even a better time) cheering on the Badgers from the sidelines! What can I say, it’s a chance to wear our cozy Brock gear and drink hot chocolate with fellow Badgers :)

Hope this sparked your interest!

Emily :)

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Hello badgers!

Here we are, in the heart of midterm season! Although the beginning of school is full of exciting moments like meeting new friends in classes and reconnecting with old ones who we haven’t seen since before summer…. midterms tend to hit us like a ton of bricks. A heavy reminder that we have so much to do before we go home for reading week. I don’t want you, future students, to picture your university life as you stuck inside studying! There are tons of really fun ways to take breaks around Brock! I have found it very important, this year especially with my fourth year workload, to take really fun breaks from studying. Sure, if netflix is your thing, grab a blanket, make a tea and curl up to a new movie or an episode (or five) of f.r.i.e.n.d.s! But if you are looking for a study break unique to being at Brock listen up! My roommates and I have been living by the motto “work hard, play hard”. We are sure to work hard during the day so that in the evening we can take a break together to de-stress. Here  are some fun suggestions that we have tried out recently!

1. Take a walk at the Quarry! The Quarry is a lovely little spot behind village. It is always very quiet there, and although it is just behind Brock, it feels so separate and isolated…. makes for a perfect place to clear your head.

2. Go for a hike a Decew falls! We did this a few weeks ago and loved it (but be prepared to get dirty!). We went swimming in the water because it was still very warm, but it would be equally beautiful this time of year with the leaves changing colours!

3. Go apple picking! This was my favourite study break! We drove down to Parkway Orchards which was only about 15 minutes from campus. Walking through the rows of apples, trying all the different types, and baking (delicious!) apple crisp when we got home was the perfect way to forget about the assignments and exams we had to study for.

4. Last but not least… check out the new outlet mall! I have spent far too much time (and money) at the outlet these past few weeks! There are great stores, and amazing deals to be found here! Who needs to cross the boarder to Buffalo when we have our own lululemon outlet less than twenty minutes from Brock!?

Hope you all have made time for study breaks and I strongly recommend you check out a few of the suggestions I made!

Happy studying :)


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Hello Future Badgers!

Many of the other tour guides are writing about their residence experiences here at Brock, and I figured that I would do the same thing! This is actually my third year living in residence! My third year!! Now, I’m not just your average third-year student who is living in Res again, oh no Future Badgers, I am a Residence Don!

I work for the Residence Life Staff (RLS) here at Brock along with fellow tour guide Doreen, and wow what an experience it has been! If you don’t already know, a Residence Don (sometimes called an RA, Community Advisor, Adult Babysitter..although we don’t like that one very much…) is an upper year student who is staffed by the department to help you with the transition from high school into University!

As a member of the RLS, I do all sorts of stuff in Residence, everything from getting to meet so many wonderful lifelong friends, to planning programmes for my students, to building a long-standing community in Residence and much, much more!


It’s a pretty sweet gig, I must admit…I get to work with an incredible staff of 70+ people who have all become a support structure for each other; we are always here to help one another, even with things outside of Residence Life, like homework and classes and such. I also get the absolutely AMAZING opportunity to meet Badgers just like you! Being a Don affords me the chance to meet super cool folks that I get to know on a personal level, students who turn into my friends and who I love being able to share my residence experience with!

Of course, it’s not all fun and games working with the RLS. It does take a lot of hard work and dedication to be able to keep up with the requirements of the job, but I manage to have fun and continue to love my job while doing it.

Berg Staff

If there is one thing that being a Residence Life Staff member has taught me, it’s how to time manage! There are so many things to keep up with, it’s important to maintain the balance between my student life and my staff life in order to keep my grades up and keep my students happy! So not only has being a member of the RLS contributed to my incredibly exhaustive list of social life things, it’s also been a huge factor in keeping me balanced as a student.


I absolutely LOVE talking about the RLS and sharing all of my experiences with all of you Future Badgers, so look forward to more posts in the future about this very thing!!

Until next time…Brock On Badgers!

The Brock Residence Life Staff begins the Residence Don hiring process in mid-January, stay tuned for more details closer to the opening date.

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Fall Reading Week is like an early Christmas present for university students. It’s the chance to have a break, a chance to de-stress and a chance to see all of your friends and family again. Brock is one of the few universities that has a Fall Reading Week to relax, however, I want to tell you future Badgers some tips to make the best of your break:

1. Try and get as much work done and out of the way before this week so you can enjoy yourself :)

2. Enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner…and leftovers! For a lot of people this is the first time they will be going home after moving in for school so take advantage of your mom’s mashed potatoes, stuffing and turkey but most importantly the fact that she is cooking for you again.

3. Actually do some work if you can. A lot of professors and classes have assignments and midterms due right after the break. This week is an opportunity for you to catch up on readings but also to get ahead if you like.


Fall Reading Week marks the halfway point of first semester. So for current Badgers hang in there and enjoy your break because we only have a few more weeks left till first semester is over! For all future Badgers, remember these tips and start get excited for Fall Reading Week in your future.

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Whenever you plan on leaving your country of residence, you should probably do a little planning. This is doubly the case when you will be leaving for an extended period of time! Study exchanges, such as the exchange I have only just begun in Grenoble, France, can range from one semester to a full year, but there are other international opportunities such as coop programs, that can offer even longer stays abroad. Don’t let this worry you– if you have an interest in travelling, but only for short periods of time, be sure to check out some of Brock’s short term programs, such as Namibia: http://www.brocku.ca/international-services/short-term-programs/BA

I will be staying in France for approximately five months– from September until the end of the exam period there, around the middle of January. I have had to apply for a student long-stay Visa (for exchange students staying longer than 90 days) which allows me entrance into France for the duration of my stay. I have also had to be sure my passport was valid until well after my desired return home.

But before all of this documentation, you will need to decide where you are interested in travelling to (and living!). This is an important decision and also a very personal one. While your friends and family can offer you great travel advice and guidance about what to see, you will be the only one present for the duration of your stay. Remember to take your time with your decision, and have a look through all your options! Here is a link to some of Brock’s partner institutions; a non-exhaustive list of destinations and universities to wet your appetite for travel: https://www.brocku.ca/international-services/exchanges-study-abroad/outbound-exchanges/Partner-Institutions

Depending on your line of study, you will be able to explore different and sometimes unique programs abroad. These international institutions may have the perfect program to fit your desired goals! I am in my fourth year studying French and Philosophy, and have been in French Immersion since Kindergarten, and with my experiences, interests and personality in mind I saw an exchange in France as an outlet I would be interested in pursuing. I should mention that this was the path I felt I felt comfortable pursuing. With everyone’s varying and unique experiences, a different route will present itself, and may be ideal!

But once again, with all this in mind, I strongly suggest you look into the opportunities available for an exchange, perhaps by speaking to your academic advisor or the department of International Student Services. You have so many options here at Brock; start exploring early!

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Hello Badgers!

I have some exciting news for you! Especially if you think the best part about getting active means having a great outfit.

This year, Brock University signed an exclusive product deal with Nike, meaning that all of our varsity athletes will be wearing uniforms made by the company. This really distinguishes us from other Canadian Universities as there are so few out there to have such an exclusive deal like ours.

Brock University Athletics has won 35 National and 70 Provincial Championships in school history.  I guess Nike really does recognize success!

But it gets better! Our varsity athletes won’t be the only ones looking great, so will the rest of the University. Both the Brock Campus Store as well as the Active Badger will carry new Nike made Brock Clothing for faculty, students, staff, and the public to purchase. It’s kind of like we’re sponsored by Nike too! (Store hours found here)

So get out and buy some new Nike Brock Swag! I mean, not only does it look really nice but it’s also really comfortable. Perfect for those lazy Monday’s or when you want to impress fellow Badgers in the gym.

See you around,

Go Badgers Go!

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As a student who has lived on Brock’s Residence for the past three years (two as a Don and my first year as a student), I was eager to not only get a taste for the world outside of campus, but to participate in new and challenging experiences in my fourth (and likely) final year of undergraduate study at Brock University.

Through the International Student Services department at Brock, I applied to the exchange program. This partnership allows students to visit and study at a foreign university of their choosing. With the exchange programs that Brock has in place, students pay their regular full course load tuition fees to Brock and take the place of a foreign student doing the same at their home university.

I would strongly suggest that in the early part of this year (as though we don’t all have enough on our plate already!) take a little time and contact the International Student Services department (ext. 4785 or internationaloffice@brocku.ca). They will be hosting various information sessions throughout the year, and are happy to provide you with guidance if you have ever considered (or if you are now beginning to!) an studying abroad. There are many options available throughout the world (Asia, Africa, North America, etc.) and many spots are available to us as Brock students, through partner institutions. Make use of the connections that Brock provides!

Here is a link to the International Services Exchanges page: http://www.brocku.ca/international-services/exchanges-study-abroad/outbound-exchanges. All the best for the last week of September!

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Did you miss our Open House last month? Were you unable to come for a tour during the March Break? There’s still an opportunity to come check out Brock’s beautiful campus!

Whether you were working during the March Break or you were sunbathing in the Caribbean, it isn’t too late to come see Brock and meet faculty members to get your questions answered. Tours of campus and residence are being offered Sunday, April 12th from 12:00-4:00 p.m.

More information about how to register and the day’s events can be found at discover.brocku.ca/campus-day. See you Sunday!

Magnolias by Mackenzie Chown Complex

Magnolias by Mackenzie Chown Complex

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Are there any Concurrent Education readers out there? If so, this blog is for you!

Now that I am nearing the end of my undergraduate degree, I only have a short year to finish my Bachelor of Education AND look for a job. Perhaps you have also heard that the market for teachers in Southern Ontario is not very high, so I began seeking teaching opportunities elsewhere. Throughout the years, I have considered teaching in reserves in Canada to learn more about the First Nations peoples and their culture. I have also considered teaching overseas, such as in the United Kingdom, Europe, or Asia. Learning about these opportunities excited me because I would be able to ensure that I gain more relevant work experience and grow as a teacher. It would also benefit my understandings of different cultures, which I believe to be incredibly important in teaching in a diverse nation like Canada.


As a Korean myself, I was personally intrigued with the opportunity to teach English in Korea. It relieved me to learn that agencies are available to help with the paperwork, such as obtaining a working visa. And while the thought of being away from my friends and family for one or two years made me feel anxious, I felt better knowing that I would finally be able to experience studying (well, in my case, teaching) abroad. For example, I plan on making the most of my vacations by traveling all over the continent of Asia. Does it get any better than getting paid to cure my travel itch?

To learn more about these opportunities, click here. The moral of the story: Stay motivated and positive, my fellow teachers!

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Hi again Badgers, I hope you’ve been well!


As much as Brock is an awesome place to make friends, get closer to your future career, it is also about studying! But studying doesn’t always have to be dull. Have you thought about doing an exchange or studying abroad? Unfortunately I wasn’t able to do an exchange or study abroad as a Concurrent Education student, but I recommend that when you come to Brock next year, ask your academic adviser about the possibility of you doing so. Keep in mind, typically students looking into this option complete their third year abroad.

The great thing about doing an exchange is that you don’t pay international student tuition–you pay the same tuition as you would at Brock! So studying doesn’t seem that bad when you pair it with traveling, right? Some of my friends have studied in Europe, while others have studied in Asia, so the options are plenty! To read more about these opportunities, click here!

Happy studying!


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