Hey baby badgers!

I know fourth year may seem like a long time away…. But look at how fast your high school years went by! It’s always good to look ahead and it is never too early to start planning your future years, which will hopefully be at Brock!

When you enter your fourth year, in many programs I have recognized that there are honors, thesis and project options.  Although I cannot speak for all programs at Brock, I can speak for my own.

In my program, Concurrent Education Primary/Junior Child and Youth Studies (CHYS) there are three opportunities to choose from: coursework (which is exactly what you would have been doing the previous three years), a research project, as well as an honors thesis.

After weighing many pros and cons, upon entering my fourth year I decided to try something new and chose to complete an honors thesis.  The process to this is slightly different than just continuing with coursework.  I applied through my Brock portal and filled out an online application where I was to request my top three professors to work with, as well as corresponding subjects to complete my thesis on with each professor.

Not long after, I heard back and had been accepted and placed with a CHYS professor. The project we are focusing on is called Recess Project – which I have been taking part in since first year long with this professor.

Thus far in my first semester, working on a thesis has been a very interesting and rewarding experience.  I have had the opportunity to build personal connections with a professor at Brock, expanding my connections within the university and the broader community.  I have also gained great insights into the process of research, writing, as well as field work to collect data and information for my thesis.

Although I was very apprehensive to take on a thesis, with the right organizational skills and motivation, you can do anything you set your mind to!  I strongly suggest to weigh all the pros and cons to ensure you do not limit your opportunities. You never know where such opportunities may take you and it is always a good idea to keep all the doors open so you can explore what awaits you during your time at Brock!

Talk to you all soon,


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If you are anything like me, you will know how important good food is! At Brock, there are SOOOO many options that sometimes it is hard to choose just one place to eat. From Guernsey Market to Union Station there is so much to choose from, so I have decided to lay out my top 5 places to eat on campus.

Guernsey Market
The Guernsey Market is located on the first floor of the Schmon Tower, offering a plethora of fresh, delicious breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and desserts! They have vegan, vegetarian options, as well as provide students with a wide selection of foods. At the centre of the Guernsey Market, there is a unique 360-degree Mongolian grill with display cooking where customizable stir fry’s, burritos and grilled chicken Greek/Caesar/caprese salads are made. Fun fact: The Guernsey Market is named after the birthplace of Sir Isaac Brock.

Skybar is Brock’s only licensed venue on campus accessible for weekday daily service from 11am-7pm (5pm close time on Fridays). Skybar is located on the top floor of Isaac’s Entertainment Complex where they offer great food, friendly service, comfortable and intimate atmosphere and great drinks (for those 19+). The menu contains many options for starters, entrees, salads, unique burgers and sandwiches, as well as many vegetarian options.

General Brock
General Brock is your one-stop shop for any snacks (candy, chocolate, trail mix, protein bars) you may need but also some of the best food on campus! The Great Canadian Bagel, Pizza Pizza and Booster Juice are all available at General Brock. In addition to bagels, pizza, and smoothies, General Brock also has incredible shawarma that is a Halal option.

Union Station
Brock never disappoints, especially when it comes to good eats. At Union Station, there are many food options for students to pick and choose from. Ah-So Sushi, Booster Juice, Burrito Boys, Fortune Cookie, Harvey’s and Subway are all located directly beside Isaac’s Entertainment Complex. My personal favorites being Burrito Boys and Subway, but all of the restaurants offer food at a reasonable, student-friendly price!!

Teriyaki Experience
Located in the Hungry Badger in Walker Complex, Teriyaki Experience is a quick and easy (not to mention delicious) option for students taking a lunch break or just looking to try something different. Soups, noodle bowls, and stir-fry’s are all absolutely delicious and fresh, never disappointing a student’s empty belly!

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Hey Future Badgers,

It’s a new term and that means new assignments, projects, and tests! With all of this work to fit into our schedules us Brock students need to find some good places to study on campus where we can feel relaxed and focused. Here are some of my favourite places to get some work done!

1. The Computer Commons (nicknamed the “Fishbowl”):
The Computer commons or the “Fishbowl” is where my friends know to look for me if they ever need me… I basically live there. The Fishbowl is the largest of 8 computer labs on campus, and is open to all students on campus if they need a computer to use. The reason I’m in there so often is because I have been taking a few biostatistics courses where I need to use a computer software program called SAS. The computers in Fishbowl have plenty of these software programs installed on them, and also an IT desk at the front with staff who can help with any technology problems us students come across.

2. The Cairns Complex:
Another place I like to go to if I have some work to do is the Cairns Complex. This building is used mostly for research by faculty members, and is a very low traffic spot for students, making it a quiet place to study. It’s nice and peaceful if you want limited distraction, and the building is full of huge windows to let in lots of natural light (and you have a nice view of some of the campus outside).

3. Hungry Badger:
The Hungry Badger is a dining location in the Walker Complex at Brock. I like to study on the mezzanine level above the cafeteria. This is because all of my Health Science professors have offices right down the hallway on that level. If I have a meeting with a professor to wait for, this is good place to kill some time. Also, I’ve studied up there during my professor’s office hours before, so that when I came across a problem or something I was confused about I could just go right in and get it clarified.

5. Group Study Rooms in the Library:
The James A. Gibson library on campus has plenty of group study rooms available for students to book online. We are able to book them for a certain amount of hours at a time for any group projects or presentations we need to work on. Whenever I have to meet with a group of peers for a project, we book out one of these rooms and bring food to snack on while we work away :)

6. General Brock Store
The General Brock Store is somewhere I go if I have a short time between classes. Sometimes I meet friends there to catch up before class, and other times I spend quiet mornings sipping my Booster Juice and finishing up some of my readings. GB is the best!

Those are all of my favourite places to study, and hopefully one of these will become yours in the future as well!


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Hey Badgers!

It’s come to that time of year again, the week that students look forward to in second semester to take a week off from school and do what they please!

This year, Brock’s winter term reading week takes place from Monday, February 20th to Friday, February 24th.  There are SO many exciting things to look forward to on reading week that students can take part in.

Students use these reading weeks just like a March break, whether it be hanging out at home with friends and family, taking time to relax or catch up on studies, to read leisure books or take part in camps or activities.  However, reading week at Brock can be all that and MORE!

Every year, Brock Cares offers alternative reading weeks; opportunities for students to travel the world with Brock and make a difference in other people’s lives and their own as they explore rich cultures, diversity and landscapes.

This year, students had the opportunity to sign up for one of two February alternative reading week trips.  One trip is to South Carolina, where students have the opportunity to help build and construct houses with Habitat for Humanity.  The second trip takes place in Peru, where students will be teaching English, running camps and activities, but also getting the opportunity to see the beautiful landmarks of the city they are visiting.  Other reading week trips have travelled to Disney in Orlando Florida, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, and many other places.  Brock is always trying to seek new opportunities to expand where we can reach out and explore in the world!

This is just another exciting opportunity for you to look forward to when you join our Brock family!  Check out the following link to get a better look into what these alternative reading week trips are all about: https://experiencebu.brocku.ca/organization/studentlife/calendar/details/51617


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Happy New Year dear and future Badgers!

I hope you all had a wonderful rejuvenating break and are ready to get back to the grind. In order to make the transition from your winter break back into the academic regime, the Brock University Students’ Union has planned a wide array of events during Frost Week. Some events to look out for include -

Comedy Night – There is no better way to start the year off than having a good laugh with friends, both old and new. For only $5, you can have a hearty laugh and a wonderful evening. (Content may not be suitable for all views, viewer discretion advised)

Clubs Fair - BUSU has over 90 ratified clubs that spread across wide interests! The Clubs Fair being hosted at Isaac’s Bar and Grill will provide you with an opportunity to sign up and be a part of the Brock community through various means. Do come out and see what our clubs have to offer!

Technocolour Dreams Paint Party – TCD won Toronto Nightlife Entertainment Award for  2016 and is probably the biggest event of the week. Being hosted in our very own Isaac’s bar and Grill, this all ages event for Brock students is the perfect way to enhance your first week back at university with some fun and paint!

Vendor Fair – This one is a personal favourite, who doesn’t love FREE STUFF! Vendor fair allows you to gain more information regarding local and international companies in and around you who will support various needs you may have. Along with information, you will have the chance to receive tonnes of goodies and free swag which will be sure to come in hand for the rest of the year.

I hope you have an amazing first week back and a great semester ahead!


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As an Applied Linguistics undergraduate student, the question I get asked most frequently when explaining my degree is; “So, how many languages do you speak?”.  As I answer “Just one”, most people look at me with a puzzled expression. ‘How could I be completing a degree in linguistics if I only speak one language?’, they wonder.  Well not to worry, I am here to explain.

The term linguistics, refers to the scientific study of languages, which does not necessarily mean learning of languages themselves.  At Brock, there are three different directions can you peruse through an Applied Linguistics degree; Speech and Language Sciences, Teaching English as a Subsequent Language (TESL) and Hearing Sciences.  Many of the classes required in each stream overlap with the others, but they do differ in some areas.

As a fourth year Applied Linguistics student, in the Speech and Language Sciences stream, I have studied languages such as English, French, Hindi, Turkish, Warlpiri, and many more.  However, I can only speak English.  While studying these languages I didn’t learn how to communicate in them, rather I learned things such as; rules for creating sentences in the languages, how communication norms vary based on culture, sound variations and ways in which individuals can modify language to meet their needs.  Beyond looking at the variations between specific languages, I have also taken classes focusing on; communication disorders; bilingualism, multilingualism, and how learning a second language learning differs from learning your first language; acoustics of language; anatomy of the speech production system; and prevention, assessment and treatment of hearing disorders.

For individuals who love learning new languages, not to worry!  With electives (credits that can be taken from any faculty) and context credits (specific faculty credits) you will have multiple opportunities to enroll in the many language courses offered at Brock.

I hope this explanation has helped to show those of you (like me) who may not be gifted in learning languages,  that an Applied Linguistics degree may still be the degree for you!

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Hi Everyone, Happy New Year!!

I hope everyone is having a great start to 2017 and are sticking to all those New Year’s resolutions!

It’s the first week of Term 2 here at Brock, and classes are well under way already! It was nice to have a break for the holidays, but there is a lot of excitement around campus because we are all happy to be back with our favourite Badgers! :)

I can imagine there is quite a bit of excitement for many of you who are in Grade 12. You have finally made it to your final stretch of high school! Yay! This means you probably have a lot on your minds about what steps you will be taking after you cross that stage at graduation this spring.

As many of you are probably patiently waiting to hear back about your applications to Brock, I have a suggestion that will help you pass the time. It is a GREAT idea to come to Brock’s campus for a tour!! Here are all of the reasons why:

1. Brock is Beautiful
That’s right, Brock really is beautiful. Our campus is nice and compact, and you can walk from one end of campus to the other in about 10 minutes. We have a lot of green space, and also some really cool hiking trails! Brock also has spacious buildings with huge windows, letting in a lot of natural light which brings even more life to campus. I could go on and on about this point, but I’ll let you see it for yourself. :)

2. You might be living here for 4 years!
Choosing Brock is a big decision! For most of you, university will be the very first time you are living away from home.  This means it is important to visit us in order to decide if you can really see yourself spending the next few years of your life here!  You can explore our unique residence buildings, take a peek at some of our lecture halls and seminar rooms, and see many student gathering spots like our cafeterias and dining halls.

3. You can experience the energy of a regular day on campus.                                                       Regular tours on campus run Monday-Friday at both 10:00am and 2:00pm.  This means they run during peak times of regular school days for our students, so you get to see what it’s really like to walk around campus on a typical day!  There’s always a lot of energy on campus and there’s usually some sort of activity or event under way here.  On our campus tours, you will most likely have current students welcoming you to campus in the halls, making you feel right at home.

4. Your tour guide is a current student who can share their experience with you.                     Tours at Brock are run by student ambassadors (your tour guide may even be ME!!).  This is awesome, because we were in grade 12 making the same decisions as you not very long ago.  We know exactly how you are feeling and we can share our experience with you about how and why we chose Brock.  Our student tour guides are knowledgable about student life at Brock and we love to share all of the exciting ways we like to get involved and have fun on campus.

5. You will feel more comfortable coming here on your first day if you have already seen our campus.                                                                                                                                             This last point speaks for itself!  You will definitely feel a little better arriving on your first day in September if you can see some familiar locations on campus, and know what everything looks like.  It’ll be a little easier to find your classes, and maybe you can test your memory and try to show some of your new friends around ;) .

To book a tour, visit our website:  discover.brocku.ca/tours.

That’s all for today! I Hope to see some of you on a tour in the near future :)


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Happy New Year Badgers!

It’s a new year, a new semester, and a chance to start fresh in your program and studies.

I don’t know about you guys, but I love the beginning of a new semester.  It is a great time to get yourself prepared and organized for the upcoming busy schedule you may have over the next few months before summer starts!

Below are a few ways that can not only help prepare yourself for the new semester, but are also ideas to start off the new semester on a positive note!

1. Take some time out of your winter break to peek ahead at some of your upcoming courses and schedule.  The last week of winter break is always a great time to do some re-organizing to your schedule so it is just the way you like it.  It is also an opportunity to get ahead on some course readings or to gain better insight on the classes you’ll be taking!

2. Make new year resolutions/goals as to what you would like to achieve or accomplish this upcoming semester.  I have always loved making a list at the beginning of the year of the things I would like to complete during the winter semester, but also throughout the remainder of the year!

3. Look into things that you can get involved in during the winter semester.  A new semester does not only mean new courses, but also means new activities and extra-curricular opportunities to involve yourself in.  Maybe this is the year you try out one of Brock’s amazing fitness classes at the Zone, or where you join a new club you’ve always been thinking about!

4. Try making time for YOU this semester.  Sometimes we get so focused on our studies and everything going on in our busy schedules, we forget to make time for ourselves.  Perhaps you will sign up for yoga classes at the Walker complex, or take up swimming in our Olympic sized swimming pool! Whatever your interests may be, take time to explore something that you love.

As we welcome 2017, enter the year with a positive mind and always believe that you have the power to do anything you set your mind to! Whatever may be on your new year resolution list this year, I am sure Brock has a way of making it happen. I know Brock has done that for me!



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In my previous blog, I discussed how some residences require a meal plan. So I’m here to explain how meal plans work at Brock.

Meal plans include meal plan dollars and flex dollars that are loaded onto your Brock card. Your meal plan dollars are tax-free and can be spent at the Guernsey Market, Hungry Badger, DeCew and Lowenberger Dining Halls, and the Cairns Café. Your flex dollars, which are taxed dollars are flexible as they can be spent at any on-campus eatery, laundry facility, vending machine, Tim Hortons, and selected off-campus restaurants and businesses.

Here are the different options students have when purchasing meal plans:

Students living in Village and Quarry View residences or off campus also have the opportunity to purchase a meal plan even though it is not mandatory. They may choose from one of our four standard options for those living in traditional residences or select a non-traditional plan for $2,000.

Also, a very important aspect and something to keep in mind about meal plans at Brock is that if you run out of money you can always add more money onto your card online or in person at the Brock Card office. Also, if you do not use all your money by the end of the academic year, you will be able to carry over any unused meal plan dollars to the next academic year. Your meal plan dollars will carry over into a taxable plan that can be used only at Brock Dining Services locations on campus.

Hope you enjoyed learning more about how to get your food at Brock! Click here for more details!

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Hello Badgers!

I begin first with an apology. I have been gone from the Brock blogosphere for far too long! I have missed connecting with you future Badgers, and I am happy to be back. It ended up that I put far too much on my plate last semester, and I simply couldn’t eat it all….but I am happy to be back and typing away with and for all of you this semester!

This coming Saturday, Badgers from all walks of Brock will be joining together with our colleagues from Niagara College and the surrounding Niagara communities to celebrate all that the Brock & Niagara College communities have to offer in the way of innovative leadership. This weekend is the annual Niagara Student Leadership Summit, once again being hosted by Brock University. Following on the coat tails of the National conference which Brock also hosted earlier this year, this Summit gives Brock students an opportunity to share one of the things that almost all Badgers are united in being passionate about: Leadership.

Engaging each other in discussion about anything-and-everything concerning leadership and leadership practices, the Summit is one that most organizations on campus look forward to each year, and this year’s Summit is sure to be better than ever! The Summit is free to attend for all Brock students, and is sure to ignite or fuel some passionate leadership spark within all of our Badgers. It’s an all-day affair which gives folks who have ties to the community and a stake at Brock a chance to see what exactly Niagara-region students get up to when we aren’t in class. Through this conference, people get to see that presenters and all students of the area really do care about what is going on in the global context; and the Summit gives us an unique opportunity to develop insight and expand each other’s horizons in the community and the academic world.*

Featuring a keynote from speaker Stuart “Twitchy” Ellis-Myers, this year’s Summit is sure to top all Summits of the past and it’s just one of the events of the future that your soon-to-be Badgers can look forward to participating in!

Brock On, Badgers!

*Some of what I wrote above was included in an article featured in this week’s Brock Press.

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