Hi Everyone!

An LLC is a living and learning community within residence. When you apply for residence, there is an additional application to apply for this. It doesn’t cost anything to apply, or to live within and LLC! The living and learning communities at Brock can either be interest based, or academic based.

This year we currently have an LLC for Concurrent Education, Sport Management, Business, and Accounting, which are our academic based LLCs. We also have Volunteerism and Leadership, Healthy Fans and Fitness Plans, and the Arts House as our interest based LLCs. To the art students, have no fear, of course the Department of Residence recognizes that the Arts is a program, the only reason it is listed under interest based is because there are so many disciplines, we wanted to be inclusive off all arts students.

Basically an LLC is a group of students who are either in the same program, or have the same interest who live near each other within residence. This is an opportunity to meet like minded people. Our LLCs are roughly up to 20 members, so there will still be others living around you to connect with on other levels, but knowing you have like minded people near you can help ease those first year university jitters!

Don’t see a program or interest that caters to you? Every year on the application students can request/ inform us of what LLC they would like to see, and if there is enough interest we would be happy to run it!

Each LLC also has a peer mentor; you’ll have to check back later for another post on what they can do for the LLC students!

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Hey there future Badgers!

Naomi here to talk about the beginnings of the school search, and to give you some pointers for when you’re looking for a post secondary school that you’ll love as much as I love Brock!

So, the Ontario Universities Fair (OUF) just ended and you may have attended and gotten A LOT of information. Or maybe you weren’t able to attend and now you’re wondering how to get some more info. Not to worry here is a great place to start! This blog post is a great starting point to thinking about your post secondary options, and why Brock is a great choice!

Research is always the best first step! Look into the programs and degrees you’re interested in at lots of different schools. See what programs you like, what grabs your attention and what you’re passionate about. Flip through that Brock viewbook you got at the Ontario Universities’ Fair (OUF) and see what sparks your interests. Brock has sooo many options, there’s bound to be something amazing in there for you.

Attend Presentations that take place at your school or at a university fair near you. This is a great opportunity to see a presentation on Brock and talk to a liaison officer about anything related to the school. They’re all very knowledgeable and friendly as well as a great resource so definitely talk to them!

Visit campuses. Campus visits are the best way to see a school and get a feel for the community where you’ll be spending the next few years of your life. You’ve got to feel comfortable on the campus and there’s no better way to find that out other than a campus tour. When you come to the Brock tour, you’ll be able to see the campus, residences, and learn a lot about our student services! Plus you’ll be able to meet some of our great tour guides and hear some of their stories!

Well there you have it my friends, just a couple pointers to help you start your journey into post secondary options. Lastly remember to just breathe! You’ve made it this far and that’s something to be proud of, and hopefully soon enough you can be proud to be a Brock Badger too!

Naomi – out!

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Hey there, future Badgers!

Living on a student budget doesn’t allow for the most frivolous lifestyle, however living in the Niagara Region provides many opportunities to explore the beauty that the community has to offer. With the universal bus pass (included in your tuition), this makes travelling around the region that much easier to do with only some pocket change!

Here are some ideas of things you can do with just your student pass (and a few good friends) in the comfort of the city:

Lakeside Park Carousel
The Lakeside Park Carousel is a century old tradition. This timeless tradition is only 5 cents a ride located in Port Dalhousie right by the lake. There are also Marina facilities located on site and the park provides an amazingly charming walk. The carousel is open every weekend from Victoria Day until Thanksgiving from 4pm to 8pm on Fridays and 10am-8pm on Saturdays and Sundays!

Grape and Wine Festival
The Niagara Region is home to over 88 wineries and is known for its fabulous vineyards. At the end of September, there are free concerts and demonstrations in Montabello Park downtown St. Catharines. Wine tasting is also available! The festival concludes with the Grand Parade and family festivities in the park.

Visiting Farmer Markets
The Niagara Region is famous for its rich agriculture and farmers markets. Visit one of the many farmer’s markets to pick up fresh local produce, homemade desserts, kettle corn, and other unique finds! Support the locals!

Morning Star Mill and Decew Falls
Great historical site and an amazing hike! Decew Falls is one of the most beautiful hiking spots in St. Catharines, right around the corner from Brock University. Not only are the falls breathtaking, but you can actually go swimming in the falls and spend the day hiking the gorgeous area. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures!!!

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Hi Future Badgers!

As September comes to an end, I find myself wondering where the first month of school went. I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun! I hope all of you are feeling the same way about your first month of school as well :) Now that school is well under way, I decided I would share with you one of my favourite things about my classes here at Brock: SEMINARS!

Here at Brock, we love having a personal and welcoming community which shows even through our class structure.  During your first year, you will typically experience larger class sizes because the information is more generalized for introductory courses.  The largest class size you would ever have at Brock is around 450 to 500 students. This may seem a little bit intimidating, but I assure you it is not and I actually quite enjoyed the classes in my first year which were this size!  Class sizes do get smaller as you progress through to your upper years, but I will focus on first year for now… let’s not get too carried away!

In addition to these lectures where the professor stands at the front (usually with a slideshow up on the screen), there will usually be a seminar each week as well. The seminar will be broken down to include just about 20 students (WAY smaller than the lecture) and it is facilitated by a Teaching Assistant, typically a Masters student.  Seminars are your chance to connect with members of your class and also your Teaching Assistant.  This is where you will have the opportunity to discuss lecture topics further to ensure understanding by all students.  If you have any questions about what you learned in lecture for that week, it is wise to take this chance to ask your Teaching Assistant during seminar to clear up any confusion!  Seminars may also include group presentations, small quizzes, or group discussions.  All of these aspects, in my opinion, have significantly enhanced my learning even now in my third year as a Badger.

My favourite part about seminars is that it is such an easy way to make friends in your program since it is a smaller interactive setting.  The Teaching Assistants are also very approachable which is helpful as well.

I hope that gave you a little bit of insight into how seminars work here at Brock!

I hope everyone enjoys the beginning of fall as we quickly enter October,

Emily :)

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Hey Guys!

While there are wayyyyy more than 5 reasons to come to Brock my top 5 are as follows:

1. Tight knit community – you can find some of the greatest people in Canada here at Brock University. Whether they are fellow students or even faculty, the environment here at Brock are that we all work together and and stick together. Once you are a Badger you are always a Badger!!

2. Student life (on and off campus) - There are so many things to get involved in on and off campus whether it be school events, volunteering, clubs, or sports. There is something for everyone! One of my favourites is definitely intramurals as you meet so many new and fun people that are similar and diverse in so many ways.

3. Seminars - Seminars may sound scary at first, but they are actually a great way to make connections with other students in your program/classes. They also offer the opportunity to get the added help you may need in the course from your either your teaching assistant (TA) or your prof!

4. Co-op programs - Brock has one of the largest Co-op programs in Canada! Co-op adds extra experience and is an important part of many programs offered here! It allows students that go here an extra edge when going out into the work place and/or post graduate programs, as it aids in experiential learning and helps to build up your resume while attending Brock and post-graduation.

5. Ryan Gosling has stepped foot in Brock (and I mean who wouldn’t want to share the same seat as him)

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Deciding on what post-secondary institution you want to go to after high school is a HUGE decision, and a very important decision as well. That is why in grade 10, my mother and I started looking at universities. She wanted me to know all of my options before making the big decision. One of the first interactions that I ever had with Brock University was at the Ontario University Fair (OUF) in Toronto, Ontario. In grade 10 you aren’t really sure on what questions to ask or what you even what to study at University. Once I stepped in the Brock University booth, I felt welcomed by all of the friendly faces of current students, academic advisors and even professors! When asked what I wanted to study, I had no idea, the student ambassador that I was talking to asked what subjects that I enjoyed in school. I really enjoyed Parenting, Family Studies and cooking classes. The student ambassador suggested that I look into programs within the Social Sciences Stream. Looking through the view book I was amazed to see how much programs there were! Brock offered Child and Youth Studies Film Studies, Labour Studies, Political Science, Popular Culture, Psychology, Sociology, Women and Gender Studies and many more! I didn’t understand what any of these programs were because I had never taken these types of classes in high school. I then asked the student ambassador what program she was in, she replied saying that she started in Concurrent Education, but then switched to Child and Youth Studies. I enjoyed listening to her experiences and she was greatly interested in me and what I wanted out of my university experience. I left the Ontario University Fair and the Brock University Booth that day feeling both inspired and already apart of the Brock University community.  Now in my fourth year of Child & Youth Studies and Sociology at Brock University, I always reflect on that first interaction that I had with Brock at OUF and how it was one of the most life changing experiences and I have experienced.

So I encourage you whether you are in 9th grade, 12th grade, your 5th year, a transfer student or even a mature student to attend the Brock University booth at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre from September 23-25, 2016. Get more information about applying to university, residences, academic programs and campus life from faculty and staff across the entire university. https://discover.brocku.ca/ouf/


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Hey there future badgers,

One of the most exciting things about first coming to university is Orientation week, or O-Week. During O-week there are tons and tons of awesome things to do; it’s so jam packed and fun that you’re continually making new friends and you begin to forget that you’re away from home. This year Brock’s orientation week is Brockchella 2016 and the full line up for O-week can be found here.

O-week is one of my favourite weeks every year. There’s so much going on, so many people and so many different events that there is definitely something for everyone. There’s everything from the Tower and Paint parties to the Big Ticket Concert; from the Vendor Fair and Residence Games to the Badger Bash and the Drive-in Movie, the whole week is filled with events so there’s no excuse not to participate in some way. Below I’ll include just a couple highlights of my favourite events. Be sure to check the www.busu.net/oweek/  for the whole line up of all of the events and more details on everything happening at Brock!

Vendor Fair – Vendor fair is an event that runs on Tuesday and Wednesday of O-Week where there are a lot of different booths set up with everything from clubs to on campus jobs. There’s free stuff and lots to do so make sure to check this event out!

An aerial view of the vendor fair on Schmon Tower field.

Big Ticket Concert – Every year there is a concert that happens at Brock during orientation week. The concert is always amazing with some pretty great talent always making an appearance. Make sure to keep checking the BUSU webpage (the link can be found above) to hear who’s coming this September!

Residence Games – This event is organized through the department of residence and is a great way to get excited about living on campus! You’re on a team with the people from your residence and you get to spend the day competing against other teams in fun filled events and activities! Not living in res? No problem there’s teams for students living off campus too!

Tower Party – The Tower Party happens right in front of the tower with lots of new badgers, a live DJ, and tons of lights!  This is one event you definitely don’t want to miss to kick off the start to your Brock year!

Faculty Orientations – Faculty orientations are really helpful to go to! You definitely want to go to this event for your faculty so that you can get more comfortable with the professors and staff as well as the students who will be working with you while you’re here at Brock! These orientations run throughout the week so check the BUSU webpage for the when and where of your faculty event!

Well future badgers, there you have it, just a little bit of what you can expect during orientation week. O-Week is a great experience so make sure to get out there and get involved in all of the events! Don’t forget that you can also purchase your VIB package by clicking this link! The VIB package gives you all access to all of the orientation events and as well as a sweet Brockchella T-Shirt and the VIB card which comes with lots of benefits!

See you in September Badgers!

Naomi – Out!

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Hey there future badgers!

Moving away from home for school can be one of the biggest steps you take, it can also be one of the most rewarding and exciting aspects of university. I remember being nervous and scared but also excited for move in day. Before that Sunday of the Labour Day weekend, I had no idea what to expect and no clue if I’d be able to do it. Rest assured I was more than okay and really enjoyed my time in residence. Below I’ll include some tips and personal experiences about moving away for school and living in residence to help you get excited and ready for move in day!

1) Check your Brock email! All of the important residence information (as well as other Brock related info) will be sent to your Brock email.

2) Come to Smart Start! This is a great opportunity to see your residence building and get your Brock student ID card that will serve as your building access key, meal plan (optional in non-traditional residences), and flex dollar card for the year! Click here to register for Smart Start today!

3) Pack in advance! Remember that you’re going to be in your residence for 8 months so you need to pack enough, but you also don’t want to pack too much. Packing is different depending on what style of residence you live in (Read Jacqueline’s blog on residence here).

Looking for what to bring? Click here for a list of what to bring to traditional residence, and here for what to bring to townhouse (or non-traditional) style residence.

4) Once you move in, make friends! Some of my very best friends were made in residence. On my first day in residence, my Don (an upper year student who lives in residence with you and assists with the transition into university) gathered all of the students in my stairwell (I lived in Decew) and had our very first meeting. The first person I talked to was the girl standing next to me, named Jessica (pictured below). We became friends pretty much instantly and are still  really great friends to this day!

Me and Jessica on the trails behind Brock University

5) Get involved! One of the best ways to make your residence experience great is by getting involved on campus; after all campus is your home away from home for the next few years. For me getting involved included, volunteering for Shinerama during orientation week, playing an intramural, going to events and, participating in residence activities.

6) Remember to keep clean! As much fun as it is living in residence, remember its your job to keep your spaces clean (especially if your mom decides to visit). You can sign out vacuums from the North and South Service Desks!

7) Have fun! Regardless of what building you’re in, your residence experience is what you make it so make sure to make it the best possible experience by having fun. Remember its the people, not the bricks and mortar, that make living in residence one of the best parts of university!

That’s all I’ve got for now future Badgers but stay tuned for more blog posts. I hope you’re all pumped for September.

See you in the halls.

Naomi – out!

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Hey there future badgers!

Here at Brock we’re happy to have a few short months off before we begin a new year in September, however that doesn’t mean that we’re not excited for the start of school!

Coming to university is an amazing experience that can sometimes be a little nerve racking. So I’m here to help you shake off those nervous jitters and get PUMPED for coming to Brock University in September!

Below is a list of some things you can do before September to get you ready for the start of school and to get you excited about coming to Brock University.

1) Hopefully you’ve registered for your courses already! This is an exciting part of the process as selecting electives and building your own timetable can be really fun! Make sure you’ve checked the Undergraduate Calendar for your program and requirements to ensure you’ve enrolled in the right classes!

2) Remember to keep checking your Brock email for important notifications including residence assignments. Knowing where your new school home will be is always exciting!

3) Come to SMART START! Smart start is our first year orientation program where you…

  • Get to spend the day at Brock with current students ( I’ll admit the smart start team is a group of pretty awesome people!)
  • Become familiar with our campus and community
  • Meet other incoming students (and make some new friends)
  • Learn how to be successful academically
  • Meet with an academic adviser who will finalize your schedule and make sure you’re on the right path to success.
  • Get your Brock card! This is your student card for your time at Brock so be prepared to smile for the camera!

Isaac's Army Video Shoot: Behind the scenes (shot by Brock TV)

4) Check out what Brock University Students’ Union has planned for O-Week! This year’s O-Week is Brockchella 2016 and I’m hyped! There are a ton of great events planned so you can get involved, meet new people, and have a great time! Click here to visit the website where you can see the lineup and get your VIB package today!

5) Relax and enjoy your summer (new and future) Badgers! University is a busy time so make sure you get to enjoy your time off!

Can’t wait to see all of you in September!

Naomi – out!

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Hey Baby Badgers,

Have you ever wondered what courses you’ll be taking when you come to Brock? Or how the layout of your program works? Or maybe if you are in a coop program you wonder when you will be going out for your work terms? All of this information can be found online here: Webcalendar

These undergraduate calendars may change a little year to year, however if you want a general idea of what your program outline will look like, make sure to check this link out! My favourite part about the undergraduate calendars is when you select a program, if you scroll down to the very bottom of the page, you can see all of the courses in that program, with descriptions, that you can have the opportunity to take at Brock.

So make sure to take a peak at the webcalendar to see what the future would look like if you become a Badger. I’m telling you…it can only get more exciting!!

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