Hi Future Badgers,

It’s that time of the year that classes are almost done and there are a few assignments left before exams start.  To help deal with this stressful time, Brock University Student Union (BUSU) runs Wellness Week. This is a week that focuses on the health of students by providing events to help with their mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial wellness, as well as just life in general!

My favourite part about Wellness week is the Puppy Room.

PUPPY ROOM? WHAT IS THAT? (I’m sure you are all wondering this).

The Puppy Room is where you get to hang out with the therapy dogs from St. John Ambulance and forget about all your stress and assignments you have to do! A study showed that 86% of people reported a reduced heart rate, blood pressure and  stress and anxiety after petting a dog for 20 minutes. This is a perfect excuse to take a break from studying to visit the Puppy Room!

Some of the other events include Aqua Fit and Paddle Boarding, Cardio Pool Party, FREE Breakfast, Colouring and Music, Holiday Photos, Free Massages, Poetry Slam , Art Therapy, and many more!

If you’re looking for some more ways to de-stress when Wellness Week isn’t running check out my last blog

Best of Luck Future Badgers!

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Hey everyone,

Yes your read that right!! Brock has a puppy room :)

Today my friend and I stopped by our Campus Security office because that was where dogs from St. John Ambulance were their visiting. Brock University Students’ Union (known as BUSU) puts on events to celebrate Wellness week every year the week before final classes are over! The six pillars of Wellness Week include: Mental Wellness, Physical Wellness, Emotional Wellness, Spiritual Wellness, Lifestyle Wellness & Financial Wellness. BUSU puts on this fun week of events and free giveaways to give students one last chance to breathe and relax before exams.

Here is this years schedule: Wellness Week 2015

So remember, when you come to Brock, take advantage of the puppy room because who doesn’t want to go into a room and pet adorable dogs!!

P.S. They might even be in the Christmas spirit like Meecho :)

~ Jacqueline

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Hey future badgers!

Lately I’ve been noticing some pretty sweet school spirit that the students at Brock have. Not only is our school small enough to be intimate but we also have plenty of school spirit in supporting fellow badgers in all different areas! For instance, the other day as I was in market eating lunch with a couple of friends a huge group of students came in to hype us all up for the big basketball game happening this weekend at Brock and as well at the Meridian Center! Check out our Brock Basketball team!

Or why not check out this link, to see the one of the events that you can be a part of to show your school spirit!


Now this is a video of the Harlem Shake that was done 2 years ago but I still think its cool to watch and see what fun things you can be apart of if you decide to become a Brock Badger next year!

As well, take a look at what happens every year during O-Week . It’s a great time to meet new people, enjoy concerts, events and games and make memories that last a lifetime!

Whatever it is, there is always something fun going on a Brock University!

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Hey friends!!

It’s almost December!! Time sure flies when you’re having fun :) I hope all of you are gearing up for Christmas and are looking forward to some fun high school activities! (My high school did a new activity or theme every day for the 12 days of Christmas).

As first term here at Brock is coming to an end, some of us have time to start really thinking about opportunities to get involved at Brock.  One amazing way to really get yourself involved in the community here on campus is to find a volunteer position!

You would be amazed at all of the areas within the school and Niagara community that are looking for volunteers.  The options are endless!

For this entire semester, I have been volunteering at a program called Reading Rocks.  I learned about this program through my awesome professor, who teaches Children and Youth with Exceptionalities (my favourite class).  Reading Rocks is a program for children and youth who have reading disabilities or who are simply reading behind their grade level.

I was paired up with an energetic 6 year old girl, who I have the pleasure of meeting with twice each week!  We work on skills such as reading fluency, phonics, and sight words.  All of the progress we make is graphed on this board:

Reading Rocks is not only a fun way to meet and work with great kids but it is also a way to gain experience in my field.  There are many ways for students to volunteer within reach of their program and/or interests.

Volunteering is something that I definitely recommend to all of you future Badgers :)

Keep this in mind, and enjoy the countdown to Christmas Break!

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The Brock Badgers will be making history this Saturday November 28 and you future Badgers can be a part of it. The women’s and men’s basketball teams will be playing their first ever games at the Meridian Centre. Over 2000 tickets have already been sold but there are still tickets left. Come witness Brock make history.

Personally I love going to Brock sporting events and whenever I have the opportunity you will see me there cheering! It is a fun night out with your friends and it is amazing to see all of the spirit Brock Badgers have.

You can still order tickets on ticketmaster here: Buy Tickets*

Brock News also wrote an article about this event explaining it in further detail: Brock Badgers to make history at Meridian Centre

I hope to see you all there!! I’ll be there with my Badger face paint on in my red Brock shirt #WeAreReady

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Welcome back! While giving a tour recently I was asked about Undergraduate student jobs at Brock University. When I started to point out all of the places students worked on campus I realized quickly that just about every tour ‘hotspot’ location had a campus job opportunity. Further, I realized each opportunity had its own special perks and could appeal to a number of different student personalities.

To best highlight the jobs on campus I’ve decided to showcase some of the students currently holding these positions and have them tell you directly how great it is to be a working Brock Badger!

Wilson “The Social Scholar”

Meet Wilson! A Psychology major in his third year as well as a Learning Commons Peer Assistant who can be found working at the Help Desk at the James A. Gibson Library and Matheson Learning Commons. Wilson assists students looking to use services in the library, which could include signing up for any of the A-Z learning Services Workshops or something as simple as finding a book in the library.

Wilson was kind (and modest) enough to share with you some of his tips for job search success,

Sometime during the winter months, I checked out Brock’s student employment portal (called CareerZONE) and applied for the position, which started in September. I feel that volunteering on campus gave me a competitive edge for the position (as well as my more than stellar personality)”

And finally, when asked what his favourite part of this job was, he boosted his fellow Badgers,

“My favourite part of the job is running into all the people you help. There are a ton of really awesome students in the Brock community and getting to know them has been a definite plus in my books (no pun intended)”

Taylor “The Athletic Advocate”

As a personal trainer at The Zone (our on campus fitness facility), Taylor ensures that community members and students at Brock are safe and knowledgable with their technique and when using facility equipment. Taylor, a fourth year student in the Concurrent Education Program (majoring in Physical Education with a Biology teachable), is also available for personal training which can be purchased at the Walker Complex Welcome Desk.

“We are all certified personal trainers and also teach many of the classes that take place in the fitness studio throughout the week. I personally co-teach Extreme Fit Bootcamp this semester.”

For anyone interested, applications for this position go up in second semester on CareerZone. Taylor had a few extra tips to consider before applying;

“You must have or be in the processes of attaining your personal training certification from a recognized company in Canada. Anyone who is interested in applying for the upcoming year don’t be shy, come talk to any of the trainers at the desk in the Zone, we are more than willing to help out!”

And finally, when asked about his favourite part of the job,

“The tight knit community that everyone talks about every day. By having an on campus position you really feel connected to the surrounding student body and have the chance to meet a lot of people!”

Check back in next week to learn about other great jobs on campus and to meet some more of the wonderful working Badgers here at Brock!

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Hey future Badgers,

For us at Brock, first semester is coming to an end!! There are 3 more weeks left of classes and then…exams. Exam season can be stressful and yes they can seem a bit scary…

…but they aren’t that bad!!

Here are some tips I have to share with you for when you will be studying for exams:

1. I would say it is always important to stay organized. You need to stay on top of your readings and your schoolwork so that you will be prepared to set out a study schedule.

2. Prioritize your time. In university you may have exams on the same day or even have several exams back to back (For example this winter I have 4 exams in 5 days). Plan ahead using your organizational skills to ensure that you are studying for a certain subject when it is most important. Also make sure you plan your time accordingly to be able to study for all classes.

3. Make sure you have all of your notes. Sometimes when life gets busy or you get sick you may need to skip a class. Ensure that before exam time you have all the notes for your class. Maybe ask your friend or a classmate for the one(s) you missed.

4. Actually do your textbook readings. I always tell people to read all of the textbook or online articles you have been given because often profs will pull questions directly from the readings.

All in all, when it comes to studying do not stress yourself out. Go get some ice cream at Decew Dining Hall and go play some ping pong at CJs lounge. If you organize your time wisely and take breaks to de-stress, you will ace your finals. Future Badgers remember to study hard and it will pay off!

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Hello Friends!

I recently came across a little journal I kept in grade 12 that had lists of all the schools I was considering, all the programs, and all the careers I was contemplating. Here I am four years later still undecided on my future career. However the difference is, I am ok with that now. However, in grade 12 I thought I had to know what I was going to do with my future. I thought I needed to know exactly what my degree would be used for and where I wanted to spend the rest of my life working. This little journal makes me laugh because at 18, how did I expect myself to know what I was going to do when at 21 I still don’t?!

Here is a little secret friends: you don’t need to know what you want to do as a career when you decide what school to go to. In fact, even if you think you know, chances are it will change during your four years! The biggest stress in my grade 12 career was thinking about jobs and occupations, which I now realize was so silly. How can you decide at 18 what job you want to do when you barely know what jobs are out there? Please, trust me on this – just decide on two main factors and the rest will fall into place. 1. Choose the program you think suits you and your academic self. Pick a program that interests you, and you can see yourself excited about! 2. Pick a campus that you can picture yourself on for the next four years! The school you choose will become your home, so make sure you can envision yourself there! Once you have decided on these two factors, the rest will fall into place. Throughout your four years you will be exposed to numerous careers, either through volunteering, course placements, guest speakers, research positions or professors- there is no need to worry about that in grade 12!

I hope you have all had a chance to come check out Brock’s beautiful campus! Good luck making your decision!


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Hi everyone,

So it’s the middle of midterm season and all of us students are thinking, “How do I get into that study-time crunch?” Here are some tips and tricks of how to stay on top of everything:

1)      WRITE it down: Calendars are a student’s best friend. I have a giant calendar in my room where I write all my assignments, tests, quizzes etc. This way all of the important dates jump out at you every time you walk past it!

2)      JOIN study groups: Find a friend or two in your courses that you can get together with once a week to go over any material you are confused about. Aside from getting a better grade in the course, this also helps you meet new people in your program!

3)      TAKE a breather: We are not built to be able to sit and study for hours on end. Remember to take study breaks every hour or so. Recharge your batteries, it’s okay to watch a show or go on social media in between studying; you deserve it!

4)      HAVE fun: I know it sounds silly to have fun while doing school work, but try keeping your study habits interesting. Try putting the definitions you need to memorize to the tune of a song. Little things like this make studying much easier and way more entertaining!

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Hello Future Badgers!

November is a time for celebration! Celebration for coming to the end of classes, celebration for the US Thanksgiving, Black Friday, World Kindness Day, Clean-Out-Your-Refrigerator Day (a day that should be celebrated in out non-traditional residences; Village & Quarry View). It’s also a month to be thankful. To be thankful that Canada is primarily a nation at peace.

This November 11th, please remember to take time out of your day to be thankful and remember all those who have fallen and continue to fall for our country, for our safety, and for our freedoms.

Here on Brock campus, you’ll find the flags on the Schmon Tower at half-mast, and most professors will take time out of their lectures, labs, seminars, etc. to pause for two minutes of silence if their classes are running at 11:11 in order to allow everyone to share there respects for these heroes.

These heroes of our Country have dedicated their lives to keeping us safe. The least that we can do is dedicate two minutes of our lives to pay them respects.

Tall Poppies

Courtesy of Nicola Gibbs - nicolagibbs.com

Lest We Forget. Je me Souviens.

Brock On, Badgers.

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