Hey future badgers!

Its almost time to submit your applications. Here are some quick steps to follow during the application process:

1. Book a campus tour ! Seeing campuses is a very important part of applying to university. It is important to know that you’re going to feel comfortable and enjoy living there! We run campus tours Monday to Friday from 10-2 and 2-4 each day ! Sign up here: https://discover.brocku.ca/tours/

2. Check your Brock Portal for your admission status – Make sure to activate your campus ID in your portal in order to keep up with the latest news regarding your admission offer.

3. Fill out the OneApp – One app is an easy tool that will apply you to all awards, scholarships and bursaries that you are eligible for. You can find the application in your Brock portal.

4. Stay in touch! – Follow us on twitter @DiscoverBrock and Facebook @BrockUniversity to keep up with all the latest news. If you have any questions about admissions feel to email admissions@brocku.ca

See you soon !


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Hey there future badgers!

Looking to get some extra cash while you’re here at Brock? On campus jobs may be the answer for you! There’s tons of on campus jobs offered and, all on campus jobs work around your student schedule which is very nice! Check out some of the options for on-campus jobs you may be interested in, in the future.

1) BUSU (Brock University Students Union) jobs. The students union hires over 300 students every single year. Jobs include everything from student executive positions to working at General Brock (the on campus convenient store) to Union Station (the on campus fast food stop).

2) Brock Sports. If sports are more your speed you can work for Brock Sports by being an intramural referee, working at the Walker Complex Welcome Desk, at the pool, Central Equipment Room, the Zone or for any of the teams here at Brock. Brock sports hires over 400 students every year

3) Work for Brock services! This covers everything from working in Recruitment and Liaison (like me as a tour guide!) to ITS (information technology services), from Visitor Services to Parking and everything in between.  There are also residence jobs offered through Brock. Working for the Department of residence is great experience and there are lots of opportunity for growth! There are so many different opportunities to work for Brock services, and Brock is a great employer so this is a great way to get involved on campus and get paid!

Wondering where to find all of these great job opportunities and to learn more? Check out Brock’s CareerZone for more information and to see job postings for positions all across campus. Looking for some help with resume and cover letter writing? Brock offers a CareerZone centre where you can meet with someone to help you with those things, they even do mock interviews!

All in all, getting an on campus job is a great experience. I’ve loved my experiences working at Brock, both in Recruitment and for visitor services, I’ve made some of my very best friends through my on campus jobs, and I’ve gained experience that I wouldn’t change for the world.

Well future Badgers, that’s all for now. If you want to learn more about the job opportunities at Brock, click HERE

Naomi – Out!!

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As an incoming university student final exams may seem like a daunting and stressful time during your university career.  Lucky for you, Brock University has a great program which runs before every exam period called Wellness Week!

Wellness Week is a week long event hosted by our Brock University Student Union (BUSU). This event has activities geared to students to aid their mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial wellness. There are a ton of great events available to students such as puppy rooms, free massages, comedy nights, cooking classes, art classes and so much more!

I look forward to Wellness Week every semester because it is a great time to slow down in the semester and remind yourself that you are just as important as your school work. It is a great reminder to treat yourself every once in a while and indulge in the food, activities and/or events that you want! So when you come to Brock, experience all that wellness week has to offer and I promise you, you will walk into your first exams feeling de-stressed and ready to take on what ever professors throw at you!

For more information on all the events of Wellness Week click HERE!

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Being a student is great, in more ways than one! One reason being the amazing discounts offered JUST FOR BEING A BROCK STUDENTS! Here are some of the discounts that are my favorites:


Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday students receive 10% off of their purchase. Don’t forget your student card as well as an Airmiles card to receive this discount!


Every Tuesday, Zehrs offers 10% off on groceries for Brock students! Again, don’t forget your student card so that you don’t miss out on this deal!


Located in the Pen Center, L’Attitudes salon and spa offers students 10% off any regular priced products for sale (I mean, who doesn’t want fabulous hair for a discount)

Bulk Barn

The Bulk Barn offers 10% off on Wednesdays for students! ALL OF THE SNACKS CAN BE YOURS!!!!


YES, you read that correctly! Roots clothing store offers 10% off of any purchase for students as long as you bring your student ID.

Landmark Cinemas 10 Pen Centre

Want to see that awesome movie that you’ve been waiting for a year to come out? Looking for something fun and inexpensive to do? Landmark Cinemas located in the Pen Center offers a special student discount, where students can get a ticket, a medium popcorn, and a medium fountain drink for… wait for it… $13.99!!!!!!!!! Grab your friends and head to Landmark for a fun (and discounted) night out!


Greyhound offers students a 10% discount on adult one-way or return ticket fares.

Have no fear your students discount is here!!

Take Care Future Badgers,


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Hey again,

I thought it would be helpful to explain some lingo we use at university!

1. Lecture

Lectures are similar to high school classes. The professor will talk through his/her lesson as you write notes. Some professors may use lecture notes or slide shows. Lectures are where you learn the majority of your course content.

2. Seminar/Tutorial

Seminars and tutorials are very similar. They are lead by a teaching assistant (TA) or by the professor. It emphasizes small-classroom learning as there are only between 15-20 people in this class. The purpose of them is to review course readings and to discuss main concepts discussed in the course. It is a great way to get to know people in your classes as well.

3. Labs

Often labs are where you conduct experiments in a scientific laboratory, or maybe you have a lab that is interactive.

4. Reading Week

Reading Week is where students have a week off from classes. This happens once every semester. It is a great opportunity to catch up on school work or get ahead. However, a lot of people will say this is the opportunity to relax and have a break.

Hope this blog is helpful in understanding a little bit about how university works! Especially how it works here at Brock :)

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Hi everyone!

Do you LOVE getting involved in the community or at your high school?  I know I do! Here at Brock, there are SO many ways for you to get involved on and off campus, so don’t think that your volunteering needs to stop after you get all of those high school volunteer hours in, because Brock has so much that is waiting for YOU!

Without even leaving the campus, there is so much volunteer work to get involved in, and like I always say… Brock offers something for everyone!

I personally love working with kids, so here are a few things that I enjoy doing:

Every Thursday morning in our largest gym, we run a program called SNAP (Special Needs Activity Program).  Brock students pair up with children with special needs from elementary schools all over the Niagara Region.  Brock students volunteer their time with these kids to play games, work on motor skills, play sports, build things, and so much more!

Also right across the road from Brock is the Niagara Children’s Treatment Centre.  There is so much to do here when volunteering, from working in the special school, to swimming with kids in the rehabilitation pool!  Brock also has a lot of opportunities to get involved with kids through clubs and organizations, such as the Concurrent Education Student Association where we send volunteer students to schools for events that the student association runs!

What if you want to volunteer but don’t really want to work with kids?  No problem!  There is something for you too.  Brock offers volunteer experience for everything from research projects, intramural and varsity sports, and more, to volunteering for Brock events such as Fall Preview Day or events during O-Week like Shinerama!

Of course there is SO much volunteering out in the community as well, and St. Catharines has so many opportunities that draw interests from all program types!

Although there are so many volunteer experiences that can be offered at Brock and the surrounding community, sometimes help is not always there when it is needed!  That is why I cannot stress enough to get involved within your time at Brock, it is amazing what connections and experiences you can make while getting your name out there, all while helping local organizations, schools and more!  You are not only benefiting yourself to make experiences and build your resumes, but you are also making a difference in the community one volunteer opportunity at a time.

After all, there is no U in volunteering without YOU!

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Hi future badgers!

There is always so much to think about when coming to university:  residence, classes, schedules, volunteering, and the list goes on.  However, we cannot forget about one very important item when coming to university…  What in the world am I going to eat?!

Lucky for all of us Brock Badgers, we have been grateful to have numerous delicious and tasty options all over campus to choose from for our breakfast, lunch and dinners.  However, what about those students (like me) who can’t necessarily eat all of those yummy food items due to certain dietary needs, such as celiac/gluten intolerance or lactose intolerance?  Well, let me stop your worries here, because Brock offers many gluten and dairy free options for students to choose from on campus, as well as in the surrounding Niagara region!

On campus, there is a lot of food to choose from in regards to gluten and dairy free options.  At many of our cafeteria’s, such as DeCew residence cafeteria, Lowenburger residence cafeteria, and Guernsey Market, there are always gluten and dairy friendly options.  These include items such as gluten free buns and bread, gluten free and vegan baked goods, gluten free pasta, stir fry’s, salads, and more!  In our General Brock store on campus there is also a section offered for gluten free and vegan foods such as breakfast items, pasta salads, and many more.

It is also important for students to know that there are many places off campus to get food that will accommodate to their dietary needs.  Zhers grocery store, just a 10 minute bus ride from Brock, offers an entire gluten free and dairy free section with an ample of delicious food choices.  Quiznos, as well as Marble Slab offer vegan and gluten free options so individuals can still eat out at yummy places too!

A little further down the road from these places is a wonderful 100% Gluten and Dairy-Free store which offers the most unique items for individuals with these dietary needs, from dairy-free cream cheese to gluten free hot chocolate!  Downtown St. Catharines as well as all over the city, including Niagara Falls, offers various stores, bakeries and restaurants that accommodate to gluten-free and dairy-free diets.  You will just have to come to Brock to check out all the yummy places for yourself, and trust me, it’s worth it!

For more information, go to https://brocku.ca/hospitality-services/dining-on-campus/menus-and-nutrition/

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Hi Everyone!

As the term is coming to an end, I am beginning to work on some of my major assignments in each of my courses.  This year, I have noticed that I will be engaging in plenty of group work and the reason for this is that our professors know we will be constantly working with other in real-life career settings in the future.  So, why not start now?!

Over the years I have slowly figured out what works when collaborating with a team, and what doesn’t always work.  In this post I will share some of these tips with you :)

1. Set up a meeting time that works for all group members: Doing this ensures that everyone will stay on the same page, and nobody will be left out of any group decisions.  There aren’t many things more challenging than constantly having to catch up another group member or being the one catching up!  This is your first step to making sure that there will be time to discuss future work to be done.

2. Be prepared for your group meeting: Everyone understands that life gets very busy and it may be hard to keep up with group work from time to time, but this step is purely for your own comfort! I say this because it is a LOT less awkward arriving to a team meeting having read up on the project and what is to be completed, than to be completely in the dark the entire time.  This way, you will feel like you are valuable to the group and will have more information to contribute.

3. Be the group member you would want to work with: Lets face it, group work isn’t always everyone’s favourite thing to be a part of.  While sometimes it may be tough to be part of a team, remember that you play just as big a role as everyone else.  If you show negativity or seem to be taking too much control, this may discourage the others in your group.  Try to take everyone’s ideas into consideration and be open to ways of thinking that are different than your own. This will help to create a more positive environment and members will know that you are approachable.

4. Play up the strengths of your group: When dividing up the work among each member of the team, discuss the strengths that each of you bring to the project.  For example, if someone knows that they are strong in finding research and evidence to back up arguments, this would be a good job to give them.  Another person may be good in writing, so they can type up the final copy, and so on. This way, everyone can feel comfortable with what they are working on and the group as a whole will likely be a lot more confident.

5. Practice, practice, practice: If the project is a presentation, my last piece of advice is to rehearse plenty of times together! Even if you know you are good at presenting alone, this is very different from presenting with others up there with you! Keep practising until you can find a comfortable flow, and this will eliminate most of the pre-presentation nerves for you and your group!

All of these tips have helped me so far here at Brock, and hopefully they will help you too!

Until next time,

Emily :)

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Hi Future Badgers!

Though it could definitely be a challenge leaving home from wherever you are, coming to Brock from Toronto was definitely a huge change of scenery for me. I was no longer surrounded by city lights, tall buildings, and constant traffic. Instead I found myself surrounded by a ton of nature and much less buildings.  As I had the opportunity to meet so many amazing people and get to know more about the university, I loved it! Pros about coming to Brock include:

1. The community environment on campus (So you’ll make a ton of new friends!). It is so nice to be walking down the hallway after class and bumping into your friends.

2.  The accessibility in St. Catharines is amazing (You can get to downtown St. Catharines from Brock in 10 minutes!!). There is so much to do downtown including, restaurants, Performing Arts Centre, shops and boutiques, etc…

3. There are so many opportunities at Brock that you can be a part of (i.e. volunteering, campus jobs, clubs, etc.; all thanks to Brock’s Career Services and Brock University Student Union!). Getting involved on campus is a great way to make new friends and connections!

Until next time!

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Hey Everyone!

Are you interested in becoming a teacher? Are you passionate about learning? Do you want to gain school-placement experience beginning in your second year? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Brock University’s Concurrent Teacher Education program is the program that you have been longing for!

The Concurrent Teacher Education Program provides students with a unique experience to complete their Teacher Education Bachelor of Education (Bed) while earning their undergraduate degree. This amazing program works with teacher-candidates to ensure that they are prepared to pursue their dream of being a teacher.

The curriculum for the Concurrent Teacher Program is fun and exciting, and leads to teaching certification in Ontario at the Primary/Junior (K-6), Junior/Intermediate (grades 4-10), or the Intermediate/ Senior (grade 7-12) level. Not sure what grade level you want to teach yet? DO NOT FRET- Additional Qualifications are the answer!

After graduating, Concurrent student’s have the option to get Additional Qualifications (AQ’s), which allow students to expand their degree qualifications and have the opportunity to teach any grade level that they may desire!

As a third-year Concurrent Teacher Education (Primary/Junior) student, I am proud to say that this is the program that I have chosen! Concurrent Teacher Education is so incredibly rewarding and I have learned so much about not only what it means to be a teacher, but also about myself. The program curriculum encourages Concurrent students to self-reflect and develop a sense of what they want to be as a teacher. The professors, academic advisors, and students are always friendly and willing to work as a team!

For more information about this incredible program, visit: https://brocku.ca/education/futurestudents/concurrentteachered

And if you have any questions, feel free to send an email to moreinfo@brocku.ca or comment below!

Take Care Future Badgers!!


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