Hi There Lovely Future Badgers,

Tomorrow marks the annual day of expressing your love to those around you, and contrary to popular belief, I believe we should express how we feel about the people in our lives every day, with extra emphasis on February 14th!

Valentine’s Day is one of my favourite days of the year because showing the people in my life how much they mean to me is such a great feeling! It’s also a ton of fun surprising loved ones with homemade cheesy valentines day cards and hiding chocolate into a secret place for them to find!

If you’re not feeling overly excited about the day…there is still time! Here are some of my favourite Valentine’s Day traditions:

1) Cheesy (yet adorable) Valentines Day cards: whether they’re homemade or store-bought, you can’t deny that little chuckle they give you. If you’re a huge fan for Harry Potter like myself, you might find this particularly enjoyable!

2) You get to blast classic love songs all day long with no shame!!! (This may be an activity of my every day) but it’s a great feeling singing at the top of your lungs your favourite Adele, Beyonce or Whitney Houston love song!

3) Roses! Just the smell of flowers gets me excited. Each year, UNICEF Brock sells roses in the hallways of our campus and donates the proceeds to charity. This annual movement is called Roses for Refugees, which is all the more reason to buy flowers for your loved ones knowing your donation is going towards a good cause!

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s day!

Spread the love!

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Hey again :)

No…the title of this blog is not referring to “being in the zone”…the Zone at Brock is our very own Fitness Centre on campus. When you pay your tuition, you pay for access to use this. You will also have access to our Olympic Size Swimming Pool (50m) known as the Eleanor Misener Aquatic Centre, our whirlpool, our 200 metre indoor recreational track, 3 gymnasias, squash courts and our Artificial Turf Field. This is a service you are paying for so why not take advantage of it?

Personally going to the Zone is a stress reliever for me. Even if I have a long day of classes I will go to the gym for a workout as it really helps me let out some steam and destress. Also, the Zone has Personal Trainers, so if you have never worked out at a gym before (I had not until I came to Brock), you can ask them any questions you may have.

Personal Trainers also teach fitness classes. Some of these may be included in tuition if they are a part of our ExpressFit Classes which is another great opportunity to take advantage. If you want to try out a spin class, or a cardio blast class, or even a destress stretch class, you have the opportunity too as a Badger.

When coming to university, it is a big transition in your life and a tip I have for all of you is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Whether you choose healthy meals at the Dining Halls or go to a fitness class or go to the Zone like I do, it is important to keep a balance between you being an academic student and you taking care of yourself!

When you come visit campus take a look at our wonderful Walker Sports Complex!

Talk soon :)

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Hey future Badgers !

The new year is here, which means new classes, new assignments and new readings. Fortunately Brock offers a reading week in both Fall and Winter ! That’s right Badgers, you get a full week off classes in both terms ! While this break gives students a chance to catch up on readings and assignments, it also allows us to spend some much needed time with our loved ones.

As many students like to take this time to relax at home, Brock sees this as an amazing opportunity for its students to get involved in a community in need! Badgers can opt to spend their reading week travelling and helping to build homes with habitat for humanity. Brock’s Alternative Reading Week will be taking place this year in South Carolina, Peru and the Niagara Region as a local option! These trips allow students to work with Habitat for Humanity to build stronger communities through hands-on projects. The South Carolina trip will focus on building a house; Badgers going to Peru will be teaching English to students of all ages and will run a local camp; and various community tasks are planned for the Niagara Region .

For more information on alternative reading weeks visit: https://brocku.ca/student-life/get-involved/brock-cares-alternative-reading-week/

Peace out Badgers!

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A couple of weeks or even months have already passed, and I don’t know about you, but last year around this time I was a bundle of nerves. For the first time, it is real, you will be taking your first step to anything you want to be in the future. Hopefully you all receive a bunch of acceptances, but I’ll tell you why I was so excited when I received an e-mail from Brock’s Office of the Registrar that read:

“Dear Eduardo,

Congratulations! I am pleased to offer you admission to the Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) Co-op.”

I’m a business student, and that is what I love. However, I cannot stress enough what Brock had to offer for me that others did not. For me, that was to follow my dreams. If you are an avid sports fan, if you appreciate the fine arts, even if you want to dedicate your life to giving out a hand for others, Brock offers a major for each one of those souls who ultimately want to follow their dreams the same way I do.

Right in year one, if you know what you want to do, the specificity of some of the programs lets you jump right into some major classes. But if you do not know what you want to do yet, there is also a place for you. Brock’s academic flexibility gives you a chance to explore many areas of interest, electives, and more so that you can ultimately discover your passion.

For me, I’ve always had an interest in Biology, but never got the chance to look at it back in school. I’ve chosen my first-year elective on an introductory biology class, which both fulfills my credit and lets me expand my knowledge into the things I’ve been craving to learn.

Overall, you cannot go wrong by choosing Brock as your home for the next four years. And yes, I mean home because after all, you will be spending a great part of your life in university for the next couple of years, so you must choose wisely. I dare to say that Brock has the nicest campus in Ontario, and in it are the nicest people too! So, I invite you to come aboard, there will be no regrets I promise.

Like my peers in social media like to say, #BrockUisBeautiful. Do not miss the chance to experience it for yourself.

See you soon future Badgers, I salute you.

Eduardo Retes

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Hey Future Badgers,

University is an amazing place with amazing people and amazing opportunities! The transition from high school to University may be a big change in terms of academic setting! Rather than having a homeroom classroom with 3 rotations in a day, hopping from class to class you will be introduced to lectures, seminars, tutorials, and labs!

Lectures are larger scale classrooms where a professor will teach their lessons through slideshows, power points, lecture notes, etc. Most professors will post their lecture notes online. Lectures are a wonderful learning tool, and as tempting as it is to sleep in and skip lecture, it is important to attend these classes, as often times, the professor will give out hints and address exam/midterm questions. You also benefit academically by being part of the active learning environment. In first year, your lectures will most likely be larger, but as the years go on your classes get smaller. Lectures range from 1-3 hours long.

You may be wondering: “What is a seminar/lab/tutorial”?.. I will respond to that question as “THEY ARE LIFE SAVERS!”. Depending on your course, you will have a seminar, lab, or tutorial to follow lecture. Seminars are extensions of your lectures that involve a Teaching Assistant (TA’s), small classroom based learning, and discussions of lecture or course material. Tutorials are used to address weekly assignments and work on them with your assigned Teaching Assistant. Labs are mostly used for science-based labs or, even in some cases, field trips.

Professors and Teaching Assistants hold office hours that you can visit them to ask any questions you may have about course material, assignments, or even just personal issues that need to be addressed. Professors and Teaching assistants make these office hours so that students can go see them!! Make use of these office hours and introduce yourself to the professor- get on their good side ;)

If you have any questions about classes at Brock, feel free to leave a comment below and I will respond!

Talk to you soon,

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Happy Friday!

We all know it’s kind of tough to get back into the swing of things in school after the holidays, so I thought I would give you guys an idea of something fun to try at Brock that will bring back the excitement of starting a new term!

If you’ve ever visited Brock’s campus for a tour or for any other event, you may have come across the Eleanor Misener Aquatic Centre. That’s our Olympic-sized pool located in the Walker Complex, which houses all of our athletic facilities. It’s 50 meters in length, so it is definitely big enough for multiple activities at the same time. The pool also has 1 meter and 3 meter diving boards, with a super tall 5 meter platform that people like to call the “Brock Tower”. I’m not one for heights, and I’ll be honest… I tried the Brock Tower diving board once and I will probably never try it again!! ;) (But at least I can say I’ve done it and can cross it off the Brock bucket list).

One thing that I find especially cool about the pool at Brock is that the shallow end has a hydraulic floor! This means the lap pool can be raised and lowered, so it could become shallow enough for a wading pool for toddlers. The Aquatic Centre also has a whirlpool and a sauna. The possibilities are endless! ;)

But this is the BEST part. Use of the Eleanor Misener Aquatic Centre is included into to our tuition as students here at Brock! This means if you want to use the pool, all you have to do is swipe your student card at the Walker Complex Equipment Desk (nicknamed “the Cage”). After that, you’re all set to go with no extra fees!

Whether you’re more of a “lane swim” or a “fun swim” kind of person, you can find the schedule for the pool here at this website: https://brocku.ca/recreation/aquatics/

The pool is a great way to spend time with friends, unwind, and even get some exercise so keep this in mind for when you are at Brock and are looking for something fun to try!

Have a great weekend everyone, and remember to Just Keep Swimming!!


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Hey there Badgers, it’s Amy again!

The time has come where you have applied and have either been accepted to or are waiting to be accepted to the beautiful university that has become my second home, Brock.

However, when choosing a university, you want to make sure it is the right one for you, and how else do you do that other than come and see for yourself!

Here are my 6 reasons why I think YOU should come tour Brock!

  1. The campus is absolutely breathtaking.  Brock University sits on the top of the Niagara Escarpment, and is completely immersed within the beautiful surroundings of nature and wildlife.  You will surely be in awe of the calming atmosphere such a busy university can encompass.
  2. You get to see our residences!  I love bringing prospective students and their families to visit our residences.  On the tour, we visit both single and double rooms within all residence styles (traditional, non-tradional, and semi-sweet style).
  3. Residence facilities are also included on our tours!  Not only do you get to see the types of places where you will live, you also get to visit our residence facilities such as our dining halls, common rooms, residence services, laundry amenities, service desks, and more!  This is a great way to really picture what your residence life will be like at Brock.
  4. Brock is VERY supportive of our students, come see for yourself!  Here at Brock, we have a large amount of student support services that you have the opportunity to learn more about as we tour the campus.  Just to name a few, we offer academic workshops, mentorship options, mental health support, therapeutic and physical health services, and so many more!
  5. FOOD!  I know it’s on all of your minds… what in the world am I going to eat when I am at Brock?  Whether you have the chance to stop before, during or after a tour, or if there are special events offering food the day of your visit, you are bound to get the opportunity to taste and check out the variety of food options we offer whether it be through our dining hall services or other food amenities Brock offers to our students.
  6. By coming to experience our campus, you will have a better idea of what life is like as a Brock student.  You will be able to see firsthand where you could have classes, where you will study, where you may have an on-campus job, and where you will build experiences!

Rain or shine, we welcome you at Brock.  Our beautiful facility offers connecting hallways, buildings and bridges so that you can enjoy your experience at Brock no matter the weather!  If you are interested in booking a tour, please see the following link for contact to our Recruitment and Liaison Service page at https://discover.brocku.ca/contact/

Can’t wait to see you here at Brock!


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Hey everyone,

J money is back with another blog, and you probably guessed what it’s about. Money!! I love money, even though I don’t have a lot of it, but that’s fine as long as I know how to manage the money I have now. And what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t share my budgeting tips with you folks? A bad one.

Tip #1: Planning

It is important that you know how much money you have to work with, or will have to work with once school starts. Once you are aware of that amount you can plan accordingly and monitor the amount of money you spend during school.  $33/week doesn’t seem like much at first, but it works out to about $1500/year.

Tip #2: Cash

I am one of those individuals who never has cash on them. I pay for everything with the tap of my debit card. That, my friends, is a problem . It’s too easy to tap a card and not think anything of it. So a tactic I use is carrying cash on me. Choose how much cash you want to carry and only spend that much. Its much harder to give someone your money and actually watch that bill leave your hand, never to return….. that got emotional.

Anyways, until next time !!

Stay Smart future badgers.

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Hey there future badgers!

Naomi here yet again with some exciting news!! The Campus Tour office has moved after decades of being in Thistle complex. This is really exciting because of all of the benefits of the new space. The Campus Tour office moved because of the construction projects that are taking place in Taro Hall and the planned Atrium for the Schmon Tower; all these changes are exciting and definitely good news for our future badgers who will have the full benefits of all of these projects.

So here are just a few reasons for making a visit to the new Campus Tour Office as the first step in falling in love with Brock U! The new Campus Tour office offers more guest space with fully accessible washrooms, and it’s super close to the parking lot! The space features awesome modern seating and decor to accommodate all of our campus visitors. The amazing tour guides will be able to take you all around campus and highlight all of the amazing things happening around BU!

Be sure to come check out Brock U and visit the new Campus Tour office as part of your decision making process when choosing your post secondary institution! I assure you, you won’t regret it! (Brock U is one of my favourite places to be – its my home away from home)

Well that’s all for now Future Badgers!

Naomi – out!

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What’s one of the greatest things about being a Brock student? Your ancillary fees!!!!! This includes your universal bus pass for the Niagara Region, access to recreation services (gym membership) and access to our varsity sports home games!

If you’re a sports fan like me, and prefer to watch games live rather than on T.V., you’ll most likely find enjoyment attending one of our varsity home games! With over 24 Varsity and Club Teams, 37 National Championships and 73 Provincial Championships,  you’ll have tons of games to attend and all home games are either held at the university, or just outside of it depending on the sport.

One of the events I was looking forward to the most all semester was last Friday’s (January 27th) Men’s and Women’s Basketball game against Ryerson University at the Meridian Centre, located just downtown St. Catharines. Over 3,000 Brock supporters filled the stadium, and our Men’s team defeated the Rams with the crowd screaming in excitement! It was quite the game.

Other exciting news is that after 15 years, our Men’s Volleyball team is back! This is all the more reason to come out and support our new team.

You can find a full schedule on the Go Badgers website by following this link:

Finally, if you didn’t know………..Brock has been rated as the #1 fans in the entire country thanks to our WE ARE READY campaign! So come out, wear red, and cheer on our badgers as a badger!


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