Summer Has Arrived!

Summer has arrived! Though it seems that for returning students, final exams just ended, it is now time to think about the upcoming 2013/14 Fall/Winter year. New year one students have already began to register and registration for continuing students will begin early July. We are excited to welcome back our returning students and to welcome all of the students that are attending Brock for the first time!

For new year one students and new students transferring from another university on a full-time basis, the SMART Start orientation program is a great start to be introduced to Brock University. It is a one day orientation program to assists students with the transition to university life. It is an opportunity to learn more about the services Brock University has to offer, have questions answered, obtain assistance with registration, tour the campus and receive your student identification card. For more information regarding SMART Start, please visit their website at

For mature, part-time or part-time transfer students, Academic Advising Services will be holding an orientation sessions that will aid students by answering questions and assisting them with the transition into the Brock Community. For further information regarding the Summer orientation session specific to these students please visit

Each year Academic Advising Services stresses the importance of Academic Advising. It is vital to understand the rules and regulations that govern your studies as well as having a strong grasp on individual degree requirements.

Students that are pursuing a General Studies degree, are currently undeclared or are considering changing their major should contact an Academic Adviser from the Office of the Registrar. They will assist with General Studies program requirements, clarify rules and regulations, inform you of important dates and deadlines and encourage and refer you to valuable resources on campus. To visit the Academic Advising website please visit

Students that are in a declared program and require explanation or clarification of their specific degree requirements must be in contact with the Academic Adviser specific to their program. Contact information can be found at

To determine the dates continuing students are eligible to register, they may visit the online registration guide for returning students at
Registration is on a graduated scale based on the number of credits a student has accumulated as of June 30th, 2013.

Students, whether new or returning, should familiarize or re-acquaint themselves with the services at Brock University. The Student Development Centre, located on the 4th Floor of the Schmon tower is a service that should be utilized. They offer study skills workshops that help students in the development of helpful study tips and strategies. These free workshops will assist students in such areas as time management, exam preparation and essay writing. To view the Student Development Centre website please visit This is just one of many services that Brock has to offer. For a complete listing of services please visit .

Becoming familiar and comfortable with campus life and taking advantage of the resources available to students will be very useful and beneficial throughout a university career.

The Academic Advising team would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best and a most successful 2013/2014 Fall/Winter year!

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