Fall Check-up

As we make the turn into October, you may find yourself just beginning to settle into student life at Brock. Whether you are a returning student who is familiar with the routines and expectations of professors, parents, roommates, and yourself, or if you are new to the university, September is typically a time for adjustment and transition.

Part of the transition to university is adjusting to the fact that in many courses students are not given weekly assignments or feedback on how they are progressing. You may find it difficult to get a strong sense of how you are doing in a course(s) until after your first major test or assignment is returned.
To better assess how you are progressing academically, take the time to ask yourself the following questions:

- Do I understand the course syllabus?
- Am I staying on top of my required readings?
- Do I understand the readings?
- Am I taking notes that are clear and accurate?
- Am I able to relate lecture material to seminar work and discussions?
- Do I understand instructions for completing assignments?
- Am I participating in seminar activities and discussions?
- Do I submit my assignments on time?
- How have I done on assignments and tests I have received back?

After considering the above key points, you will be able to recognize what is working for you and what improvements need to be made. If you feel that you are struggling in a course speak to your Instructor. Inquire about additional support that the department may be able to offer in the form of extended office hours or tutoring. The Student Development Centre brocku.ca/sdc is a great resource for Brock students. Located on the fourth floor of the Schmon Tower, the Centre offers free study skills workshops and a tutor registry to assist students.

If you are considering removing yourself from a course, you should first discuss the implications of this decision with the academic adviser specific to your program. For a list of departmental advisers please visit brocku.ca/registrar/advising. If you are an undeclared student or are pursing a General Studies degree contact an academic adviser in the Office of the Registrarbrocku.ca/registrar/advising/. Making changes to your timetable may also affect such things as student loans, scholarships, varsity sports or residence eligibility. Students are expected to be responsible for knowing the dates and penalties, both academically and financially for withdrawing from a course. You can view these dates by referring to http://www.brocku.ca/finance/students/undergraduate/withdrawals-and-refunds.
Best of luck with your studies! We hope you have a successful year!

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