Spring has Sprung

Final exams are officially over. It is now time to get excited about the nice weather that is near and look forward to the summer plans ahead. Whether students intend on taking Spring/Summer courses, returning home or traveling, planning for the upcoming school year is vital. There are key points students should keep in mind when thinking of the Fall/Winter academic session.

For new, year one students, Smart Start is a great way to begin your University experience at Brock. It is a one day orientation program that begins the transition to University life. During the Smart Start program students will be able to tour the university, receive assistance in registering for courses, have an opportunity to learn and understand the services Brock has to provide, get their student card, and hear about University life from current Brock students. To register for this program please visit brocku.ca/smartstart.

For students that are returning to studies, the 2012/13 Fall/Winter timetable for registering for courses will be available in June. New, year one students will be the first group of students eligible to register and the remaining students will register in accordance to the number of credits accumulated as of June 2012. It is based on a graduated scale and it is crucial to determine when one is eligible to register for courses so that they can begin registering specifically on that day.

It is important for students to familiarize themselves with the Academic rules, regulations and policies that govern their studies along with important dates, program information and requirements. This can be reviewed in the Brock Undergraduate Calendar available online at brocku.ca/webcal. Equally important is meeting with the specific program adviser to ensure students are on the right path to satisfying degree requirements. If a student is in a declared program, the student would meet with the specific program adviser. If a student is in a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science General Studies program, or may be thinking of changing their program, the student would meet with an Adviser in the Office of the Registrar. For further advising information please visit brocku.ca/registrar/advising.
If students need to obtain a school letter proving their enrollment or eligibility to return to studies over the summer break, they may do so through the Office of the Registrar. Students may order a letter in person, by mail, or by faxing in a General Request Form. Different letters vary in prices and processing time. Letters can be picked up, mailed or faxed if indicated on the request form.

Following some helpful tips and helpful suggestions, students can begin preparing themselves for the 2012/13 Fall/Winter Academic year. Academic Advising Services would like to wish students a safe and enjoyable summer and all the best in the year ahead!

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