Happy New Year!

As a new year is upon us, it is often a time for reflection. Students may reflect on the past year and begin looking ahead to the upcoming year. This is an excellent time for students to assess their year and analyze the areas they did well on and the areas that may need improvement. It is important to recognize trends or patterns so you can continue doing what it is that is making you successful or implement a new course of action that will assist you in becoming a successful university student.

If you feel that a change is necessary or need an alternative way of approaching your course workload then you may consider enrolling in a learning skills workshop through the Student Development Centre, located both on the 4th Floor of the Schmon Tower as well as in the Matheson Learning Commons. Workshops that include Time Management, Setting Your Goals or Avoiding Procrastination can be most beneficial and get you on the right track throughout your university career.

Students that may find some academic challenges regarding course material during the school year should note that there are many options available to them for assistance in a particular course. Taking advantage of the office hours of the instructor is a way of gaining a better understanding of the topics covered and an opportunity to ask questions or voice your concern about certain issues involving the course. Seeking help from the Teaching Assistants if your course has a secondary component such as a seminar, tutorial or lab is another alternative. Asking fellow peers is an additional method to share and discuss ideas regarding material relevant to the course. It is important to seek help the moment you feel the need for it, do not delay or procrastinate. If you obtain answers immediately or develop an improved understanding of the course content, this will benefit you when you begin studying for your mid-term or final exams.

Whether you are a new, continuing first year, or upper year student it is important to introduce or reacquaint yourself to the services that Brock University has to provide.

- Academic Advising Services in the Office of the Registrar is a supportive and informative service that provides Brock students with assistance and guidance throughout their university career. Program specific advisers can help students that require an explanation or clarification on their degree requirements specific to their program. Information regarding Academic Advising can be found at www.brocku.ca/registrar/advising.
- Career Services, located in the Matheson Learning Commons is valuable resource for students seeking information regarding employment after graduating with their particular degree. Career Services can also aid with the development of job search skills including resume and cover letter writing, portfolio and interview skill development.
- The aforementioned Student Development Centre is another vital resource that students can utilize by participating in the free learning skills workshops. For more information on the Student Development Centre please visit www.brocku.ca/sdc.
These are just a few examples of the services that are available to you. For a complete listing of student services please visit www.brocku.ca/registrar. Using resources and services that are accessible to you is a step in the right direction to being a successful university student. If you are unfamiliar of a location or have questions if a specific service is offered do not hesitate to ask a Brock University staff member. Remember that it is always important to be well informed. Best of luck in the New Year!

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