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MAND 1P00 Mandarin Chinese I
MAND 1P01 Mandarin Chinese II
MAND 1P80 Mandarin Chinese III
MAND 1P81 Mandarin Chinese IV
MARS 1F90 Medieval and Renaissance Civilizations
MARS 2P08 Colonial Latin America
MARS 2P70 The Middle East, 600 - 1800
MARS 2P75 Western Science from Aristotle to Newton
MARS 2P89 Medieval and Renaissance Art, Architecture and Society
MARS 2P92 Early to High Renaissance Art and Architecture
MARS 2P95 Reading the Middle Ages: the Heroic and the Chivalric
MARS 3M20-3M29 Study in Mediterranean Lands
MARS 3M24 2015-2016: Study Tour to Turkey
MARS 3M50-3M59 Medieval and Renaissance Studies Abroad
MARS 3P19 The Rise of Christian Philosophy
MARS 3P92 Petrarch and Boccaccio
MARS 3P93 Dante and The Divine Comedy
MARS 3P96 Medieval and Early Modern Christianity
MARS 3P97 The World of the Renaissance and Beyond
MARS 4P00 Directed Studies
MARS 4P01 Topics in Medieval and Renaissance Studies
MARS 4P06 Medieval Literature and Social Control
MARS 4P55 The Later Roman Empire
MARS 4V70-4V75 Selected Topics in Medieval and Renaissance Studies
MATH 0N01 Co-op Work Placement I
MATH 0N02 Co-op Work Placement II
MATH 0N03 Co-op Work Placement III
MATH 0N04 Co-op Work Placement IV
MATH 0N05 Co-op Work Placement V
MATH 1F92 Introductory Statistics
MATH 1P01 Calculus Concepts I
MATH 1P02 Calculus Concepts II
MATH 1P05 Applied Calculus I
MATH 1P06 Applied Calculus II
MATH 1P11 Linear Algebra I
MATH 1P12 Applied Linear Algebra
MATH 1P20 Introduction to Mathematics
MATH 1P40 Mathematics Integrated with Computers and Applications I
MATH 1P66 Mathematical Reasoning
MATH 1P67 Mathematics for Computer Science
MATH 1P70 Mathematics in Culture
MATH 1P97 Calculus With Applications
MATH 1P98 Practical Statistics
MATH 2C01 Co-op Reflective Learning and Integration I
MATH 2C02 Co-op Reflective Learning and Integration II
MATH 2C03 Co-op Reflective Learning and Integration III
MATH 2C04 Co-op Reflective Learning and Integration IV
MATH 2C05 Co-op Reflective Learning and Integration V
MATH 2P03 Multivariable Calculus
MATH 2P04 Basic Concepts of Analysis
MATH 2P08 Ordinary Differential Equations
MATH 2P12 Linear Algebra II
MATH 2P13 Linear Algebra III - Advanced
MATH 2P40 Mathematics Integrated with Computers and Applications II
MATH 2P52 Principles of Mathematics for Primary and Junior Teachers
MATH 2P75 Introductory Financial Mathematics
MATH 2P81 Probability
MATH 2P82 Mathematical Statistics I
MATH 2P90 Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometry I
MATH 2P91 Discrete Optimization
MATH 2P92 Introduction to Combinatorics
MATH 2P94 Introduction to Network Analysis
MATH 2P95 Mathematics and Music
MATH 2P97 Problem Solving
MATH 2P98 Applied Statistics
MATH 3P03 Real Analysis
MATH 3P04 Complex Analysis
MATH 3P06 Vector Calculus and Differential Geometry
MATH 3P08 Advanced Differential Equations
MATH 3P09 Partial Differential Equations
MATH 3P12 Applied Algebra
MATH 3P13 Abstract Algebra
MATH 3P23 Great Moments in Mathematics I
MATH 3P40 Mathematics Integrated with Computers and Applications III
MATH 3P41 Visual and Interactive Mathematics
MATH 3P51 Applied Mathematics with Maple
MATH 3P52 Partial Differential Equations in C++
MATH 3P60 Numerical Methods
MATH 3P72 Continuous Optimization
MATH 3P73 Game Theory
MATH 3P75 Theory of Financial Mathematics
MATH 3P81 Experimental Design
MATH 3P82 Regression Analysis
MATH 3P85 Mathematical Statistics II
MATH 3P86 Applied Multivariate Statistics
MATH 3P91 Mathematics at the Junior/Intermediate/Senior Level
MATH 3P95 Introduction to Mathematical Physics
MATH 3P96 Computational Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems
MATH 3P97 Introductory Topology
MATH 3P98 Functional Analysis
MATH 4F90 Honours Project
MATH 4P03 Advanced Real Analysis
MATH 4P06 Special Topics
MATH 4P09 Solitons and Nonlinear Wave Equations
MATH 4P11 Topics in Groups
MATH 4P13 Topics in Rings and Modules
MATH 4P23 Great Moments in Mathematics II
MATH 4P61 Theory of Computation
MATH 4P71 Combinatorics
MATH 4P81 Sampling Theory
MATH 4P82 Nonparametric Statistics
MATH 4P84 Topics in Stochastic Processes and Models
MATH 4P85 Topics in Advanced Statistics
MATH 4P90 Euclidean and Non Euclidean Geometry II
MATH 4P92 Topics in Number Theory and Cryptography
MATH 4P94 Relativity Theory and Black Holes
MATH 4P96 Technology and Mathematics Education
MGMT 1P93 Principles of Business
MGMT 1P96 Principles of Communication in the Business Environment
MGMT 3P98 International Business
MGMT 3P99 Business Case Analysis and Action
MGMT 3V90-3V99 Topics in Management I
MGMT 4F90 Research Topic
MGMT 4P35 Export Strategy and Management
MGMT 4P36 Business in Developing Countries
MGMT 4P90 Business Strategy
MGMT 4P91 Research Topic
MGMT 4P94 Transnational Business Management
MGMT 4P96 Business and Society
MGMT 4P97 Advanced Topics in Business and Society
MGMT 4P99 Management Consulting
MGMT 4V90-4V99 Topics in Management II
MKTG 2P51 Marketing Basics
MKTG 2P52 General Marketing Management
MKTG 2P91 Introduction to Marketing
MKTG 3P24 Marketing Management
MKTG 3P96 Marketing Research
MKTG 3P97 Marketing of High-Technology Products and Innovations
MKTG 4F90 Research Topic
MKTG 4P23 Marketing Communications
MKTG 4P25 Marketing Strategy
MKTG 4P26 Professional Selling and Sales Management
MKTG 4P28 Retail Management
MKTG 4P29 Business to Business Marketing
MKTG 4P31 Consumer Behaviour
MKTG 4P33 International Marketing
MKTG 4P34 Marketing Financial Services
MKTG 4P36 Marketing Channel Management
MKTG 4P91 Research Topic
MKTG 4P92 Wine Marketing
MKTG 4P93 Internet Marketing
MKTG 4P94 New Product Development
MKTG 4P95 Services Marketing
MKTG 4P98 Pricing
MKTG 4V90-4V99 Topics in Marketing
MPCE 6P01 Graduate Study Preparation Seminar
MPCE 6P02 Canadian Cultural Practices
MPCE 6P03 Critical Pedagogy and Social Justice
MPCE 6P04 Ontario Education (K-12)
MPCE 6P05 Introduction to Research
MPCE 6P06 Philosophical Perspectives in Education
MPCE 6P07 In/Equity, Diversity and Change in Education
MPCE 6P08 The Organization of Canadian Higher Education
MPCE 6P09 Qualitative Research Methods
MPCE 6P10 Quantitative and Mixed Methods Research
MUSI 1F00 Music in Popular Culture
MUSI 1F10 Introduction to Classical Music
MUSI 1F50 History of Music from Medieval to Modern Times
MUSI 1F81 Applied Lessons I
MUSI 1F90 Theory and Composition I
MUSI 1F91 Solo Performance I
MUSI 1P82 Applied Studio I
MUSI 1P84 Wind Ensemble I
MUSI 1P85 Percussion Ensemble I
MUSI 1P86 Symphony Orchestra I
MUSI 1P87 Male Voice Choir I
MUSI 1P88 Female Voice Choir I
MUSI 1P89 Mixed Voice Choir I
MUSI 2F81 Applied Lessons II
MUSI 2F90 Theory and Composition II
MUSI 2F91 Solo Performance II
MUSI 2M90-2M99 Special Topics
MUSI 2P00 Music of the World's Peoples
MUSI 2P21 Accompanying I
MUSI 2P40 Vocal Techniques
MUSI 2P41 Woodwind Techniques
MUSI 2P42 Brass Techniques
MUSI 2P43 Percussion Techniques
MUSI 2P44 String Techniques
MUSI 2P45 Foundations of Music Education
MUSI 2P46 Guitar and Ukulele Techniques
MUSI 2P70 Popular Music and Society
MUSI 2P80 Secondary Studio I
MUSI 2P82 Applied Studio II
MUSI 2P84 Wind Ensemble II
MUSI 2P85 Percussion Ensemble II
MUSI 2P86 Symphony Orchestra II
MUSI 2P87 Male Voice Choir II
MUSI 2P88 Female Voice Choir II
MUSI 2P89 Mixed Voice Choir II
MUSI 2P92 Performance Studio I
MUSI 2P93 Conducting I
MUSI 2P94 Choral Methods I
MUSI 2P98 Computers in Music I
MUSI 2P99 Computers in Music II
MUSI 2Y05 Aural Skills I
MUSI 2Y06 Keyboard Harmony I
MUSI 3F81 Applied Lessons III
MUSI 3F91 Solo Performance III
MUSI 3P02 Recital I
MUSI 3P20 Piano Pedagogy
MUSI 3P21 Accompanying II
MUSI 3P22 Piano Literature
MUSI 3P30 Vocal Pedagogy
MUSI 3P31 Diction for Musicians
MUSI 3P60 Composition and Orchestration I
MUSI 3P64 Music Cognition
MUSI 3P73 Popular Music and Youth Culture
MUSI 3P80 Secondary Studio II
MUSI 3P82 Applied Studio III
MUSI 3P84 Wind Ensemble III
MUSI 3P85 Percussion Ensemble III
MUSI 3P86 Symphony Orchestra III
MUSI 3P87 Male Voice Choir III
MUSI 3P88 Female Voice Choir III
MUSI 3P89 Mixed Voice Choir III
MUSI 3P90 Approaches to Music Theory Since 1900
MUSI 3P91 History of Music in Canada
MUSI 3P92 Performance Studio II
MUSI 3P93 Conducting II
MUSI 3P94 Choral Methods II
MUSI 3P95 Aesthetics of Music
MUSI 3P96 History of Music in the Baroque Era
MUSI 3P97 History of Music in the 20th Century
MUSI 3P98 History of Music in the Classical Era
MUSI 3P99 History of Music in the Romantic Era
MUSI 3V10 2015-2016: Jazz Theory I
MUSI 3V10-3V19 Music Area Studies
MUSI 3Y05 Aural Skills II
MUSI 3Y06 Keyboard Harmony II
MUSI 4F81 Applied Lessons IV
MUSI 4F83 Applied Music IV
MUSI 4F91 Solo Performance IV
MUSI 4F99 Honours Thesis
MUSI 4P02 Recital II
MUSI 4P50 History of Music in the Middle Ages
MUSI 4P51 History of Music in the Renaissance
MUSI 4P52 Eighteenth-Century Italian Opera
MUSI 4P54 Singspiel and German Romantic Opera
MUSI 4P55 History of Music and Liturgy to 1600
MUSI 4P60 Composition and Orchestration II
MUSI 4P67 Musical Acoustics
MUSI 4P70 Advanced Studies in Popular Music
MUSI 4P80 Secondary Studio III
MUSI 4P82 Applied Studio IV
MUSI 4P84 Wind Ensemble IV
MUSI 4P85 Percussion Ensemble IV
MUSI 4P86 Symphony Orchestra IV
MUSI 4P87 Male Voice Choir IV
MUSI 4P88 Female Voice Choir IV
MUSI 4P89 Mixed Voice Choir IV
MUSI 4P93 Directed Reading in Music History
MUSI 4P94 Directed Reading in Music Theory
MUSI 4P95 Topics in the History of Theory: 18th and 19th Centuries
MUSI 4P96 Topics in the History of Theory: Renaissance and Baroque
MUSI 4P99 Independent Study