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PCUL 1F00 Music in Popular Culture
PCUL 1F92 Introduction to Popular Culture
PCUL 2F00 New Media Literacy
PCUL 2P06 Cultural and Historical Geography
PCUL 2P15 Research Methods in Communication and Culture
PCUL 2P18 Reporting and News Writing for Mass Media
PCUL 2P20 Theories of Popular Culture
PCUL 2P21 Canadian Popular Culture
PCUL 2P22 Media and Sport
PCUL 2P26 The Information Society
PCUL 2P30 Popular Entertainment
PCUL 2P56 Canadian Cinema
PCUL 2P63 Communication Design
PCUL 2P70 Popular Music and Society
PCUL 2P91 Social Media: Reading and Writing in New Spaces
PCUL 2P93 Popular Narrative
PCUL 2P94 Popular Cinema
PCUL 2P98 Media Industries
PCUL 3P01 Directed Reading
PCUL 3P03 Advanced Studies in Popular Narrative
PCUL 3P06 Class and Culture
PCUL 3P15 Media Analysis
PCUL 3P18 Audience Studies
PCUL 3P19 Communication and Media Policy
PCUL 3P20 Television Studies
PCUL 3P21 Canadian Television
PCUL 3P26 Social and Cultural Aspects of Digital Gaming
PCUL 3P30 Folk Culture
PCUL 3P51 Popular Music, Identity, and Place
PCUL 3P55 Advertising in Context
PCUL 3P63 Digital Design and Communication
PCUL 3P73 Popular Music and Youth Culture
PCUL 3P75 Cultures of Consumption
PCUL 3P92 Technology and Culture
PCUL 3P93 Media and Minorities
PCUL 3P94 Film Genre
PCUL 3P96 Issues in Popular Culture
PCUL 3P97 Gender and Cinema to the 1960s
PCUL 3P98 Gender and Contemporary Cinema
PCUL 3P99 Geography of Cultural Industries
PCUL 3Q92 Food and Popular Culture
PCUL 3Q94 Television Genres
PCUL 3V50-3V59 Special Topics in Popular Culture Studies
PCUL 4F00 Internship in Communication, Popular Culture or Film
PCUL 4F99 Honours Thesis
PCUL 4P00 Placement in Communication, Popular Culture or Film
PCUL 4P01 Placement in Communication, Popular Culture or Film
PCUL 4P03 Applied Studies in Popular Narrative
PCUL 4P06 Advanced Studies in Popular Culture
PCUL 4P14 Advanced Research in Cultural Industries
PCUL 4P17 Advanced Research in Communication and Media Policy
PCUL 4P18 Media and the Natural Environment
PCUL 4P23 Research on Media and Popular Culture
PCUL 4P30 Theories of Mass Culture
PCUL 4P31 Theories of the Visible
PCUL 4P34 Taste and Cultural Politics
PCUL 4P40 Popular Culture and Identity
PCUL 4P55 History of Advertising
PCUL 4P59 Writing Cultural Criticism for the Media
PCUL 4P61 Conventions of Screen Realism
PCUL 4P70 Advanced Studies in Popular Music
PCUL 4P73 Digital Cities
PCUL 4P80 Directed Reading
PCUL 4V50 2015-2016: Cult Cinema and Fan Cultures
PCUL 4V50-4V59 Contemporary Issues in Popular Culture Studies
PCUL 4V60-4V69 Historical Perspectives in Popular Culture
PCUL 4V64 2015-2016: The Western Genre
PCUL 4V70-4V79 Issues in International Popular Culture
PHIL 1F90 Introduction to Philosophy: Philosophical Classics and Contemporary Life
PHIL 1F91 Introduction to Philosophy: Human Nature
PHIL 1F93 Introduction to Philosophy: The Foundations of the Present
PHIL 1F94 Introduction to Philosophy: Problems
PHIL 2M90-2M92 Selected Topics in Philosophy
PHIL 2P00 Pre-Socratics to Plato
PHIL 2P01 Growth of Greek Philosophy: Aristotle and Beyond
PHIL 2P02 Early Modern Philosophy: The Rationalists
PHIL 2P03 Early Modern Philosophy: The Empiricists
PHIL 2P09 Ethics: Major Ethical Theories and Philosophies of Life
PHIL 2P12 Indian Philosophy: An Introduction to Hindu Thought
PHIL 2P13 Indian Philosophy: An Introduction to Buddhist Thought
PHIL 2P14 The Beginnings of Existential Thinking
PHIL 2P15 The Growth of Existential Thinking
PHIL 2P17 Introduction to Chinese Philosophy
PHIL 2P18 Postmodernism
PHIL 2P20 Abrahamic Religious Thought
PHIL 2P25 Introduction to Logic
PHIL 2P91 Philosophical Psychology
PHIL 2P93 Mass Media and Philosophy
PHIL 2P94 Feminist Philosophy
PHIL 2P95 Bioethics
PHIL 2P96 Philosophy of Human Nature
PHIL 2P97 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 2P98 Philosophy in Literature
PHIL 2P99 Gender Ethics and Sexuality
PHIL 2Q98 The Philosophy of Art
PHIL 2V96-2V99 Philosophy of Science
PHIL 3M50-3M59 Selected Topics in Philosophy
PHIL 3P01 Theory of Knowledge
PHIL 3P02 Metaphysics
PHIL 3P19 The Rise of Christian Philosophy
PHIL 3P63 Contemporary Feminist Philosophy
PHIL 3P80 Environmental Philosophy
PHIL 3P90 Critical Study of a Classical Philosophy: Plato
PHIL 3P91 Critical Study of a Classical Philosophy: Aristotle
PHIL 3P92 Hermeneutics
PHIL 3P93 Phenomenology
PHIL 3P94 Gandhi and Non-Violence
PHIL 3P95 Issues in 17th-Century Philosophy
PHIL 3P96 Studies in 19th- and 20th-Century Continental Philosophy I
PHIL 3P97 Studies in 19th- and 20th-Century Continental Philosophy II
PHIL 3P98 Confucianism
PHIL 3P99 Issues in 18th-Century Philosophy
PHIL 3V90-3V94 Comparative Studies in Philosophy
PHIL 3V95-3V99 Issues in 17th- and 18th-Century Philosophy
PHIL 4P05 Nietzsche
PHIL 4P20 Kant and the 18th Century
PHIL 4P21 Hegel and the 19th Century
PHIL 4P22 Nineteenth-Century Philosophy
PHIL 4P97 Honours Tutorial I
PHIL 4P98 Honours Tutorial II
PHIL 4V06-4V14 Contemporary Studies in European Philosophy
PHIL 4V15-4V29 Modern Philosophical Studies
PHIL 4V30-4V45 Advanced Studies in Eastern Philosophy
PHIL 4V32 2015-2016: Madhyamika Buddhism
PHIL 4V46-4V60 Advanced Studies in Comparative Philosophy
PHYS 0N01 Co-op Work Placement I
PHYS 0N02 Co-op Work Placement II
PHYS 0N03 Co-op Work Placement III
PHYS 0N04 Co-op Work Placement IV
PHYS 0N05 Co-op Work Placement V
PHYS 1P21 Mechanics and Introduction to Relativity
PHYS 1P22 Electromagnetism, Optics and Modern Physics
PHYS 1P23 Fluids, Heat, Light and Sound
PHYS 1P91 Mechanics and Introduction to Relativity with Laboratory
PHYS 1P92 Electromagnetism, Optics and Modern Physics with Laboratory
PHYS 1P93 Fluids, Heat, Light and Sound With Laboratory
PHYS 2C01 Co-op Reflective Learning and Integration I
PHYS 2C02 Co-op Reflective Learning and Integration II
PHYS 2C03 Co-op Reflective Learning and Integration III
PHYS 2C04 Co-op Reflective Learning and Integration IV
PHYS 2C05 Co-op Reflective Learning and Integration V
PHYS 2P02 Introduction to Medical Physics
PHYS 2P20 Introductory Mechanics
PHYS 2P31 Analog Electronics
PHYS 2P32 Digital Electronics
PHYS 2P50 Modern Physics
PHYS 2P51 Introduction to Classical and Modern Optics
PHYS 3P02 Cellular Biophysics
PHYS 3P35 Electromagnetism I
PHYS 3P36 Electromagnetism II
PHYS 3P41 Statistical Physics I
PHYS 3P70 Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
PHYS 3P90 Classical Mechanics
PHYS 3P91 Experimental Physics I
PHYS 3P92 Experimental Physics (Electronics) II
PHYS 3P93 Solid-State Devices
PHYS 3P95 Introduction to Mathematical Physics
PHYS 4F90 Research Project I
PHYS 4F91 Research Project II
PHYS 4P09 Solitons and Nonlinear Wave Equations
PHYS 4P41 Statistical Physics II
PHYS 4P51 Quantum Mechanics
PHYS 4P61 Nuclear Physics
PHYS 4P62 Modern Wave Optics: Optical Tweezers to Atom Clouds
PHYS 4P70 Condensed Matter Physics I
PHYS 4P71 Condensed Matter Physics II
PHYS 4P92 Advanced Electronics Laboratory
PHYS 4P94 Relativity Theory and Black Holes
PHYS 4V80-4V89 Special Topics
PMPB 6F11 North American Business Culture and Society
PMPB 6F21 Writing for Business Purposes
PMPB 6F22 Listening and Speaking for Business Purposes
PMPB 6P12 Business Student Success
PMPB 6P23 Reading for Business Purposes
POLI 0N01 Work Placement I
POLI 0N02 Work Placement II
POLI 0N03 Work Placement III
POLI 0N04 Work Placement IV
POLI 0N05 Work Placement V
POLI 0N90 Co-op Training and Development
POLI 1F90 Introduction to Political Science
POLI 1P91 Courts and Politics: Great Cases in Constitutional Law
POLI 1P92 Freedom and Power in the New Millennium
POLI 1P93 Canada and the Global Community
POLI 1P94 Politics, Power and Persuasion
POLI 1P95 Statehood, Ethnicity and Nationalism
POLI 1P98 How Government Works
POLI 2C01 Co-op Reflective Learning and Integration I
POLI 2C02 Co-op reflective Learning and Integration II
POLI 2C03 Co-op Reflective Learning and Integration III
POLI 2C04 Co-op Reflective Learning and Integration IV
POLI 2C05 Co-op Reflective Learning and Integration V
POLI 2F12 The Government and Politics of Canada
POLI 2F20 Introduction to International Relations
POLI 2F30 Dictatorship to Democracy: Politics in the Contemporary World
POLI 2P03 Labour Law and Labour Unions
POLI 2P42 The Rise of China
POLI 2P47 Rights Across Borders
POLI 2P80 Political Analysis
POLI 2P91 Political Theory I
POLI 2P92 Political Theory II
POLI 2P93 Political Theory of Contemporary Liberal Democracy
POLI 2P94 Russia, Ukraine and other Successor States of the USSR
POLI 2P97 The Government and Politics of the United States
POLI 2P99 Introduction to Canadian Public Policy
POLI 2Q98 Introduction to Canadian Public Administration
POLI 2V40-2V49 Government and Politics of a Selected Nation State
POLI 2V70-2V79 Politics and Culture
POLI 3P02 Citizenship
POLI 3P04 Politics, Law and Justice
POLI 3P05 Canadian Political Thought
POLI 3P07 Democracy in the United States
POLI 3P10 Canadian Diversity in Comparative Perspective
POLI 3P11 Local Government
POLI 3P12 Political Parties and Electoral Behaviour
POLI 3P13 The Politics of Labour
POLI 3P14 Aboriginal Politics in Canada
POLI 3P15 Politics in Ontario
POLI 3P16 Politics in Québec
POLI 3P17 Politics and the Mass Media in Canada
POLI 3P18 Law and Politics
POLI 3P21 Introduction to International Political Economy
POLI 3P26 International Law and International Organization
POLI 3P28 Canadian Foreign Policy
POLI 3P33 The State and Economic Life
POLI 3P37 The Politics of Human-Animal Relations
POLI 3P43 Politics in the Developing World
POLI 3P66 Environmental Policy, Law and Administration
POLI 3P67 Issues in Canadian Public Policy
POLI 3P71 Gender and Politics
POLI 3P72 Women in Politics
POLI 3P91 Quantitative Political Analysis
POLI 3P92 Qualitative Political Analysis
POLI 3P93 Politics and Technology
POLI 3P94 European Politics
POLI 3P98 Public Sector Management
POLI 3Q93 Labour in a Global and Comparative Perspective
POLI 3Q95 Sex Work and Sex Workers
POLI 3Q97 Public Sector Unions
POLI 3V00-3V09 Politics and Theory
POLI 3V70-3V79 Special Topics in Political Science
POLI 3V90-3V99 Advanced Topics in Political Science
POLI 3V91 2015-2016: Canadian and Australian Politics and Society Through the Lens of Sport
POLI 4F99 Honours Thesis
POLI 4P01 The Philosophy of Law
POLI 4P02 Ancient Political Theory
POLI 4P03 Modern Political Theory
POLI 4P04 Politics and Tyranny
POLI 4P07 Postmodern Political Theory
POLI 4P10 Issues in Local Government
POLI 4P11 Critical Approaches to Applied Social Research Design
POLI 4P12 Canadian Civil Society
POLI 4P14 Federalism in Canada
POLI 4P15 Canadian Political Economy
POLI 4P19 The Canadian Judicial Process
POLI 4P20 Globalization and Global Governance
POLI 4P21 The Global Political Economy
POLI 4P22 Canada and the Developing World
POLI 4P24 Private Global Governance
POLI 4P26 International Politics and National Security
POLI 4P27 Theories of International Relations
POLI 4P28 The Political Economy of North America
POLI 4P32 Comparative Mass Media
POLI 4P34 Comparative Judicial Systems
POLI 4P36 Comparative Democratization in a Global Age: Reform, Revolution and Reversal
POLI 4P38 Nationalism and Ethnic Politics
POLI 4P39 Elites and Power
POLI 4P47 Middle East Politics
POLI 4P50 Machinery of Government
POLI 4P54 Business-Government Relations
POLI 4P66 Politics and the Environment
POLI 4P67 Comparative Public Policy
POLI 4P68 Social Movements and Globalization
POLI 4P70 Tutorial in Political Theory
POLI 4P71 Tutorial in Canadian Politics
POLI 4P72 Tutorial in International Relations
POLI 4P73 Tutorial in Comparative Politics
POLI 4P74 Tutorial in Public Administration
POLI 4P75 Tutorial in Public Policy
POLI 4P76 Tutorial in Political Science
POLI 4P95 Political Science Internship
POLI 4V00-4V09 Selected Problems in Political Theory
POLI 4V10-4V19 Issues in Canadian Politics
POLI 4V20-4V29 Selected Problems in International Relations
POLI 4V30-4V39 Selected Problems in Comparative Politics
POLI 4V50-4V59 Selected Topics in Public Administration
POLI 4V60-4V69 Selected Topics in Canadian Public Policy
PORT 1F00 Introductory Portuguese Language
PORT 1F90 Intermediate Portuguese Language
PSYC 0N01 Work Placement I
PSYC 0N02 Work Placement II
PSYC 0N03 Work Placement III
PSYC 0N04 Work Placement IV
PSYC 0N05 Work Placement V
PSYC 0N90 Co-op Training and Development
PSYC 1F25 Overview of Psychology
PSYC 1F90 Foundations of Psychology
PSYC 2C01 Co-op Reflective Learning and Integration I
PSYC 2C02 Co-op Reflective and Integration II
PSYC 2C03 Co-op Reflective Learning and Integration III
PSYC 2C04 Co-op Reflective Learning and Integration IV
PSYC 2C05 Co-op Reflective Learning and Integration V
PSYC 2F23 Statistics and Research Design in the Behavioural Sciences
PSYC 2P12 Lifespan Development
PSYC 2P20 Cognition
PSYC 2P25 Personality and Individual Differences
PSYC 2P30 Fundamentals of Social Psychology
PSYC 2P35 Introduction to Brain and Behaviour
PSYC 2P36 Brain and Behaviour I
PSYC 2P37 Brain and Behaviour II
PSYC 2P45 Learning
PSYC 2P49 Perception
PSYC 3F01 Facilitating Communication and Critical Thinking in Groups
PSYC 3F20 Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 3F40 Psychological Research
PSYC 3F81 Neuroscience
PSYC 3P05 Visual Perception From Eye to Brain
PSYC 3P11 Theories of Development and Socialization
PSYC 3P18 Adolescent Development
PSYC 3P19 Psychology of Aging
PSYC 3P23 Psychology of Parenting
PSYC 3P24 Classic Theories of Personality
PSYC 3P28 Introduction to Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 3P30 Critical Thinking in Psychology
PSYC 3P31 Applied Social Psychology
PSYC 3P32 The Development of Deception
PSYC 3P33 Psychology of Intergroup Behaviour
PSYC 3P34 Psychology of Human Sexuality
PSYC 3P35 Infant Development
PSYC 3P36 Conflict, Contradictions and Development
PSYC 3P37 Human Evolutionary Psychology
PSYC 3P38 Motivation and Emotion
PSYC 3P39 Computer Data Analysis
PSYC 3P45 Comparative Psychology I
PSYC 3P46 Psychology of Food and Eating
PSYC 3P48 Directed Studies I
PSYC 3P49 Empirical Directed Studies
PSYC 3P51 Health Psychology
PSYC 3P53 Introduction to Forensic Psychology
PSYC 3P59 Introduction to Human Neuropsychology
PSYC 3P60 Children's Thinking
PSYC 3P61 Child Language Acquisition: Early Stages
PSYC 3P67 Bases of Neuropsychopharmacology
PSYC 3P68 Sleep and Wakefulness
PSYC 3P72 Drugs and Behaviour
PSYC 3P74 Children and Youth in the Digital Age
PSYC 3P75 Stress
PSYC 3P77 Social Development
PSYC 3P80 Psychology of Interpersonal Behaviour
PSYC 3P81 Neuroscience I
PSYC 3P82 Neuroscience II
PSYC 3P84 Psychological Trauma
PSYC 3Q91 Second Language Acquisition and Learning
PSYC 3V85-3V89 Special Topics in Psychology
PSYC 4F05 Independent Empirical Research
PSYC 4F91 Empirical Research Thesis
PSYC 4P07 Psychology Students' Transition to Work
PSYC 4P10 Advanced Directed Studies I
PSYC 4P11 Empirical Advanced Directed Studies
PSYC 4P20 Applied Cognitive Psychology
PSYC 4P22 Advanced Seminar in Human Memory
PSYC 4P25 Psychological Measurement and Personality Research
PSYC 4P27 Developmental Psychopathology
PSYC 4P28 Person Perception
PSYC 4P30 Positive Psychology
PSYC 4P34 Psychobiology of Human Sexuality
PSYC 4P44 Psychology of Social Justice
PSYC 4P49 Human Emotion
PSYC 4P50 Psychosocial Problems in Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood
PSYC 4P55 Neural Mechanisms, Hormones and Behaviour
PSYC 4P56 Maturation and Development
PSYC 4P63 Human Psychophysiology
PSYC 4P69 Professional Topics in Psychology
PSYC 4P71 Psychology of Prejudice and Discrimination
PSYC 4P72 Psychology of Violent Predators
PSYC 4P77 Introduction to the Profession of Clinical Psychology
PSYC 4P79 Introduction to Counselling and Psychotherapy
PSYC 4P92 History of Psychology
PSYC 4P93 Honours Thesis Seminar
PSYC 4P95 Literature Research
PSYC 4V85-4V89 Special Topics in Psychology