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IASC 1F01 Foundations of Interactive Arts and Science
IASC 1F02 Being Human in a Digital World
IASC 1P00 Introduction to Media Computation
IASC 1P01 Fluency With Technology
IASC 1P02 Web Media Production
IASC 1P04 New Media and Games
IASC 1P05 Games, Genres and Aesthetics
IASC 1P06 History and Future of Storytelling
IASC 1P10 Introduction to Media Tools
IASC 1P30 Programming for Interactive Media
IASC 1P50 Integrity and Literacy in the Information Age
IASC 1P93 Applied Programming
IASC 1P95 Introduction to Digital Images, Methods and Concepts
IASC 1P96 Foundation Studio
IASC 1P97 Studio Now: Introduction to Contemporary Practice
IASC 1P99 The Culture of Noise
IASC 1Q98 Introduction to Visual Culture
IASC 1Q99 Introduction to the History of Western Art
IASC 2F00 Game Discourses and Criticism
IASC 2F27 Historical Geographic Information Systems
IASC 2P01 Foundations of Project Management
IASC 2P02 Solving Problems through Interactive Arts and Science
IASC 2P03 Interaction and Interface Design
IASC 2P04 Ludology
IASC 2P05 Game Design Paradigms
IASC 2P06 3D Objects, Environments and Visualization
IASC 2P07 Introduction to Geospatial Technologies
IASC 2P08 Competencies in Interactive Arts and Science
IASC 2P10 Media Tools for Interactivity
IASC 2P15 Speculative Fiction
IASC 2P25 Revolutions in Communication
IASC 2P28 Persuasive Discourse: Theoretical Foundations
IASC 2P50 Great Myths in Literature and Art
IASC 2P60 Web 2.0 Content, Construction, Collaboration
IASC 2P70 Introduction to Literary Theory
IASC 2P89 Internet Technologies
IASC 2P90 Computer-Mediated Communication
IASC 2P91 Social Media: Reading and Writing in New Spaces
IASC 2P93 Critical Practice in the Fine and Performing Arts
IASC 2P94 Embodied Text: Art Beyond the Artifact
IASC 2P96 Introduction to 3D Modelling and Animation
IASC 2P97 Digital Video Art
IASC 2P98 Intermedia
IASC 2P99 Introduction to Sound Design
IASC 2Q95 Introduction to Interactive Media
IASC 3F00 Imagining Immersive Worlds
IASC 3F01 Digital Document Production
IASC 3F31 Virtual Worlds and the Discipline of History
IASC 3F90 Survey of Humanities Computing
IASC 3F91 Innovations in Advanced Digital Media
IASC 3F92 Best Practices in Instructional Design
IASC 3F96 Interdisciplinary Workshop
IASC 3M05-3M09 Visual Studies Abroad
IASC 3P01 Media Transformations in the Creative Arts
IASC 3P02 Publishing for New Literacies
IASC 3P03 Prototyping with Micro Controllers and Mobile Technologies
IASC 3P04 Immersion and Simulation
IASC 3P05 Geographic Information Systems
IASC 3P06 Game Criticism
IASC 3P10 Expanded Video Process and Production
IASC 3P14 Dramatic Creation for Contemporary Cultural Practice
IASC 3P15 Writing for New Media
IASC 3P26 Social and Cultural Aspects of Digital Gaming
IASC 3P28 Rhetorical Analysis
IASC 3P39 Contemporary Literature in English
IASC 3P62 Video Games in the Classroom
IASC 3P73 Creative Writing for Digital Media
IASC 3P90 Advanced Topics in Digital Culture
IASC 3P91 Prototype Process and Development
IASC 3P92 Technology and Culture
IASC 3P94 Introduction to Human Computer Interaction
IASC 3P95 Internship in Interactive Media
IASC 3P97 Interactive Media Portfolio
IASC 3P98 Directed Studies
IASC 3P99 Directed Project
IASC 3V90-3V99 Special Studies in the Visual and Perfoming Arts
IASC 4F00 Team-based Practicum in Interactive Media Design and Production
IASC 4P01 Creating Social Value from Material Culture
IASC 4P02 Video Game Research and Development
IASC 4P19 Heritage Interpretation in the Digital Age
IASC 4P72 High and Low Art: Intersections, Exchanges and Flows
IASC 4V70-4V79 Advanced Studies in Interactive Arts and Science
IASC 4V73 2015-2016: Advanced Studies in Interactive Arts and Science
IASC 4V79 2015-2016: Digital Assistive/Adaptive Technologies
INTC 1F90 Foundations of Intercultural Studies
INTC 1P20 Introduction to Global Transitions
INTC 1P80 Introduction to Intercultural Studies
INTC 1P95 Conquest and Colonization
INTC 1P96 Italian Culture and Civilization
INTC 2F05 Global Transitions
INTC 2P10 Latin American Cultures since Independence
INTC 2P11 Cultures of Spain and Portugal
INTC 2P12 Indian Philosophy: An Introduction to Hindu Thought
INTC 2P13 Indian Philosophy: An Introduction to Buddhist Thought
INTC 2P15 Co-cultural Adaptation I
INTC 2P16 Introduction to Chinese Culture and Civilization
INTC 2P17 Introduction to Chinese Philosophy
INTC 2P34 Cities and Sanctuaries of the Ancient World
INTC 2P52 Postcolonial Literature
INTC 2P53 Southern African Literatures of Transition
INTC 2P62 Africa to 1800
INTC 2P63 Africa Since 1800
INTC 2P72 Sociolinguistics
INTC 2P82 Latin American and Iberian Film
INTC 2P83 Changing Cultures and Societies
INTC 2P90 Art in Revolution: The Rise of Modernism
INTC 2P93 Mass Media and Philosophy
INTC 2P94 Theories and Models of Intercultural Relations
INTC 2P96 Women and Development
INTC 2P97 Global Issues in Infectious Diseases
INTC 2P98 Italians in Canada and Italy-Canada Relations
INTC 2P99 Canadian Women in a Global Context
INTC 2Q99 Women and Literature
INTC 3F94 International Field Course
INTC 3N01 Internship in Intercultural Studies
INTC 3P11 International Tourism
INTC 3P25 Global Issues in Tourism and the Environment
INTC 3P60 The World of Genghis Khan: Inner Asia since 500 BC
INTC 3P70 International Field Course
INTC 3P79 Nature, Development and the Politics of Knowledge
INTC 3P80 Geography and International Development
INTC 3P84 Diaspora Communities: Luso-Hispanic World
INTC 3P90 Text-based Research Project
INTC 3P91 International Field Research Project
INTC 3P92 Applications of Theories and Models in Intercultural Studies
INTC 3P94 Gandhi and Non-Violence
INTC 4P01 Latin American Women's Perspectives
INTC 4P11 Cross-Cultural Perspectives of Tourism and Environment
INTC 4P50 Themes in Intercultural Studies
INTC 4P60 Women in Hispanic Literature: Witches, Vampires and Virgins
INTC 4V30-4V35 Selected Topics in Intercultural Studies
ITAL 1F00 Introductory Italian
ITAL 1F01 Basic Italian Language
ITAL 1F90 Intermediate Italian
ITAL 1P95 Italian Culture and Civilization
ITAL 1P96 Italian Culture and Civilization
ITAL 2F00 Language, Literature and Culture
ITAL 2P80 Italian Cinema
ITAL 2P85 Italians in Canada and Italy-Canada Relations
ITAL 2P90 Translation and Language Practice
ITAL 2P92 Early to High Renaissance Art and Architecture
ITAL 2P94 Linguistic and Cultural Regionalism in Italy
ITAL 2P95 Modern Culture and Civilization
ITAL 2P98 Italians in Canada and Italy-Canada Relations
ITAL 3M20-3M24 Special Topics in Italian
ITAL 3M50-3M55 Travel and Study in Italy
ITAL 3P90 Literature of the 19th Century
ITAL 3P91 Twentieth-Century Prose and Poetry to 1950
ITAL 3P92 Petrarch and Boccaccio
ITAL 3P93 Dante and The Divine Comedy
ITAL 3P97 Italian for Teachers
ITAL 3P98 Twentieth-Century Prose and Poetry 1950 to the Present
ITAL 3P99 Advanced Grammar and Composition
ITAL 3Q90 Translating and Interpreting in the Community: An Internship
ITAL 4P04 Translation: Applications
ITAL 4P97 Strategies in the Teaching of Language, Literature, and Culture
ITIS 1P97 Data Analysis and Business Modelling
ITIS 2P51 Introduction to Information Systems
ITIS 2P91 Management of Information Systems and Technology
ITIS 3P91 Quantitative Methods for Information Systems
ITIS 3P92 Information Assurance
ITIS 3P98 Fundamentals of Database Design and Management
ITIS 4F90 Research Topic
ITIS 4P21 Introduction to Business Analytics
ITIS 4P22 e-Business Applications
ITIS 4P25 Systems Analysis and Design
ITIS 4P26 Supply Chain Management
ITIS 4P91 Research Topic
ITIS 4V90-4V99 Topics in Information Systems