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WGST 1F90 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies
WGST 2P00 Classic and Contemporary Discourses in Women's and Gender Studies
WGST 2P20 Sexualities and Society
WGST 2P21 Sociology of Families
WGST 2P51 Sociology of Gender
WGST 2P56 Gender in Modern European History
WGST 2P61 Women in the Ancient World
WGST 2P86 Women in the Economy
WGST 2P90 Women's Issues: Sexuality, Class, Ethnicity
WGST 2P91 Historical Perspectives on Women
WGST 2P94 Feminist Philosophy
WGST 2P96 Women and Development
WGST 2P98 Sexuality Studies: Foundations
WGST 2P99 Canadian Women in a Global Context
WGST 2Q90 Mothering and Motherhood: Images, Issues and Patterns
WGST 2Q92 Work, Equity and Diversity
WGST 2Q93 Women in North America to 1865
WGST 2Q94 Women in North America, 1865 to the Present
WGST 2Q99 Women and Literature
WGST 2V20-2V29 Studies in Writing by Women
WGST 2V90-2V99 Selected Topics in Women's Studies
WGST 3F95 Practicum
WGST 3M00-3M10 Special Topics in Women's Studies
WGST 3P00 Women's Rights and Women's Movements
WGST 3P03 Beauty, Bodies and Cultures
WGST 3P08 Gender and Art
WGST 3P20 Queer Communities and Popular Culture
WGST 3P30 Women, Work and Family
WGST 3P41 Directed Studies I
WGST 3P42 Directed Studies II
WGST 3P43 Gender, Leisure and Families
WGST 3P44 Gender and Sexuality in Childhood and Youth
WGST 3P45 Sociology of African Canadians
WGST 3P51 Gender and Society
WGST 3P60 Gender Issues in Teaching and Learning
WGST 3P61 Gender and Society in Ancient Mediterranean Cultures
WGST 3P62 The Ancient Household
WGST 3P63 Contemporary Feminist Philosophy
WGST 3P68 Health Issues for Women and Girls
WGST 3P71 Gender and Politics
WGST 3P72 Women in Politics
WGST 3P74 Geography and Gender
WGST 3P80 Environmental Justice
WGST 3P82 Women and Crime
WGST 3P86 Indigenous Peoples in Global Perspective
WGST 3P90 Contemporary Feminist Thought
WGST 3P91 Contemporary Feminist Research Methods
WGST 3P92 Advanced Seminar in Eco-Feminism
WGST 3P93 Gender and Language
WGST 3P94 Gender and the Humanities
WGST 3P95 Sexualities and Health: Critical Perspectives
WGST 3P96 Women, Men and the Body
WGST 3P97 Gender and Cinema to the 1960s
WGST 3P98 Gender and Contemporary Cinema
WGST 3P99 Ethical Questions in Feminism
WGST 3Q92 Care Work and Intimate Labours
WGST 3Q94 Feminist Cultural Theory
WGST 3Q95 Sex Work and Sex Workers
WGST 3Q98 Indigenous Peoples in North America
WGST 3Q99 International Field Course
WGST 3V20-3V29 Advanced Studies in Writing by Women
WGST 3V90-3V99 Special Topics in Women's Studies
WGST 4F99 Honours Thesis
WGST 4P01 Latin American Women's Perspectives
WGST 4P22 Education and Equity
WGST 4P31 Women, Work and Unions
WGST 4P32 Sociology of Work
WGST 4P35 Gendered Patterns of Resistance and Survival
WGST 4P41 Directed Studies III
WGST 4P42 Directed Studies IV
WGST 4P48 Science, Technology and Gender
WGST 4P51 Gender and Society
WGST 4P53 Masculinities, Culture and Economy
WGST 4P55 Queer Geographies
WGST 4P60 Women in Hispanic Literature: Witches, Vampires and Virgins
WGST 4P70 Advanced Cultural and Social Geography
WGST 4P76 Indigenous Social and Political Thought
WGST 4P95 Gender and Sport
WGST 4Q41 Social Policy
WGST 4V50-4V69 Special Topics in Women's Studies
WRIT 1P06 History and Future of Storytelling
WRIT 1P96 Introduction to Writing, Rhetoric and Professional Discourse
WRIT 2P12 Technical Communication and Documents
WRIT 2P14 Technical Writing
WRIT 2P16 Communication for Organizations
WRIT 2P18 Reporting and News Writing for Mass Media
WRIT 2P20 Identity, Identification and Public Address
WRIT 2P28 Persuasive Discourse: Theoretical Foundations
WRIT 2P63 Communication Design
WRIT 2P72 The Creative Writer
WRIT 3P15 Writing for New Media
WRIT 3P16 Organizational Discourses
WRIT 3P18 True Stories: The Art and Craft of Literary Journalism
WRIT 3P28 Rhetorical Analysis
WRIT 3P63 Digital Design and Communication
WRIT 3P72 The Creative Writer and the Community
WRIT 3P73 Creative Writing for Digital Media
WRIT 3P90 Life Writing
WRIT 3P98 Reporting Arts and Culture
WRIT 3P99 Interpretive and Critical Writing in the Arts
WRIT 3V90-3V99 Topics in Writing and Culture
WRIT 4F99 Independent Studies in Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse
WRIT 4P10 Language and Discourse: Theory and Practice
WRIT 4P15 Words on Words: Narratives of Language
WRIT 4P20 Studies in Cultural Rhetoric
WRIT 4P98 Independent Studies in Writing
WRIT 4P99 Independent Studies in Writing
WRIT 4V90-4V99 Writing Area Studies