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CANA 1F91 Introduction to Canadian Studies
CANA 2P86 Women in the Economy
CANA 2P91 Culture and Power in Canada I: Cultural Communities
CANA 2P92 Culture and Power in Canada II: Cultural Institutions
CANA 2P98 Italians in Canada and Italy-Canada Relations
CANA 3M90-3M99 Selected Interdisciplinary Studies
CANA 3P10 Canadian Diversity in Comparative Perspective
CANA 3P14 Aboriginal Politics in Canada
CANA 3P15 A Foreign Prospect: Canada from Beyond its Borders
CANA 3P16 Politics in Québec
CANA 3P95 Foreign Ventures: Canada’s Changing Global Role
CANA 3V90-3V99 Advanced Topics in Canadian/American Transnationalism
CANA 4F99 Honours Thesis/Project
CANA 4P00 Directed Reading
CANA 4P01 Overview of Canadian Studies
CANA 4P10 History in the Field: Ontario and the War of 1812
CANA 4P90 Advanced Topics in Canadian Studies
CANA 4V10-4V70 Topics in Canadian History
CHEM 0N01 Work Placement I
CHEM 0N02 Work Placement II
CHEM 0N03 Work Placement III
CHEM 0N04 Work Placement IV
CHEM 0N05 Work Placement V
CHEM 1F92 Chemical Principles and Properties
CHEM 1P00 Introductory Chemistry
CHEM 1P90 Chemical Principles and Properties
CHEM 2C01 Co-op Reflective Learning and Integration I
CHEM 2C02 Co-op Reflective Learning and Integration II
CHEM 2C03 Co-op Reflective Learning and Integration III
CHEM 2C04 Co-op Reflective Learning and Integration IV
CHEM 2C05 Co-op Reflective Learning and Integration V
CHEM 2P12 Introduction to Modern Physical Chemistry
CHEM 2P20 Principles of Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 2P21 Principles of Organic Chemistry II
CHEM 2P32 Principles of Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 2P42 Introduction to Analytical Chemistry
CHEM 2P63 Introduction to Biophysical Chemistry
CHEM 2P98 Undergraduate Research
CHEM 3P20 Structure and Reactivity of Organic Molecules
CHEM 3P21 Organic Reactions
CHEM 3P30 Main Group Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 3P31 Transition Metal Chemistry
CHEM 3P40 Spectroscopic Techniques for Structure Elucidation
CHEM 3P41 Instrumental Methods for Quantitative Analysis
CHEM 3P51 Quantum Chemistry
CHEM 3P53 Atomic and Molecular Structure and Spectroscopy
CHEM 3P60 Industrial Chemistry
CHEM 3P61 Organic Chemistry in Industry
CHEM 3P62 Bio-organic Chemistry
CHEM 3P93 Protein and Nucleic Acid Chemistry
CHEM 3P98 Undergraduate Research Project
CHEM 4F90 Research Project
CHEM 4F91 Thesis
CHEM 4P01 Special Topics
CHEM 4P14 Statistical Thermodynamics in Chemistry and Biology
CHEM 4P17 Biophysical Photochemistry
CHEM 4P18 Computational Chemistry: Applications in Biotechnology
CHEM 4P21 Organic Reactions and Synthesis
CHEM 4P22 Organic Reactions and Mechanisms
CHEM 4P23 Organometallics in Organic Synthesis
CHEM 4P27 Enzyme and Co-enzyme Mechanisms
CHEM 4P30 Advanced Co-ordination Chemistry
CHEM 4P31 Advanced Inorganic and Organometallic Chemistry
CHEM 4P32 Biological Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 4P34 Structure Determination by X-ray Crystallography
CHEM 4P60 Principles of Polymer Chemistry
CHEM 4P61 Principles of Silicon Chemistry
CHEM 4P67 Biophysical Techniques
CHEM 4P92 Library Research and Seminar
CHYS 1F90 Introduction to Child and Youth Studies
CHYS 1F95 Child and Youth Studies in Aboriginal Contexts
CHYS 1M90-1M99 Special Topics
CHYS 2F05 Development in Aboriginal Contexts
CHYS 2M00-2M10 Special Topics
CHYS 2P10 Child and Youth Development
CHYS 2P15 Principles of Service-Learning Practicum
CHYS 2P22 Education and Equity
CHYS 2P35 Children and Youth With Exceptionalities
CHYS 2P38 Childhood, Youth and Society
CHYS 2P51 Research Methods in Child and Youth Studies I
CHYS 2P52 Research Methods in Child and Youth Studies II
CHYS 2P99 Literacy in Childhood and Youth
CHYS 2Q90 Mothering and Motherhood: Images, Issues and Patterns
CHYS 3F02 Cognition and Learning
CHYS 3P09 Culture and Mental Health of Children/Youth
CHYS 3P10 Qualitative Research Methods in Child and Youth Studies
CHYS 3P11 Theories of Development and Socialization
CHYS 3P12 Emotions in Children and Youth
CHYS 3P15 Quantitative Research Methods in Child and Youth Studies
CHYS 3P20 Learning Disabilities
CHYS 3P23 Psychology of Parenting
CHYS 3P24 Development of Peer Relationships
CHYS 3P26 Introduction to Infants and Preschoolers with Special Needs
CHYS 3P27 Policies of Childhood and Youth: Canadian Perspectives
CHYS 3P28 Rights of the Child
CHYS 3P30 Embodiment of Children and Youth
CHYS 3P31 Practical and Theoretical Issues in Child and Youth Work
CHYS 3P32 Children, Youth and Popular Culture
CHYS 3P35 Developmental Disabilities: Issues of Inclusion
CHYS 3P36 Conflict, Contradictions and Development
CHYS 3P38 Children, Youth and Families
CHYS 3P39 Children, Youth and the Law
CHYS 3P40 Macro Factors Affecting Youth Crime
CHYS 3P43 Behavioural Challenges of Children and Youth
CHYS 3P44 Gender and Sexuality in Childhood and Youth
CHYS 3P47 Foundations of Behaviour Analysis and Therapy
CHYS 3P50 Focus on Early Childhood Education I
CHYS 3P52 Early Childhood Education II
CHYS 3P60 Autism
CHYS 3P61 Child Language Acquisition: Early Stages
CHYS 3P65 Understanding Children's Minds
CHYS 3P68 Health Issues for Women and Girls
CHYS 3P74 Children and Youth in the Digital Age
CHYS 3P80 The Health of Children
CHYS 3P90 Development of Conscience and Self-Regulation
CHYS 3P91 Applications of Behaviour Analysis and Therapy
CHYS 3P92 Children and Youth With Special Needs
CHYS 3P93 Learning Disabilities: Laboratory
CHYS 3P94 Childhood, Youth and Equity Issues
CHYS 3P95 Childhood and Youth Through the Ages
CHYS 3P96 Racism and Constructions of Race
CHYS 3P97 Children and Youth in Indigenous Communities
CHYS 3P98 Family Conflict and Violence
CHYS 3P99 Contemporary Issues in Childhood and Youth Studies
CHYS 3Q90 Directed Studies
CHYS 3Q96 Children and Youth at Work
CHYS 3V80-3V99 Special Topics Seminar
CHYS 4F80 The Disciplinary Continuum
CHYS 4F95 Applied Research Project
CHYS 4F99 Honours Individual Thesis
CHYS 4P01 Development of Self and Identity
CHYS 4P02 Peer Cultures
CHYS 4P03 Approaches to Family Assessment and Intervention
CHYS 4P04 Early Intervention and Prevention Systems
CHYS 4P06 Children in War Zones
CHYS 4P07 Issues in Multiculturalism
CHYS 4P08 Companion Animals and Children and Youth
CHYS 4P09 Critical Disability Studies
CHYS 4P16 Children, Youth and Globalization
CHYS 4P20 The Worried Mind: Anxiety and Cognitive Functions
CHYS 4P22 Critical and Postmodern Theories of Childhood and Youth
CHYS 4P25 The Social Origins of Children's Minds
CHYS 4P30 Human Rights and Disability
CHYS 4P35 Advanced Topics in Children and Youth with Exceptionalities
CHYS 4P36 Theoretical and Practical Issues in Conflict Resolutions
CHYS 4P38 Advanced Topics in Childhood, Youth and Society
CHYS 4P39 Sentencing and Punishment of Youth
CHYS 4P41 Risk-Taking in Youth
CHYS 4P44 Advanced Topics in Gender and Sexuality
CHYS 4P48 Behaviour Analysis and Therapy
CHYS 4P50 Trauma and Abuse in the Lives of Children and Youth
CHYS 4P56 Maturation and Development
CHYS 4P65 Issues in Thinking and Development
CHYS 4P70 The Craft of Research
CHYS 4Q90 Directed Studies
CHYS 4V00-4V10 Advanced Special Topics
CHYS 4V10 2015-2016: Counselling and Helping Relationship Praxis
CLAS 1P91 Greek Civilization
CLAS 1P92 Roman Civilization
CLAS 1P93 Culture and Civilization of Central Europe: From the Prehistoric to 350CE
CLAS 1P94 Word Power: Greek and Latin Roots of English
CLAS 1P95 Myths of the Greek and Roman Gods
CLAS 1P97 Myths of the Heroic Age
CLAS 2P00 Introduction to Greek and Roman Literature
CLAS 2P32 Introduction to Archaeology
CLAS 2P34 Cities and Sanctuaries of the Ancient World
CLAS 2P40 Ancient Sport and Spectacle
CLAS 2P50 Great Myths in Literature and Art
CLAS 2P52 Beyond Troy: The Art, Literature and Film of the Trojan War
CLAS 2P61 Women in the Ancient World
CLAS 2V50-2V59 Great Figures of the Ancient World
CLAS 2V52 2015-2016: Great Figures of the Ancient World: Julius Caesar
CLAS 3F31 Virtual Worlds and the Discipline of History
CLAS 3F75 Archaeological Practicum in Mediterranean Lands
CLAS 3M20-3M29 Study in Mediterranean Lands
CLAS 3M24 2015-2016 Study Tour to Turkey
CLAS 3P03 History of Early Greece
CLAS 3P04 History of Classical Greece
CLAS 3P05 History of the Roman Republic
CLAS 3P06 History of the Early Roman Empire
CLAS 3P11 Early Greek Literature
CLAS 3P12 Classical and Hellenistic Greek Literature
CLAS 3P13 Literature of the Roman Republic
CLAS 3P14 Literature of the Roman Empire
CLAS 3P22 Art and Architecture of the Roman Republic and Early Empire
CLAS 3P23 Art and Architecture of the Roman Empire
CLAS 3P24 Art and Architecture of Early Greece
CLAS 3P25 Art and Architecture of Classical Greece and the Hellenistic World
CLAS 3P31 The Art and Archaeology of Pompeii
CLAS 3P32 Pirates, Traders and Sailors in the Ancient Mediterranean
CLAS 3P60 Ancient Judaisms and Judaic Societies: From Cyrus to Mohammed
CLAS 3P61 Gender and Society in Ancient Mediterranean Cultures
CLAS 3P62 The Ancient Household
CLAS 3V30-3V39 Survey Topics in Mediterranean Art and Archaeology
CLAS 4P28 Archaeological Ethics
CLAS 4P31 Art and Archaeology of Etruscan Italy
CLAS 4P34 Aegean Bronze Age
CLAS 4P55 The Later Roman Empire
CLAS 4P68 Augustus and the Roman Revolution
CLAS 4V20-4V29 Special Topics in Archaeology
CLAS 4V30-4V39 Special Topics in Mediterranean Art and Architecture
CLAS 4V50-4V69 Special Subjects in Classics
CLAS 4V68 2015-2016: Children and Childhood in the Ancient Mediterranean World
CLAS 4V80 2015-2016: Advanced Archaeological Fieldwork in Greece
CLAS 4V80-4V89 Advanced Archaeological Fieldwork and Directed Research
CLAS 4V83 2015-2016: Advanced Archaeological Fieldwork in Turkey
CLAS 4V85 2015-2016: Advanced Archaeological Fieldwork in Italy
CLAS 4V90-4V99 Advanced Study and Directed Research
COMM 1F90 Introduction to Communication and Media Studies
COMM 1P96 Professional Communication
COMM 1P97 Introduction to Communication in Business
COMM 2F00 New Media Literacy
COMM 2F50 Communication Theory
COMM 2P14 Technical Writing
COMM 2P15 Research Methods in Communication and Culture
COMM 2P16 Communication for Organizations
COMM 2P18 Reporting and News Writing for Mass Media
COMM 2P20 Theories of Popular Culture
COMM 2P21 Canadian Popular Culture
COMM 2P22 Media and Sport
COMM 2P26 The Information Society
COMM 2P51 Language and Communication
COMM 2P52 Nonverbal Communication
COMM 2P54 Documentary Film
COMM 2P55 Interpersonal Communication
COMM 2P56 Canadian Cinema
COMM 2P63 Communication Design
COMM 2P65 Organizational Culture
COMM 2P70 Popular Music and Society
COMM 2P90 Computer-Mediated Communication
COMM 2P91 Social Media: Reading and Writing in New Spaces
COMM 2P93 Popular Narrative
COMM 2P94 Popular Cinema
COMM 2P98 Media Industries
COMM 2Q98 Introduction to Canadian Public Administration
COMM 3F28 Basic Production: Video
COMM 3P01 Directed Reading
COMM 3P03 Advanced Studies in Popular Narrative
COMM 3P15 Media Analysis
COMM 3P17 Politics and the Mass Media in Canada
COMM 3P18 Audience Studies
COMM 3P19 Communication and Media Policy
COMM 3P20 Television Studies
COMM 3P21 Canadian Television
COMM 3P26 Social and Cultural Aspects of Digital Gaming
COMM 3P33 Psychology of Intergroup Behaviour
COMM 3P51 Language and Public Communication
COMM 3P54 Issues in Documentary Film
COMM 3P55 Advertising in Context
COMM 3P56 Issues in Canadian Cinema
COMM 3P62 Public Relations and Integrated Marketing Communication
COMM 3P63 Digital Design and Communication
COMM 3P73 Popular Music and Youth Culture
COMM 3P75 Cultures of Consumption
COMM 3P80 Psychology of Interpersonal Behaviour
COMM 3P90 Advanced Topics in Digital Culture
COMM 3P91 Information Technology: Policies and Issues
COMM 3P92 Technology and Culture
COMM 3P93 Media and Minorities
COMM 3P94 Film Genre
COMM 3P96 Issues in Popular Culture
COMM 3P97 Gender and Cinema to the 1960s
COMM 3P98 Gender and Contemporary Cinema
COMM 3P99 Geography of Cultural Industries
COMM 3Q92 Food and Popular Culture
COMM 3Q93 Issues in International Communication
COMM 3Q94 Television Genres
COMM 3Q95 Issues in Intercultural Communication
COMM 3V50-3V59 Special Topics in Communication Studies
COMM 4F00 Internship in Communication, Popular Culture or Film
COMM 4F80 Directed Reading
COMM 4F99 Honours Thesis
COMM 4P00 Placement in Communication, Popular Culture or Film
COMM 4P01 Placement in Communication, Popular Culture or Film
COMM 4P03 Applied Studies in Popular Narrative
COMM 4P10 Language and Discourse: Theory and Practice
COMM 4P14 Advanced Research in Cultural Industries
COMM 4P17 Advanced Research in Communication and Media Policy
COMM 4P18 Media and the Natural Environment
COMM 4P23 Research on Media and Popular Culture
COMM 4P30 Theories of Mass Culture
COMM 4P31 Theories of the Visible
COMM 4P32 Comparative Mass Media
COMM 4P33 Gender and Communication
COMM 4P34 Taste and Cultural Politics
COMM 4P50 Ethnography of Communication
COMM 4P51 Language and Power
COMM 4P53 Interpersonal Dialogue
COMM 4P55 History of Advertising
COMM 4P59 Writing Cultural Criticism for the Media
COMM 4P60 Directed Project in Information Technology
COMM 4P61 Conventions of Screen Realism
COMM 4P70 Advanced Studies in Popular Music
COMM 4P73 Digital Cities
COMM 4P90 Advanced Research in Digital Culture
COMM 4P91 Directed Reading in Digital Culture
COMM 4V50 2015-2016: Cult Cinema and Fan Cultures
COMM 4V50-4V59 Contemporary Research in Communication Studies
COMM 4V51 2015-2016: Branding, Place and Identity
COMM 4V60-4V69 Historical Perspectives in Communication Studies
COMM 4V64 2015-2016: The Western Genre
COMM 4V70-4V79 Special Topics in International Communication
COSC 0N01 Co-op Work Placement I
COSC 0N02 Co-op Work Placement II
COSC 0N03 Co-op Work Placement III
COSC 0N04 Co-op Work Placement IV
COSC 0N05 Co-op Work Placement V
COSC 1P02 Introduction to Computer Science
COSC 1P03 Introduction to Data Structures
COSC 1P50 Integrity and Literacy in the Information Age
COSC 2C01 Co-op Reflective Learning and Integration I
COSC 2C02 Co-op Reflective Learning and Integration II
COSC 2C03 Co-op Reflective Learning and Integration III
COSC 2C04 Co-op Reflective Learning and Integration IV
COSC 2C05 Co-op Reflective Learning and Integration V
COSC 2N90 Internship
COSC 2P03 Advanced Data Structures
COSC 2P05 Programming Languages
COSC 2P12 Introduction to Computer Architecture
COSC 2P13 Computer Systems
COSC 2P89 Internet Technologies
COSC 2P95 Programming in C++ with Applications
COSC 2P96 Introduction to 3D Modelling and Animation
COSC 3P03 Algorithms
COSC 3P32 Introduction to Database Systems
COSC 3P50 Group Computing Project
COSC 3P71 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
COSC 3P91 Advanced Object-Oriented Programming
COSC 3P92 Computer Architecture
COSC 3P93 Parallel Computing
COSC 3P94 Introduction to Human Computer Interaction
COSC 3P95 Embedded Software
COSC 3P96 Discrete Event Simulation
COSC 3P97 Mobile Computing
COSC 3P98 Computer Graphics
COSC 3P99 Computing Project
COSC 3V90-3V99 Computing Topics I
COSC 4F00 Software Development
COSC 4F90 Computing Project
COSC 4P03 Advanced Algorithms
COSC 4P13 Operating Systems: Design and Implementation
COSC 4P14 Computer Networks
COSC 4P41 Functional Programming
COSC 4P42 Formal Methods in Software Engineering
COSC 4P61 Theory of Computation
COSC 4P75 Compiler Construction
COSC 4P76 Machine Learning
COSC 4P78 Robotics
COSC 4P80 Artificial Neural Networks
COSC 4P81 AI Programming
COSC 4P87 Foundations of Reasoning under Uncertainty
COSC 4P98 Topics in Computer Media and Digital Audio
COSC 4V80-4V99 Computing Topics II
CPCF 1F25 Media and Culture: Texts and Practices