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School Residential Trips

Registration Information

The fee for each camp include all meals, snacks, accommodation, program materials and equipment, instruction and a souvenir t-shirt. Additional rates for upgrade packages.

Registration Fee and Final Payment Information

A $10 non-refundable registration fee per-person is required to confirm the camp date that you have been offered by Youth University. This payment will be due 30 days after Youth University contacts you to offer you one of your selected camp dates.

Final payment, accommodation lists and signed health forms MUST be received in the Youth University office 20 buisness days in advance of your camp session date in order for us to meet obligations with our food service and accommodation providers. An administration penalty of $100 will apply if this deadline is not met as we will then face additional charges from our providers. It may be necessary to courier these documents if you feel that mailing times are unpredictable.

Bring 11 get one free!
Youth University offers each group 1 free adult* with the final payment of every 11 student participants.
*The free adult offer is based on a basic program fee. Any upgrade packages or accommodations will be charged extra.

Program Fees

Non-Refundable Registration Fee
Regular Base Price
Total Fees
Mini Camp
(1 night)
Three Day Camp
(2 nights)

Supervision Ratio
Youth University does not require a certain ratio of supervisors for your group. Supervisor ratios are dictated by the standards set by individual school boards. Many schools divide the cost of extra adults among each child’s fee. The cost* for additional supervisors is $150.

*This cost does not include any extra charges for upgrades to the basic package or accommodations.

Early Registration
We are pleased to offer an early registration date for clients who attended our camps the year previously. With this early registration, repeat clients are very likely to receive one of their top three choices of dates. Specific dates however, cannot be guaranteed from year to year.

Cancellation Policy

In order to keep our prices affordable to as many as possible, we have instituted the following cancellation policy and available insurance.

  • Cancellation 20 days prior to your arrival date for any guest will result in a 100% refund, less the $10 non-refundable registration fee.
  • No refund, however, will be provided for cancellation received less than 20 days prior to your arrival date or on the date of arrival. Note: All requests for refunds must be submitted in writing.
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