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Volunteer with YU

We offer Brock students a variety of volunteer roles in our Community Outreach programs

After School Program
As part of our Priority Neighbourhood Access Initiative, YU is currently running tutoring and after school programs for intermediate students in two elementary schools in the region.

Volunteer Role: After-school facilitators offer intermediate students assistance with in-class tutoring one-on-one or in small groups. Directly afterward, facilitators run an after school program for participants from these same classes. You will lead warm up activities focusing on teamwork and general life skills followed by longer hands-on activities from a variety of fields (arts, science, technology, social studies etc.). You will encourage each participant in discovering their skills, interests and passions and helping them to connect these with educational and career pathways as well as citizenship engagement. This is an amazing opportunity to be a consistent part of the lives of these students for a school year.

What you need:

  • You will need the afternoon/early evening of our program day free in your schedule. Having 1pm-7pm free of classes and other commitments is ideal to include tutoring support. However, if your schedule only allows for 2:30pm-7pm free for the after school program please contact us to see if there is an opportunity for this. This is a weekly commitment late Sept-April with consideration of University holidays and breaks.
  • Application for a police check will be required.
  • First Aid is an asset.


Your Future Program
The Your Future program is starting out in area elementary schools with the goal of helping intermediate students to consider how their interests and passions can connect to educational and/or career pathways.

Volunteer Role: In teams of three, Your Future Facilitators will visit community elementary schools and lead intermediate students in an exploration of various educational and career pathways. You will lead the participants in a short hands-on activity related to your field of study and also share your story of the decisions and experiences which have led you to where you are. This is a fantastic opportunity to share your passion for your study and interests! Participants will rotate to each facilitator to hear about a range of possibilities. You will also work as part of a team to lead fun warm-up and wrap-up activities to start participants thinking about their own path.

Senior Volunteer Role: Your Future Senior Facilitators do a little extra planning work to make sure their team is organized and ready to run an outstanding program.

What you need:

  • You will need a morning (8am-12pm) or afternoon (12pm-4pm) free in your schedule. You would be contacted when a program books for the time slot you have committed for. This contact will occur well in advance of the date the program is to be run.
  • The amount of programs will be dependent on schools booking for your time availability. We hope to offer volunteers an opportunity to run 2-3 programs a month.
  • Application for a police check will be required.


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