Our Philosophy, Values and Mandate

Youth University

Our Philosophy, Values and Mandate

Our Philosophy
Youth University is a premier educational resource for pre-university aged Ontario youth dedicated to helping children meet their greatest potential—socially, emotionally, and academically.

  • Our programs are meaningful, engaging, active and fun.
  • We foster confidence through individual attention and a supportive, caring, and inclusive community.
  • We encourage a path of life-long learning by tapping into the natural curiosity of young people.
  • Our programs are backed by sound pedagogy and research.

Our Mandate
Youth Connection – We support young people’s natural desire to learn about themselves, their peers and the world around them. Our hands-on programs introduce pre-university aged youth to the world of higher education and encourage an early love of life-long-learning.

Community Service and Relations – We offer a wide variety of programs that connect the Niagara community, and indeed the youth of Ontario, with the resources of Brock University. We endeavor to provide high quality, safe, and professional programs that are accessible to all.

Brock Student Enrichment – We provide Brock University students with the opportunity to apply, and extend, their education. We train and mentor our student staff in experiential learning methodologies, group development, special needs, facilitation skills and learning styles, as well as safety and risk management.

Research and Education – As a leader in innovative enrichment programs for pre-university aged youth, we engage in research and theory development surrounding holistic approaches to learning for example: youth engagement, sense of community, group development and experiential education. We believe in evidence-based practice and regularly conduct research and evaluations of our programs. Our research and theory is regularly published in journals, textbooks and presented at conferences.


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