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How YU can enrich your education experience at Brock

  • Annually we employ over 60 students and pay out over $120,000 in student salaries.
  • It is part of our mandate to invest heavily in student training and we purposefully spend a great deal of time with each student staff on training and one on one development.
  • On average students are provided with an average of 9600 hours of hands-on teaching experience. Each student receives approximately 50 hours of training in topics such as risk management, special needs, learning styles, and classroom management. We also provide our climbing staff with technical training on our low and high ropes course and our climbing wall. Our science staff receive safety in the science labs training. It is required that all program delivery staff be trained in standard first aid and CPR.
  • Portfolios are quickly becoming the norm for interviews for working with children. Long term student staff will receive the foundation for creating a professional portfolio of their own upon completion of their contract. We also provide information on how to use the portfolio in the interview process and how to continue to build the portfolio as students continue to learn and grow towards their career in working with children.
Steph and Ashley

“Youth University offers an experience like no other on campus. Working for Youth University not only provided me with a job but an opportunity to explore new challenges and develop professional goals.”

Andrew Howitt,
4th year Biotechnology Student,
Leadership Instructor


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