2005-2006 Graduate Calendar

Life at Brock  
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1.  Graduate Students' Association
  MacKenzie Chown D Block, 3rd Floor
All registered graduate students are members of the Graduate Student's Association. The Graduate Students' Association (GSA) represents the interest of all graduate students. The purpose of the association is to promote the interests of graduate students in academic and social matters, to facilitate interaction among graduate students from the participating graduate programs and to enhance the profile of graduate students internal and external to the University community. All graduate students are automatically members of the GSA and are charged a membership fee at registration. The GSA welcomes the interest and participation of all graduate students.
In addition to sponsoring various activities, the association provides funds for the Ralph Morris Graduate Student Award, donates funds to the graduate departments for travel and conference expenses.
The GSA administers the graduate student's Comprehensive Health & Drug Plan, the Universal Bus Pass, the GSA membership fees and the Canadian Federation of Students Membership.
2.  Office of the Ombudsman for Students
  There may be occasions which cause students to feel that they are victims of unfair treatment. For guidance in both academic and personal matters, students can contact the Ombudsman.
For assistance in getting through red tape, injustice, conflict and harassment, although not lawyers, the office of the Ombudsman for Students has access to expert legal advice, if necessary. It is important that all students become familiar with their academic rights and responsibilities. Read the regulations found later in this calendar. The Office of the Ombudsman is located in the Alumni Students' Centre.
3.  The Alumni Students' Centre
  This is the twelfth year of operation for the Alumni Students' Centre. This building is a milestone on Brock's history as it is funded and operated solely by students. Some of the services found in the Students' Centre are: the BUSU offices, Isaac's Bar and Grill, Sophie's Variety store, the Central Advertising Bureau, the Brock Press, the BOC Lounge, the Health Plan Office, Pick up/Drop off Pharmacy Service, PBB Travel Agency, Brock Foot Patrol, Office of the Ombudsman for Students and a photocopy service.
4.  Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG Brock)
  OPIRG is a student-directed and funded organization that provides an outlet for Brock students to actively work on a variety of environmental, social injustice and health issues. Through research, education and action, students will gain insight into the interrelationships between different social issues, while improving their skills and providing valuable information in the community.
All students are invited to participate in the activities of OPIRG. Students who do not wish to support the work of OPIRG are encouraged to get a refund of their student fees from the OPIRG office, located in Room 306 of the Students' Centre.
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Director Dr. Lorne J. Adams Walker Complex 213 Administrative Assistants Marilou Iusi, Sandie Huffman 905-688-5550, extension 4398 Walker Complex 213C http://www.brocku.ca/athletics Brock University's Department of Athletics provides students with the opportunity to take part in athletics both as participants and fans. Interuniversity activities are available to all students and cater to those interested in the pursuit of excellence. Each year approximately 560 student-athletes compete on Badger teams. Weekly training and competition provide student-athletes some of the best competitive opportunities in Canada. It is the mission of the Department to enrich the overall student life experience by providing quality sport programs and leadership in the pursuit of athletic excellence. Interuniversity sport is an experience of a lifetime. Not only will student-athletes earn a degree but they will also develop athletic and life skills that will last forever.  
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Director Karen McAllister-Kenny Walker Complex 214A Administrative Assistants Georgann Watson, Sandra Boone 905-688-5550, extension 3018 http://www.brocku.ca/recserve  
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Brock University boasts some of the best facilities in the province for student recreational and athletic use. Facilities available include a 50 m, 8 lane Olympic sized swimming pool which includes a whirlpool, dive tower, hydraulic floor and tarzan ropes; the Zone (fitness centre), 3 gymnasia (11,000 sq. ft., 12,000 sq. ft. and 22,000 sq. ft), a 200 m indoor run/walk track, squash, racquetball and tennis courts, dry saunas, an indoor rowing centre and multiple outdoor fields.  
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Brock University students, through fees paid with tuition, have access to use the pool, courts, gyms, field and track by showing your student ID prior to each use. The Zone, or the weight area in the rowing centre, requires the purchase of a membership.  
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Competitive intramural programs are offered in many sports, including slowpitch, flag football, indoor and outdoor soccer, ice and ball hockey, broomball, volleyball, basketball, innertube waterpolo and more. Join over 5000 students who take part in these activities each year.  
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If you want to be introduced to a new activity or want to improve existing skills, join one of the instructional programs. Non-credit courses are offered in many forms of dance, fitness, racquets, personal training, fencing and swimming. Over 40 difference fitness and spinning classes are offered. Certification programs including First Aid, Fitness Leadership, Personal Training, Sports Injury Prevention and Care, National Coaching Certification, Aquatic Leadership programs are available.  
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Recreation Services hires over 350 students each year. Check the website for information.  
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Supervisor Al Ross 905-688-5550, extension 4309 DeCew Residence, R227 http://www.brocku.ca/parking At a busy university the demand for parking facilities is great, and Brock is no exception. There are plenty of parking options available at the University. For a detailed list of options, please visit our website at: http://www.brocku.ca/parking  
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Director, Bookstore Operations Trudy Lockyer 905-688-5550, extension 3237 Thistle South 219 http://www.bookstore.brocku.ca The Book Store, conveniently located in the Thistle Corridor, is the primary source of required textbooks (new and used) and recommended reading materials. It also stocks a wide selection of academic and general books including dictionaries, study and essay writing guides. A special order service is available at any time. The Book Store also stocks stationery, cards, magazines, clothing and memorabilia, computer hardware, software and computing supplies. Help is readily available, on request, for persons with special needs. Book Store hours: September to June: Monday - Thursday 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Friday 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; July and August: Monday - Friday 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  
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Director Christine Jones 905-688-5550, extension 4320 Administrative Assistant Vera Terpak 905-688-5550, extension 3816 THe 265 http://www.brocku.ca/extrel/alumni With your graduation comes a new relationship with the University. You will have joined the more than 50,000 graduates of Brock University. Full membership privileges (including special membership prices at the Walker Complex, the Brock Centre for the Arts and the James A. Gibson Library) are available to anyone who holds a degree or certificate from the University. As part of a worldwide network, there are many ways to keep in touch with the University and your fellow graduates. You will want to register with http://www.brockpeople.ca, your on-line connection to other Brock graduates. This community of graduates includes a complete listing of all graduates searchable by name, by faculty, by department or by class. You can use this feature to discover who has already joined the community, to find out where your friends are and what they are doing. You can also update your contact information, post news about yourself, and send messages to fellow graduates. You can also take advantage of many special offers exclusive to Brock graduates. Brockpeople.ca also features a discussion forum where you can exchange ideas, discuss issues, or engage in conversations with other grads. It's easy to join using your student identification number (your login) and your birth date (your password yymmdd). If your mailing address is current (through Brockpeople.ca), you will also receive the Surgité magazine, published four times a year. Also, Brock's TeleGrad students contact graduates annually to provide an update on what is happening at Brock and to invite support for the University's greatest needs, capital appeals or surveys. All Brock students are the beneficiaries of the support from Brock's graduates. The Office of University Advancement is your main contact for alumni programs and services. University Advancement arranges Homecoming (Brock Days) and other graduate reunions, affinity programs, networks of graduates across Canada and internationally, student alumni initiatives and volunteer opportunities. University Advancement also works closely with the volunteer members of the Brock University Alumni Association, representing the collective interests of Brock's graduates.  
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Director Sarah Nadalin 905-688-5550, extension 4689 Administrative Assistant Roseann Conte 905-688-5550, extension 3590 Office of University Advancement Thistle East 265 http://www.brocku.ca/extrel/develop The aim of the Office of External Relations - Development is to create and maintain programs that will attract maximum private sector support to advance the objectives of Brock University. The OER is responsible for the co-ordination of all fund-raising activities at Brock. Gifts can be made to one of three charitable organizations that have been created to serve the needs of Brock University - Brock University (a registered charity), The Brock University Foundation (a Crown foundation), and the Friends of Brock University Inc. (a foundation established to facilitate receiving charitable gifts from U.S. citizens). Outright gifts of cash either pledged over time or as a one-time donation, gifts-in-kind such as scientific or office equipment, departmental and library books and journals, and financial support for student awards, are some of the many ways donors support the work of Brock University. The OER also maintains a list of those companies that will match your donation. Planned giving adds to the variety of ways individuals can contribute to the University and makes involvement possible for those donors who may not be able to commit a gift from discretionary income but who sincerely want to lend their support in some way. When considering an estate plan or a planned gift, we encourage you to consult with your own professional advisers - your lawyer, your accountant, your financial planner and your insurance agent - who can help you, make the right, planned giving choices. Your donation to Brock University is eligible for a charitable receipt for income tax purposes. It is also important that you are recognized for your contributions. The University's Donor Recognition Policy ensures your support will be suitably acknowledged with appreciation. In these times of diminished tax based support, the contributions of individuals and organizations have never been more necessary. Donations large and small will make a great difference to the long-term stability of Brock. Our donors help us to improve our programs and facilities and greatly assist our ability to continue to attract and retain deserving students and excellent faculty and staff.  
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