Dr. Anthony Volk - is the head of the Volk Parenting Lab. Dr. Volk is currently an assistant professor in the Child and Youth Studies Department at Brock University.

Ann Farrell is a Masters student in the lab interested in studying bullying.

Victoria Della Cioppa is a Masters student in the lab interested in bullying and individual factors.

Kristina Nicolaides is an Honours student in the lab studying the link between bullying and gender identity amongst adolescent athletes.

Jennifer Jackson is an Honours student in the lab.

Heather Yates is a former Honours student who is currently working as a research assistant on one of the lab's bullying projects.

Carolynn Darrell-Cheng is a former Masters student who is currently finishing writing up the results of her thesis with Zopito and I as she awaits the arrival of a very special new child "participant". ;)


Jeremy Atkinson - Jeremy is a graduate student at SUNY Albany who is currently working with me on a study of how infant mortality rates influenced human psychological evolution.

Dr. Angela Book - Dr. Book studies the adaptive and personality aspects of psycopathy at Brock University.

Dr. Wendy Craig - Dr. Craig leads the Queen's University Bullying Lab. Dr. Craig collaborates with research on adolescents and parenting, and is a co-founder of PREVNet.

Dr. Andrew Dane - Dr. Dane is a clinical psychologist at Brock University, who is interested in developing interventions for children who are bullies and or victims. Along with Dr. Marini, Dr. Dane is spearheading the application of specific parental strategies based on adolescent temperament.

Dr. Mark Flinn - Dr. Flinn was the one who invited me to conduct research in Dominica. An anthropologist at the University of Missouri-Columbia, Dr. Flinn is an expert on social relationships, child development, and stress hormones.

Dr. Zopito Marini - Dr. Marini is a cognitive developmental psychologist who studies who children think. Much of his current research focuses on how bullies cognitively justify their behaviors, and how we can change those maladaptive thought patterns.

Dr. Vernon Quinsey - Dr. Quinsey leads a forensic and evolutionary psychology lab at Queen's University in the Department of Psychology (for which he is also the Chair). Dr. Quinsey is a collaborator on many of the Infant Faces and Virtual Infant research projects.

Dr. Tracy Vaillancourt - Dr. Vaillancourt, a Canada Research Chair in the Department of Education at the University of Ottawa works with Dr. Marini and myself on a study of sports and bullying based on her MAC-CURA research.

Dr. Dawn Zinga - Dr. Zinga is a fellow member of the CHYS department here at Brock. Along with Michelle Bomberry, Dawn is one of the principal organizers of the Six Nations Student Success Consortium, to which I belong. Dr. Zinga studies and teaches aboriginal school and family issues.


I am currently interested in taking on Child and Youth Master's, and Honour's students to work in my lab. I may also consider Ph.D., Master's, and Honour's students in Psychology. If you'd like to discuss the possibility of working in my lab, please visit this page.

Created November 2010