Evolution @ Brock

This is a work in progress, but what I hope to lay out on this page are the exciting research projects involving evolution and human behavior here at Brock. What follows is a list of researchers who are either currently involved in evolutionary research, or who are interested in evolutionary research. I hope that this gives both interested web surfers as well as potential students an idea of some of the great work that's being done here at Brock. I don't presume to speak for any of these individuals, so I'm going to encourage you to contact them if you have questions about their topic and/or their research.

Dr. Michael Ashton - Dr. Ashton is currently the chair of the department of psychology. Dr. Ashton studies the adaptive nature of human personality, and has co-developed a new personality measure, the HEXACO, that reflects his evolutionary perspective.

Dr. Tony Bogaert - Dr. Bogaert is currently the chair of the department of community health sciences. Dr. Bogaert studies patterns of human sexuality, including sexual orientation, pornography, risky sexual behavior, and sexual offending.

Dr. Angela Book - Dr. Book studies the adaptive and personality aspects of psycopathy at Brock University. She is currently examining the concept of psychopathy and its theoretical validity.

Dr. Andrew Dane - Dr. Dane is a clinical psychologist at Brock University, who is interested in developing interventions for children who are bullies and or victims. Along with Dr. Marini, Dr. Dane is spearheading the application of specific parental strategies based on adolescent temperament.

Dr. Zopito Marini - Dr. Marini is a cognitive developmental psychologist who studies who children think. Much of his current research focuses on how bullies cognitively justify their behaviors, and how we can change those maladaptive thought patterns.

Dr. Miriam Richards - Dr. Richards is a biologist who is interested in the evolutionary origins of social behavior. While much of her work is on social behavior amongst insects, Dr. Richards maintains a strong interest in human evolutionary questions.