Internal Quality Assurance Overview

Internal Quality Assurance Overview

The Quality Council

The review of existing academic programs, and the introduction of new programs, is a self-regulatory process conforming to the principles of the the Quality Assurance Framework developed by COU, and is subject to periodic audit by the Ontario Universities Council on Quality Assurance (the Quality Council).


Brock's Internal Quality Assurance Processes (IQAP) will apply to the consideration of all graduate and undergraduate academic programs, including any offered jointly or in collaboration with other institutions.  All diplomas and certificates that include credit courses, including graduate diploma programs, are covered by this policy.  The IQAP is subject to approval by the Quality Council when it is initiated and, thereafter, when it is revised.

Cy Cyclical Reviews

Programs in the University are subject to an academic review on a periodic basis such that all will be reviewed over a period of eight years. The process is scheduled in such a way as to review the academic unit responsible for a program (or group of programs) concurrently with the program review. Beginning in 2011-12, where applicable, graduate and undergraduate programs will be reviewed concurrently.

Se Senate Authority

As Brock University's chief academic decision-making body, the Senate is responsible for determining the educational policy of the institution and for maintaining high academic and program standards, and it has a major role in ensuring that resources are sufficient for both current and new initiatives (see The Brock University Act, Article 13, i and j). A continuing process of academic review is critical to the discharge of these responsibilities.  In this context, the University's academic review policy is subject to the authority of Senate through its Academic Review Committee (ARC).

3.     Senate Academic Review Committee (ARC)

The ARC is a special committee of Senate responsible for the coordination, monitoring and implementation of all aspects of the Internal Quality Assurance Process (IQAP).  The ARC is directly accountable and responsible to Senate through the Provost and Vice-President, Academic, an ex officio member of Senate. Regular reports will be presented to Senate through the Provost and Vice-President, Academic with updates and/or recommendations for the consideration of Senate. 

4.    Office of Provost and Vice-President, Academic/Dean of the Faculty

Responsibility for the conduct of academic reviews and the evaluation of new academic programs lies with the Provost and Vice-President, Academic and the Provost shall be the "authoritative contact" between Brock University and the Quality Council. 

5.     Coordinator, Academic Reviews and Planning

As part of the Office of the Provost and Vice-President, Academic, the Coordinator of Academic Reviews and Planning is responsible for coordination of institutional support for academic reviews and surveys.