FAR Implementation Reports

FAR Implementation Reports


Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

  • Health Sciences (ug) (Formerly CHSC-Community Health Sciences):  1-Year, 2-Year, 3-Year
  • Kinesiology (ug):  1-Year, 2-Year
  • Grad Programs in Applied Health Sciences:  1-Year

Faculty of Humanities

  • Classics (ug):  1-Year, 2-Year,  3-Year
  • Classics (g):  1-Year, 2-Year
  • English Language and Literature (ug):  1-Year,  2-Year, 3 Year
  • Philosophy (ug):  1-Year,  2-Year
  • Canadian Studies (ug):  1-Year, 2-Year
  • BA General Humanities (Formerly General Studies):  1-Year, 2-Year
  • Studies in Comparative Literatures and Arts (g): 1-Year
  • Applied Linguistics (int): 1-Year
  • History (int):  1-Year
  • Interactive Arts and Science (ug):  1-Year

Faculty of Mathematics and Science

  • Computer Science (ug):  1-Year, 2-Year
  • Mathematics & Statistics (ug):  1-Year, 2-Year
  • Biotechnology (int):  1-Year, 2-Year
  • Earth Sciences (int):  1-Year, 2-Year
  • BA Science (Formerly General Studies):  1-Year, 2-Year
  • Chemistry (ug):   1-Year
  • Oenology & Viticulture (ug):  1-Year
  • Biological Sciences (ug):  1-Year

Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Women's and Gender Studies (ug):  1-Year,  2-Year, 3-Year
  • Political Science (ug):  1-Year, 2-Year
  • Labour Studies (ug):  1-Year, 2-Year
  • Child and Youth Studies (ug):  1-Year, 2-Year
  • BA Social Sciences (Formerly General Studies):  1-Year, 2-Year
  • Social Justice & Equity Studies (g):  1-Year
  • Geography (int):  1-Year
  • Tourism Management (ug)-(Formerly Tourism & Environment): 1-Year

 Legend:  ug = undergraduate, g = graduate, int = undergrad and grad together