The following is a description of the different Brock United Way campaign committees. Many need new members. If you're interested, contact Kevin Lawr at klawr@brocku.ca

 Annual Campaign Executive Committee:

This committee sets the direction of our annual campaign. It is usually co-chaired by at least one staff member and one faculty member.

The responsibilities of the executive committee include:

  • annual strategic plan for the campaign
  • setting campaign targets
  • setting schedule of events
  • striking sub-committees
  • execution of the campaign

We are looking to add several new members to this committee to increase our capacity. Over the past few years, we have focused on improving our succession planning by increasing to two staff co-chairs and two faculty co-chairs on alternating two year terms.

The executive committee meets monthly throughout the year. Members are generally also part of at least one sub-committee. In addition, members are encouraged to participate in the campaign events where possible.


Committee Co-Chairs (Faculty and Staff):

The committee co-chairs are responsible to:

  • arrange and conduct regular meetings, including setting the agenda, taking and distributing minutes
  • oversee the set up and functioning of sub-committees
  • serve as point of contact between Brock and the United Way (UW), including regular communication with the UW representative and sharing communication from the UW with the committee and Brock community
  • act as the ‘faces’ of Brock’s UW campaign by attending all UW events, speaking as required, being in photos as required, providing messages for marketing materials associated with our campaign
  • be a point of contact with senior administration regarding Brock’s UW campaign
  • lead volunteer recruitment and succession planning efforts to ensure continuation and continuity of the committee



Generally, sub-committees meet monthly throughout the year. However, additional meetings may be required leading up to and during the campaign period.

Currently, our sub-committees are made up of members of the executive committee, but we are also looking for volunteers who may just wish to participate on one sub-committee, or in a specific capacity (ie. canvasser, event volunteer, speaker).

  1. Events Committee: This is one of the most active sub-committees and is responsible for the planning and execution of the key events during our annual campaign. Typical annual events include:
    • Kick Off Souper Star Luncheon
    • Trivia Night
    • Halloween Decorating Contest
    • Food Drive
    • Wrap Up
    This committee is always in need of additional members to participate in planning and running events. We are also open to folks who wish to just volunteer at any particular event.
  2. Canvassing Committee: This committee recruits, trains and recognizes canvassers for our campaign, as well as co-ordinates the canvassing materials with the UW. This committee needs more members, and we are also always looking for people to volunteer as canvassers for their department and/or area.
  3. Incentive Prizes Committee: This committee solicits incentive prizes from donors on and off campus, and then for the selection and presentation of incentive prizes during the campaign. This committee needs more members.
  4. Presentations Committee: This committee organizes the delivery of presentations about the UW to groups and departments on campus throughout the year. This committee needs more members. We also need volunteers to deliver presentations about the United Way as part of our Speakers Bureau.
  5. Marketing and Communications Committee: This committee markets all aspects of our annual campaign, via newsletters, Brock News, portal, website, posters, etc.
  6. Building Friends/Leaders and Faculty Base Committee: This committee sets strategy around how to increase the number of folks who donate at the “Friend” ($500 or more) or “Leader” ($1,000 or more) category, as well as around how to increase the number of faculty who participate and/or donate in our annual campaign. Over the past two years, this committee has co-ordinated an annual recognition event for the current “Friends” and “Leaders”. This committee needs more members and is particularly seeking interested faculty members.


Leadership Champion:

A "leader" is a person who donates $1,000 or more to United Way.

As the Leadership Champion, you will have four primary tasks:

  1. Be available to speak about leadership to faculty and staff
  2. Help promote the Leadership Match
  3. Help attract and solicit leadership donors (those not currently giving, and those who currently give but may have the capacity to give at the leadership level) i.e. sign letters to individual leadership prospects
  4. Thank yous: an important component of our campaign is to thank donors who support us. As the Leadership Champion, you may be called on to sign thank you letters or make thank you calls.  


volunteer boxing canned food


United Way campaign wrap-up and celebration event
December 9, 2015 - 9:30am - 10:30am