The need for United Way

The need for United Way

United Way helps those who need it most. United Way brings people and resources together to strengthen and enhance quality of life for the people who are most vulnerable in our community.

Only through United Way can one gift support hundreds of essential local services.

1 in 3 people in Niagara will use a United Way funded program in their lifetime


Your gift to United Way will help with three priority areas:


1. Moving from Poverty to Possibility

i.e. Support for individuals and families dealing with poverty and homelessness.
i.e. Basic needs such as food, shelter and employment and assistance for people accessing services:

  • 168 low-income families received assistance through United Way-funded programs to avoid disconnection of utilities.
  • United Way was able to support programs that helped nearly 27,000 people received immediate food provisions.
  • 224 adults improved their literacy skills through United Way-funded programs.


2. All That Kids Can Be

  • Thanks to the support of United Way, 600 homeless and at-risk youth received one-on-one crisis and short-term housing support.
  • United Way-funded programs served 14,847 snacks to youth living in stressed neighbourhoods.
  • Through United Way’s After School Matters program, 1,229 youth accessed free after-school drop-in recreational and educational programs last year.


3. Empowering People & Communities

i.e. Opportunities for people with mental and physical disabilities:

  • 529 adults with developmental disabilities volunteered, worked and learned new skills last year.
  • More than 1,900 individuals received transportation to medical appointments, counseling or day programs in 2012.

i.e. Support for victims of violence/abuse and families in crisis

  • 13,104 distress calls were answered through programs funded by United Way.

 For a list of all of the local agencies that United Way of St. Catharines & District support, visit the United Way website.

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