Matching programs

Matching programs

Your donation can go even further

Thanks to two matching programs, you can double (or triple!) the impact of your gift to United Way

If you're making a first-time donation of any amount, it will be matched, dollar for dollar, by Wormald Masse Keen Lopinski LLP's New Donor Match.

Additionally, if you're making a first-time leadership donation of $1,000 or more, the Pharmasave Leadership Challenge will match your gift.

You can also combine the New Donor Match with the Leadership Challenge to make an even greater impact in your community.


New donor
$260 Your Gift (for example, $5 per week)
$260 New Donor Match
$520 Total Gift to United Way


New Leadership Donor
$1,000 Your Gift
$1,000 New Donor Match
$1,000 Leadership Challenge Match
$3,000 Total Gift to United Way



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