Incentive Prize Winners

Incentive Prize Winners

Each year, Brock's United Way campaign gives out incentive prizes to award faculty and staff who give to the United Way through payroll deducation. Here's a list of incentive prize winners for the 2009/10 campaign.

A big thanks to those who donated incentive prizes for the campaign. Donors include:

Suzanne Gabriel and Domenic Maniccia

Week #1 incentive prize winners: Suzanne Gabriel and Domenic Maniccia (absent: Ernesto Virguiti, Wanda Trottier, Debbie McCracken)

Lorraine Sciamonte, Sally Lewis

Week #2 incentive prize winners: Lorraine Sciamonte, Sally Lewis (absent: Carol Penner, Virginia Reh, Margaret Grove)

Lisa Wilson, Donna Moody, Jenny Chmielewski

Week #3 incentive prize winners: Lisa Wilson, Donna Moody and Jenny Chmielewski (absent: Jonathan Radue and Tony Yan)

kayne Wignall and Jill Macanuel

Week #4 incentive prize winners: Kayne Wignall and Jill Macanuel (absent: Tom Arkell, Barb Davis and Dianne Jansen)

Week #6 incentive prize winners: Pam Jacobs, Diane Dupont, Cyndie Leavitt, Karen Epp, David DiBattista, Mary Gamrat, John Sivell, Steven Renzetti


United Way flag and Schmon Tower


United Way campaign wrap-up and celebration event
December 9, 2015 - 9:30am - 10:30am