Souper Star Lunch & Campaign Kickoff

Souper Star Lunch & Campaign Kickoff

Souper Star Lunch for Brock's United Way Campaign!

We invite you to our Annual Campaign Kick-off! Each year the Souper Star Lunch is a favorite event among faculy and staff as you will join in a delious and fun way to raise funds for Brock's charity of choice! Tickets are just $10 and you will have the chance to sample and judge 6 homemade soups! 
October 6, 2015 at 12:00 in Guernsey Market
Check back soon for tickets.

Want last years winning recipe? You can find it here!

2014 Soup details were as follows:

  1. Chef Ron - Warm Vichyssoise ( Leek & Potato) soup with red pepper oil and a cheese straw
  2. Chef Jim - Chicken Wing Soup
  3. Chef Roger - VEGAN - Autumn Harvest Vegetable
  4. Chef John - Mulligatawny
  5. Chef Perry - Spanish Lentil Chorizo Sausage
  6. Chef Tara - VEGETARIAN - Pumpkin & Black Bean soup

Check out photos from previous Souper Star Lunches:

Download Souper Star event poster