Port Weller West Bird Migration Study
J.E. Black

2013 data

2014 data

2015 data

Port Weller West Bird Migration Study - May 2013 - Main Report


Tables - 2013

Table 1 - All PWW Data 2013

Table 2 - A Comparison of 2013 and 1993-1997 Results for All Species

Figure 2 - A Comparison of 2013 and 1993-1997 Results for All Species

Table 3 - Resident Species 2013

Table 4 - Non-resident Species 2013

Table 4a Non-resident Species Means and Medians 2013

Table 5 - Species with totals in 2013 outside the 1993-1997 range of totals

Table 6 - House Finches Port Weller West 1993-1997

Table 7 - A Comparison of 2013 and 1993-1997 Results for Warblers

Figure 7 - A Comparison of 2013 and 1993-1997 means for warblers

Appendices - 2013

Appendix 1 - Protocols

Appendix 2 - Port Weller Checklist

Appendix 3 - Port Weller Data Entry Form

Appendix 4 - Site description

Appendix 5 1993 data summary
Table A5.1 1993-1997 WEST TOTALS

Appendix 6 - PW Notes by day

Appendix 7 Malcomson Woods 2013
Table A7.1 Malcomson 2013 Raw Data
Table A7.2 PWW and Malcomson 2013 Vireos and Warblers

Appendix 8 Port Weller East 2013
Table A8.1 PWE 2013 Data
Table A8.2 PWE 1993 All Data
Table A8.3 PWE and PWW 2013

Appendix 9: Black Swallow

Appendix 10 Anova Warbler Analysis

Table A10.1 ANOVA_Within Subjects Effects

Table A10.2 Factor Estimates & Confidence Intervals

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Port Weller West Bird Migration Study - May 2014 - Main Report

Tables - 2014

Master Table 2014 (all 2014 tables consolidated)

Table A7.1 - 2014 Malcolmson Raw Data

Appendices - 2014

Appendix 4 - 2014 Site Description

Appendix 6 - 2014  Notes by day

Appendix 7 - 2014 Malcomson 2014

Appendix 7.3 - 2014 Malcomson daily reports

Appendix 9 - 2014 Black Swallow 2014

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Port Weller West Bird Migration Study - May 2015 - Main Report

Tables - 2015

Table 0 - 2015 Totals 2013-2015 and 1993-1997

Table 1 - 2015 All Port Weller West data 2015

Appendices - 2015

Appendix 6 - 2015 Port Weller Daily Reports

Appendix 7.1 - 2015 Malcomson Raw Data

Appendix 7.1a - 2015 Malcomson and Port Weller West comparison

Appendix 7.3-2015 Malcomson Daily reports

Apppendix 7.4 - 2015 - A Trip Through Malcomson Eco-Park

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 Niagara BIRDS

Niagara BIRDS 
is now SOLD OUT.

Thank you to everyone who 
helped to make it such a success.

Copies of Niagara Birds
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Brock University

Niagara College

and public libraries everywhere.

Web page prepared by David T. Brown
Department of Tourism Management
(formerly Tourism and Environment)

Brock University
Established 12 December 2007
Last updated 28 July 2015

Introducing NIAGARA BIRDS JOHN E. BLACK and KAYO J. ROY A void of nearly forty years has existed where no published records are available in a single volume on the birdlife of Niagara. The authors feel that a new updated book is long overdue. Niagara area avifauna have been well documented up to the year 1970 with the publication of The Birdlife of Canada’s Niagara Frontier (R. W. Sheppard, 1970) and Birds of the Niagara Frontier Region (Beardslee and Mitchell, 1965). Since the above publications were produced, a void of nearly forty years has existed where no published records are available in a single volume on the birdlife of Niagara. The authors feel that a new updated book is long overdue. This 600 plus page book is intended for anyone with an interest in Niagara’s varied avifauna. Documented here are complete accounts of the 373 species of birds that have occurred in Regional Niagara during the forty-one year period 1966 to 2006. Full data on the relative abundance, breeding evidence, and early and late dates of birds in the Region are compiled here in each of the four seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter. Fully documented as well are the details of the numerous extremely rare stragglers to Niagara that have made their way into the Region over the many years that records have been kept. Added to all of the above are numerous articles highlighting other avian activity that has taken place in Niagara. Highly qualified, prominent members of Ontario’s birding community write these articles. Included as well are exceptional colour photographs and high quality black and white drawings of birds observed in the Region. Cover Illustration: Ross’s Gull Donated by David Beadle Expected publication date: mid-September 2010 Northern Sawwhet Owl photo: Raymond Barlow Niagara Birds by Season All Seasons Partridge, Grouse, Turkey and Quail in Niagara The Owl Foundation and West Nile Virus in Niagara Vineyard Bird Damage in Niagara Starlings and Ice Wine Birds and Vineyards Birding in the Niagara Region Hotspots and Day Trips Spring Hawk Migration in Niagara Radar Monitoring of Migrants over Niagara Ground Monitoring of Migrants at Port Weller April and May BOS Counts in Niagara Summer Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas, A Niagara Comparison: 1981-1985 vs 2001-2005 Colonial Nesting Waterbirds in the Niagara Region Bluebirds in Niagara Peregrine Falcon Hacking in Niagara, 1986-1987 and the Legacy Fall Shorebird Migration in Niagara October BOS Count in Niagara Hurricane Fran Strikes Niagara, September 1996 Fall Migration of Loons in Niagara Winter Niagara’s Dazzling Gull Spectacle Waterfowl in Niagara Christmas Bird Counts in Niagara CONTRIBUTORS TO NIAGARA BIRDS Kenneth F. Abraham John E. Black David T. Brown Michael D. Cadman Drew J. Campbell Bradley F. Clements Allen T. Chartier Robert Curry Robert L. DeLeon Michael Hamilton Mary Ellen Hebb Marcie L. Jacklin Richard W. Knapton Daniel R. Kozlovic Harry G. Lumsden Kay McKeever John Middleton Michael M. Morgante Ralph D. Morris Mark K. Peck Brian D. Ratcliff Kayo J. Roy Christopher M. Somers John R. Stevens Maggie A. Smiley Katherine J. Stoltz Paul W. Summerskill D. V. ‘Chip’ Weseloh Anne R. Yagi Donald J. P. Ziraldo THE AUTHORS John Black John is an avid bird watcher who arrived in the Niagara Region in 1966 to teach Physics at Brock University. In 1993 he began research on the migration of birds on weather radar and on the nocturnal calls of migrating birds. Results of these studies have been published in Birders Journal and The Auk. One of his present ambitions is to see all the families of birds in the world. He has served as councillor and webmaster for the Association of Field Ornithologists, Regional Coordinator for Niagara for the second Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas, member of the board of the Peninsula Field Naturalists, and he is currently president of the Ontario Field Ornithologists. Kayo Roy After moving from Toronto to Niagara in 1976, Kayo became seriously interested in birds through his hobby of photography. While his business as a retirement and pension consultant occupied most of his time, he managed to pursue this newfound passion for birds until it quickly began to consume all of his spare time. A former executive member of the Federation of Ontario Naturalists (now Ontario Nature), a past president of the Niagara Falls Nature Club, compiler of the Niagara Falls ON/NY Christmas Bird Count for the past 24 years, he served the birding community further as secretary of the Ontario Bird Records Committee.