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Student Leader Profiles

Christopher Giles

Communications - Business Communications, Year 4

I have spent the past two years working as a producer at BrockTV. I am not 
certain that I want to necessarily work in the television industry but the 
experience I have gained will be invaluable to my career path in the world of marketing and communications.

As an employee of student life and community experience I have had a chance to work alongside some great not for profit agencies and be involved making a positive difference in the Niagara community. This is something that I will definitely continue to do following graduation.

-Volunteer Mediator Project Rewind, John Howard Society Niagara
-Brock Cares day of service 2010
-Shinerama 2010

My left side is a computer.

Laura Broley

Mathematics and Science, Year 2

Over the past five years, I have discovered my passion for both design and teaching, which I hope to one day combine with my desire to hel children in their educational journey. Last year I worked as a personal tutor for a range of students, with whom I focused not only on math concepts, but also on those skills that are often not taught in school; I hope to continue such work in the future.
I am currently creating a program that focuses on helping students make a better transition from grade 8 to grade 9 math. As a project in one of my classes, it has inspired me to start thinking about how I could have a positive influence on children's education.
In high school, I obtained an overall 97% average, with an average of 99% in my final year. At Brock, I expect to have an average above 95% in my first year.
I am currently the Member at Large on the Brock Leaders Citizenship Society executive and have volunteered over 60  hours at various events throughout this year. In particular, I spearheaded the organization of a successful charity ball hockey tournament in memory of my grandmother thta raised $2876.00 for the Alzheimer Society of Niagara and we now hope it will take place annually.
I specifically enjoy volleyball, running and fitness of any kind! I was heavily involved in sports and specfically in media arts during my high school years; I hope to coach one day.
My left side is a picture of the main character in the program I am designing.


Sara-Lana Moore

Business Administration—Human Resource Management, Year 4

Outside of the classroom, my passion is to cycle. I am a spin instructor at the Zone. I love pushing myself and others to strive for the best.

Working on campus has really got me involved with the Brock University community, which I believe has helped shape my life. I am much more willing to get involved and help others due to the atmosphere here at Brock.

Academic Achievements: Deans List and Beta Gamma Sigma

Community Involvement: Currently the SMART Start team leader for the 2010 team and a Spinning instructor at the Zone.

Skills & Talent: Cycling, volleyball, badminton, running

My left side is a sunset and a cyclist because a sunset in my mind is the most beautiful thing to see—it's colourful and calm and cycling is just something I will always love.


Adam Boettger

Bachelor of Accounting (Co-Op Option), Year 3

While in the classroom, I am a calm, quiet and professional student striving to achieve the highest standard of academic performance in my program. However, outside of the classroom is a whole different story. While involved in the many extra-curricular activities I love being a part of, I am energetic, loud and excited individual striving to show the spirit of Brock to the student population and broader community. New students should be excited to demonstrate the energy and passion of Brock University to those who do not yet know about the amazing experience of being part of this University and through my leadership roles in clubs, I attempt to pas the Brock spirit that I have onto new and prospective members and students. After all, the most exciting things in life happen when we do something new, different and completely extraordinary.
While I was in high school, I was the only one in my year who was looking at accounting as a career choice. I was passionate and outspoken about m career, but I couldn't really share it with anyone. When I came to Brock, I was able to meet people with the same enthusiasm and passion that I had. Looking at them and having them look at me, I knew that choosing Brock University was the right choice for me and that here it is where I belonged.
My academic achievements: Brock Leaders Citizenship Society; Dean's Honours List; Queen Elizabeth II: Aiming for the Top Scholarship
Community Involvement: Brock Leaders Citizenship Society—Communications Officer; Brock Student Ambassador—Advancement Chair; Brock University Accounting Students' Association—VP of Human Resources; Brock Foot Patrol; Brock Career Exposition; Brock Health Fair; Rotary Club Mega TV Auction
Skills & Talent: Bowling, Badminton, Standard and Emergency First Aid (CPR-C)
My left side is a roller roaster because it represents the excitement and energy that you can only see if you're with me outside the classroom.


Jera Bortolussi

Business Administration Co-Op, Year 2

One of the best feelings I can have is hosting charity events. I was scared it would be difficult to do this in my first year, but I was able to host four! One was an awareness campaign, and the other two raised a combined total of approximately $6000. As well, I became a mentor through Big Brother Big Sisters.

Being acceptable as a Brock Citizenship Society Leader has been the greatest influence on me. Without it, I would not have been offered so many great experiences to get involved.

To date, I have maintained above an 80% average in my first year. As well, I tutor students on the side of my own studies.

I’ve hosted three charity events this year, with proceeds going towards Free the Children Haiti, and the Alzheimer’s Society of Niagara. I became a mentor through Big Brothers Big Sisters, and have participated in various charity events such as gift wrapping for Hospice
Niagara, Brock Bowls for Kids, soup kitchens, and blood donation. Looking into next year, I am Secretary of Free the Children Action Group, Communications Officer for Brock Leaders Citizenship Society, and Social Chair for Omega Sigma Chi Sorority. As well, I am on the executive planning committee for Brock Bowls for Kids, and I am hoping to sit on the bi-weekly BUSAC council meetings.

My passion is dance and performing. It is an exhilarating feeling to know you can capture in someone’s attention through movement. As well, I love playing volleyball and participated the co-ed intramural league at Brock this year.

My left side is a sun because whenever I do anything, I always want to shine by putting my best effort into everything.

Jessica Adams

Film, Year 4

Both inside and outside the classroom my passions always seem to guide me towards the role of a filmmaker and as an artist. In combination with my close studies of the Masters of Cinema I am always finding new ways to approach film. Whether I am physically making movies or daydreaming about them, I constantly try to push the boundaries of the imagination, wondering how far could I possibly take my audience into the world I have created and set before them. When time permits, I try to put these theories to test in my films, and from these experiences I learn every day something new and exciting about the art and craft of cinema.

I feel everything that I have learned during my time at Brock has influenced me greatly in the way I view film, however my most profound impression came for me after competing in Brock's 2010 24hr Film Festival. The competition it's self had little to do with it's influence in my life, however the chance to observe the many exciting and diverse talents of filmmakers like me, applying everything we've learned in our studies to something tangible, was an overwhelming experience. The amazing collective passion for film making each team had brought with them to the event reminds us all that we are a part of something wonderful, and in fact making the "stuff that dreams are made of". In turn, the encouraging responses I and my crew received following the screening of our film gave me a renewed faith in my abilities as a director. Still reaching for such a dauntingly competitive field and being given the chance to apply everything I've learned, I finally have began to feel that "Yes! I can do this!"

Academic Achievements: 1st place Winner of Brock's 2010 24hr Film Festival

Community Involvement: LipDub Documentary Director

Skills & Talent: Film making, traditional/modern art, writer

While my aim is ultimately to be an artist of the cinema, my inspirations come from my background of sketching, which over the years I've continued to use to help me formulate my vision. I often find I can see an extension of myself in the artwork I use to rediscover the visuals trapped in my head. The film camera is always in my mind, but the ideas begin for me on paper.

My left side is any one of my character sketches.

Justine Hunse
Business Communications, Minor in Environmental Studies, Year 4

My experiences thus far at Brock have encouraged me to pursue my passions outside of the classroom and beyond graduation. Through courses I have taken, I have developed a strong interest in environmental conservation and ecotourism. I feel that Brock has academically equipped me with appropriate critical and communication skills to pursue a career in the area of sustainable business (particularly in the tourism industry). I also love to travel and feel that we can benefit greatly from appreciating and integrating the perspectives of other cultures.

A Brock experience that helped shape my life: Earning the Niagara-on-the-Lake Vintage Inns Scholarship in 2009 was such an honour. It is personally and academically encouraging to be rewarded for your hard work, particularly by such an esteemed company in the Niagara region.

Academic Achievements:

Rogers Communications In-course Scholarship 2008
Niagara-on-the-Lake Vintage Inns Scholarship 2009
Deans List 2008, 2009, 2010

Community involvement:
Volunteer- Horse Alternative Therapeutic Services
Volunteer- Ball's Falls Conservation Area

My left side is a recycling symbol and a green globe.

Charles Adams

Film, Year 4

By engaging in film, I believe that I am effectively combining both sides of the brain through the powerful hybrid medium of traditional arts and leading edge technology. Film allows me to combine my academic as well as creative passions in such a manner that I will be able to live my own dream professionally as well as creatively within a field that demands a blurring between the worlds of the professional and the personal.

Having been afforded the opportunity to participate in the university's 24hour film festival as well as having being able to work with Brock TV has allowed me to evaluate, study, and engage in my dream profession of film direction. As such, Brock has provided me with the first stepping stone towards achieving my future goals.

Academic Achievements: Winner of the 2010 Brock 24hour film festival, Ontario Scholar.

Community Involvement: Documentary director of the Brock “Come Together” Lip Dub Project, Blood Donor, Foundational Computer Skills Tutor for the elderly.

Skills & Talent: Independent Filmmaker, Composer, Visual Artist, Writer.

My left side...I believe an old 35mm film camera (the lens operating as the other eye in this case)  superimposed over a background of a möbius loop of celluloid film upon which one may make out an opening/closing hand from frame to frame would operate effectively as an accurate representation of both sides of my brain.


Tessa Lofthouse

Concurrent Education Intermediate/Senior French and Dramatic Arts, Year 3

I am a student of Education, French and Drama, but I am also an avid volunteer. I think it channels a different kind of learning, service-learning, and uses the social part of the brain. Volunteering offers the opportunity to help others and to teach important life lessons. Mostly, I have been involved in volunteering for the Brock University Students Union, engaging students in the Brock and St. Catharines community.

I believe that my whole experience at Brock has shaped me and given me the opportunity to grow. The Brock environment is perfect.

I received the Brock Scholars award (and renewal) the Brock National Leaders Award (entrance) and the Brock Leaders Citizenship Society Award (second year), the Statefarm Centennial Scholarship, the Millenuim Excellence Award (local, first year), and the Dean's Honour List (first year).

I am the Vice President and Founding Member of Brock Leaders Citizenship Society, Student Welcoming and Awareness Team Leader for BUSU, Shinerama Site Leader, Unity Games Marketing volunteer, Free the Children Action Group member and volunteer, Brock Club de Francais President and Founding Member, BUSU and BUSAC Election Polling Clerk, Brock Dance Member, Student Awards and Financial Aid Representative (Ontario University Fair, Spring Preview Day), Frost Week Volunteer, Humanities Student Association Founder and Concurrent Education Representative and Faculty of Education Representative for BUSAC (2010/2011).

I have been a dancer for 12 years, exploring different styles including jazz, lyrical, ballet, tap and acro. I performed in my hometown's local Teen Theatre Production as Arnis in The Clumsy Custard Horror Show and produced Bridge to Terabithia with the same production group.

My left side is an image that represents learning/teaching. 

Michael Tung

Business Economics (Financial Stream), Year 3 

Prior to being a Brock Student, I spent two years building up my own clothing company in Toronto which helped me learn about the fashion industry and networking with other businesses/ key personnel. Although I never got it up and running due to conflicts with the head designer, I developed key skills to become a successful entrepreneur. Throughout the duration of this endeavor, I recruited an excellent team consisting of marketing students, clothing and art designers (OCAD), investors, promoters, clothing suppliers and other key players in the industry. We got as far as meeting with lawyers, consultants and accountants to help us incorporate the clothing company. We even had the designs made and ready to be printed at the factory. My head designer and I also went around meeting with boutique owners in Toronto, and Gary Waters (Pen Center) negotiating on terms to let us sell our clothing in their stores. Despite the obstacles I was challenged with, it made me realize what I really wanted to do in life – Land Developing, this is a story for another day.
Ever since I started being more involved in the student government and student clubs, a natural passion came to me wanting to make this university even better. The reason for being the CEO and Sr. Creative Director of Guinness Brock is to promote more school spirit. In this upcoming year 2010-2011, I hope to put Brock University in the Book of Guinness World Records as the most consistent university breaking World Records. Alongside with the NEXT BIG THING, Guinness Brock hopes to get students more involved in breaking Brock Records - student records regarding any records (Biggest Dodge Ball Game). In doing so, I hope to get Brock Students more excited about being a student here, and opening doors to unique experiences that they can only get here at Brock.
Academic Achievements: I graduated High School with Ontario Scholar Distinction, and won a Spelling Bee in Grade Ten.
Community Involvement: Throughout the duration of my second year, I have participated in: two elections- running for BUSU VP Finance and Administration, Brock University Board of Trustees, and BUSAC Councilor; Student at Large on the Finance Committee (BUSU); CEO and Sr. Creative Director of Guinness Brock; and a Founding Father of Kappa Sigma –Brock University Chapter.
Skills & Talent: My skills and talents are: Piano, Basketball, Entrepreneur, and Fashion Design.
My left side is a Skyscrapers—I have the creativity and passion for Architecture and Real Estate Land Development.
Kyle McGiverin

Education - Concurrent Education J/I Integrated Studies, Year 5 

I’m an activist, a writer, a musician, an actor – all of which I am passionate and energetic about, and all of which I take pride in.
I’m finishing my second year as President of Brock Pride, the sexual- and gender-diverse community on campus that supports not just students at Brock, but young people across the Niagara Region. We’re partnered with OUTniagara, PFLAG, Transparent Canada, TransGender Niagara, The Imperial Sovereign Court of St. Catharines, Rainbow Youth Niagara and Niagara Pride Support services, and more.
This story isn’t unique, but it’s a good example of what Brock Pride can do: Earlier last year I a high school guidance counselor got in touch, who was dealing with a student who was worried about coming out. The overall situation was an eye-opener to me: Brock Pride is a resource for not only Brock, but the community as a whole. I felt validatedIf even one nervous, uncertain high school student could feel safer by coming to us, we were doing our job.
Currently finishing fourth year here at Brock in Concurrent Education with an approximate 80 average. Made the dean’s honours list last year. Managed this while simultaneously involved in a plethora of extracurricular activities and volunteer activities, and also struggling with a learning disability.
Active member (2006-07), Vice-President of Marketing (2007-08) and finally President (2008-present) of Brock Pride, the campus sexual- and gender- diverse community. During my time with Brock Pride, with the help of my executive and volunteers, I have engineered many first-time events that have brought the club forward incredible strides and increased its visibility.
Member of last year’s Relay for Life on Team OUTreach; Member of the committee for Pride in Niagara 2009 and now 2010; Part-time co-host of the Brock queer radio show OUTspoken; Strengthened partnerships across the Niagara region with OUTniagara, PFLAG, TransGender Niagara, Rainbow Youth Niagara, Niagara Pride Support Services, Transparent Canada and others.
Non Brock Pride related: Volunteered multiple times for Theatre Beyond Words, a local theatre company; Have worked with Glenys McQueen-Fuentes as part of a “Flocking” physical improv troupe; Was a member of Brock Improv for three year; Have volunteered as a panelist for Margaret Sanderson and the accessibility office on the subject of learning disability issues.
-       Have played the piano for 18 years
-       Create digital music electronically
-       Write narrative fiction of various forms
-       Have played the saxophone for 8 years
-       Have been involved with acting and improv for nearly 10 years
My left side is a splatter of paint on canvas, one of many different colours and images, and one of vivid intensity. 
Jonathan Menchella

Honours Health Sciences, Year 4 

I am a very dedicated, hard working and conscientious fourth year full-time university student enrolled in the Honours Health Sciences Program. Outside of my academics, I am involved in a wide variety of activities that help serve both Brock University and the broader community. I am passionate about community service and volunteer a great deal of my time to various charitable organizations. I am dedicated to being a ‘Big Brother’ for the Big Brothers & Big Sisters In-school mentoring program. I am also involved in the lab as a research volunteer. I have founded the Brock Chapter of War Child Canada and have raised a great deal of awareness and funds to help war-affected children around the world. I belong to the Med Plus Program, I serve on the Med Plus Advisory Board, and I am a representative on the CHSC Student Council. I aspire to be a family doctor. I find the Brock University experience to be very rewarding and I encourage students to get involved with their Brock and local communities.
I believe founding The Brock Chapter of War Child Canada has really shaped my life. Since children’s rights, poverty reduction and education are very important issues to the global community, especially in places where children are affected by war, I feel that starting this Chapter at Brock has been beneficial in trying to help address these issues and increase awareness to the local and Brock communities making it a very rewarding experience for me.
Attained Deans’ Honours List for three years; Research lab volunteer; Achieved entry into the Med Plus Program; Selected to be on the Med Plus Advisory Board as a Level Three/Four Representative; Representative for CHSC Student Council; Brock University Scholars Award.
Founder/President of the Brock Chapter of War Child Canada; active Big Brother volunteer for the Big Brothers & Big Sisters Program; active member for CHSC Student Council; volunteered in the ER department of the General Hospital; volunteered for delivering toys for FACS; canvassed for CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind), the Heart & Stroke Foundation, the Canadian Cancer Society and the Kidney Foundation Funding Drive; Assistant coach for CYO girls U12 League.
I play the piano, I like to golf, soccer and basketball.
My left side is child affected by war, as it exemplifies my goal of trying to raise awareness and funding for War Child Canada. I believe this image portrays the powerful message that the Brock University students, in addition to their academic studies, are committed to responding to children in need around the world.


Jen Hogervorst

BA/BEd Concurrent Ed, Year 5

The post-secondary experience is so much more than earning a degree. Not only am I here to grow and develop as a student by earning my honors degree and teaching certificate, but I am also here to develop as an individual with unique talents and interests. I have participated in various volunteer opportunities including Brock Cares Day of Service, Brock Bowls for Kids and Mentorship Plus. I have played intermural sports and am on my program's social committee. I have also had on-campus jobs including working at Union Station and Community Connections.
Brock has influenced my life in so many ways that it seems unnatural to be leaving here after this year. Brock is not just a school - it represents so much more to me - it's a culture, it's an opportunity, it's one great idea, it's a challenge, it's a community, and most importantly, it's a space to grow as an individual.
I am currently in my fifth year of study at Brock, finishing my final year of the concurrent education program (BA/BEd English Language and Lit; Geography minor). I have achieved an 80% average in each year of my study.
Throughout my years as a Brock student I have completed various volunteer and Leadership programs, including Brock Cares Day of Service, Brock Bowls for Kids and Shinerama. I am currently an online mentor for high school students and volunteer with Brock Student Life events. This past summer to current I have been employed with Student Life and Community Experience as a community outreach coordinator, and recently planned and executed Brock's volunteerFEST during O-week. 

Lauryn Wiles

Social Sciences - Psychology, Year 5

Currently, I am a part-time student, completing my last 2 credits of my 
undergraduate Honours degree in Psychology. When I'm not in the classroom, you can find me at one of several locations on campus. I work part-time with Student Life and Community Experience, a department that provides students with incredible opportunities to get involved, develop their leadership skills, volunteer and truly enhance their Brock experience. I have several roles with this department. I help to coordinate and execute a variety of programs and volunteer opportunities. Specifically, I am responsible for overseeing Participation Passport, an incentive program designed to recognize Brock's most involved students and reward them for their participation. On occasion, you will also see me working at the Welcome Desk in the lobby of Schmon Tower.

In addition, I also work in the new Student Leadership and Innovations Commons (SLIC), a collaborative workspace dedicated to all Brock student leaders and organizations. The goal of the SLIC is to unite campus leaders so they can share ideas, connect with peers and learn to lead in new ways, and I am required to facilitate such interactions! I also work as a tour guide with Recruitment and Liaison Services and volunteer as a Senior Mentor with the Mentorship Plus program.  When I am not at work or at school, you can still find me around campus, either at the fitness classes in the Dance Studio, or participating in various campus/community events. I LOVE Brock and to be completely honest, I can’t get enough of it! It truly is my home away from home!

There are many experiences I have had at Brock in the past 5 years that have helped shape the person I am today. Some include: being a member of the Brock Student Ambassadors, assisting with the organizaton of various on/off campus events (i.e. Rankin Cancer Run, Canadian Cancer Society's Relay for Life, LEAP, Open House, Brock Cares Day of Service, Rick Hansen Wheels in Motion, food drives, tutoring for the Faculty of Education's Reading Clinic, TAing for PSYC 1F90 and being a staff member for both  Recruitment and Liaison and Community Connections). I have been able to make incredible friends, form professional and personal relationships with other students and staff members, and embrace ALL of the incredible services and opportunities that Brock has to offer.

One of the most noteworthy and recent experiences I have had was my participation in the  International Experiential Learning trip to Namibia. This May, myself as well as 15 other Brock students and  staff volunteered at local daycares, soup kitchens and afterschool centres.  This journey affected and moved me in ways I never thought possible, and has truly changed my life, opening my eyes to a world that many do not know exists.

My left side portrays the world, with many cultures, people, diversity, color and knowledge.

Jordan Tucker

Concurrent Education, J/I English & Dramatic Arts, Year 4

The image that I chose to portray the other side of my brain is the Brock 
Badger logo, which is something that has yet to be done by anyone 
(surprising). While it may seem like I didn't put much effort into choosing 
my image of choice, I have my reasons why I feel like it is a great choice. 
For the past three and a half years, I feel like I have gone from a regular 
student to an actual Brock Badger. Being involved within the Brock community in many different ways (academically, work wise, and extra-curriclar wise) has allowed me to take advantage of many programs and activities Brock has to offer, as well as being placed in leadership roles that allow me to show my knowledge and understanding of Brock as well as the spirit and devotion I have towards my university. After getting involved in the Brock community, I truly feel like a Brock Badger.

Maria Isabel Millan

English and Writing, Rhetoric and Discourse Studies, Year 3

I believe that by combinaning cognitive and experimental learning, I have 
gained personal and applicable knowledge of the challenges facing humanity in the 21st century. Throughout my involvement in the International Students Association I have had the chance to put some of the theorical concepts involving human relations, internazionalization and global development into a practical context. I have learned about countries' issues from other international students, participated in different International themed events and gained  sense of accomplishement.

My left side is the world.

Kevin Whyte

Business Communciations - CPCF, Year 4

I had the opportunity to feed my need to explore the world last year when I 
went on exchange to Tampere, Finland. I've always been interested in 
travelling and learning about new cultures. I've been lucky enough to have 
travelled to 20 countries already and don't plan on stopping anytime soon. 
 From entering the Great Pyramids of Giza and King Tut's tomb in Egypt to 
swimming in the arctic ocean in northern Norway in December to viewing 
Vladimir Lenin's body at the Red Square in Moscow, these experiences are what is driving me to do well in school so that I can go back overseas next year to complete a masters in International Relations.

Eventually I would like to be working for either the Federal government or an international organization in a position that allows me give back to the 
world and see more of it.

My left side is a globe. I'm a worldly person.

Natasha Davey

Concurrent Education - Geography & English, Year 2

The "Other Side" of the brain is going beyond academics, creating oneself to 
be fully well-rounded. My passion for leadership and involvement has been 
driven by the innovative oppurtunities that Brock has to offer. I have been a 
part of Smart Start, Foundations in Leadership, Brock University Student 
Union and Residence. My Brock experience has allowed me to develop both 
academically and personally through the heart of the Brock community that 
encourages success.

The image reflects me as a leader in the community and my desire to volunteer world wide. Through Residence I will be going on my second mission trip to the Dominican Republic during Reading Week to volunteer in an orphanage. Otherwise I volunteer often in the University and in the Niagara community.

Andrew Natale

Humanities: Liberal Arts & History, Year 4

I am interested in the Student Experience... shaped by residence, social justice, leadership and community.

My other side is a the warrior face... it shows the energy with which I approach life.