Employment Opportunities

Student Community Outreach

Employment Opportunities

Student Life and Community Experience hires many talented and passionate students each year to work towards the goals in Community Outreach, Leadership & Engagement and Off campus Living & Neighbourhood Relations.  Our student staff are typcially hired to work in one of the department's three areas and assist in the coordination and implementation of key projects and initiatives.  These projects include programs such as the Passport Program, Brock Cares Day of Service, SLIC, Unity Games and Knowfire.
Student Staff Hiring 2012

Step 1: Print an Application Package and read through the included information.

Step 2: Attend the Hiring Information Session.
When: January 25th, 2012   5:00pm
Where: TH 244

Step 3: Review the job descriptions for the various positions.

Step 4: Rank your order of preferred positions on the application. 
Positions are catagorized into 12 month appointments and 8 month appointments. 

Step 5: Submit Your Application
Complete the remainder of the application and submit the application and questionnaire by the deadline of January 30th, 2012 by 4pm.

Employment Opportunities

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