The following is a formalization of networks and procedures to deal with students who are exhibiting behaviours which may be harmful and/or threatening to others/themselves and may/may not be responsible for breaches of the Code of Conduct. Please note that this is an outline, and that each situation is different and will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Initial Response (no immediate threat)
If a faculty/staff member is not sure if the student in question qualifies as “At Risk” after reviewing the definitions below, the matter should be discussed with the Manager, 
Residence Life and Student Affairs at ext. 4041 to decide upon appropriate courses of action.

Upon identification of a student-at-risk where there is no immediate threat (level 1 or 2), the Manager, Residence Life and Student Affairs should be notified ASAP at ext. 4041. This allows for one primary point of contact in the interest of maintaining consistent information. At this point, an incident report should be generated, and appropriate courses of action will be established, which may include calling together the Students-at-Risk Case Team. In all cases, the Manager, Residence Life and Student Affairs will be responsible for retaining/maintaining appropriate documentation.

If a faculty/staff member feels as though there is an immediate threat to student and/or campus safety (Level 3 threat), Campus Security Services (CSS) should be notified immediately at ext. 3200. This is the Emergency number and CSS can assist in making the appropriate connections (i.e. Counselling/Health Services) both during and after regular business hours.