10 Steps for Success

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10 Steps for Success


  • Organize your finances
  • Prepare and stick to a budget
  • See a financial peer for help managing your finances


  • Your time
  • Plan for studying, classes, exercise, eating, sleeping and dont forget fun
  • See a Learning Skills instructor for help with planning and organizational skills


  • Get involved - join a club, foot patrol, intramural sports or some other campus activity
  • See a personal counsellor for help in managing your stress

Set your Goals

  • Both long-term and short-term
  • Take a workshop with Learning Skills or Career Services to help you set your path


  • Make yourself more marketable
  • Participate in the Foundations in Leadership Series or Learning Skills Workshops
  • Take advantage of the many job/volunteer opportunities through ExperiencePlus!


  • Go to all your classes
  • Participate in seminars, discussions, study groups


  • Spend time on campus
  • Make new friends


  • Good nutritious meals
  • Look after your health - stay fit and well


  • Use a good study plan - work smart, not just hard
  • Review your work often
  • Take good notes
  • Use study skills support available at the SDC


Use the many helpful services and resources available at the Student Development Centre:

  • Aboriginal Student Services
  • Leaderships Development
  • Learning Skills
  • Personal Counselling
  • Services for Students with disABILITIES
  • Student Event Risk Management

Students who seek help early are ahead of the game.

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