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Student Community Outreach

Thank you for your interesting in creating a "profile page" for your organization in Brock University's new ExperienceBU Portal, which has been designed to give students a one-stop-shop location for all the ways they can engage in the community both on and off campus to make the most of their time as a student.

We will now gather some basic information about your organization in order to create your profile page. This will take approximately 10 minutes to complete and please remember to e-mail us a logo or photo image that represents your organization so that we can include this on your profile page as well. This can be sent to community@brocku.ca.

Experience BU Community Partner Registration

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In Closing

As a community organization using this ExperienceBU tool in partnership with Brock University, you are welcome to post only events that relate to students, which includes but is not limited to: events students can attend or participate in as volunteers, programs you facilitate (long-term or otherwise) that require volunteers, and any other unpaid ways that students can participate in your organization.

If you have any major news updates about these events or programs, there is also space to communicate that within your profile. We ask that any news posted, be of this type and relating to the events and programs relating to students.

Lastly, your events and programs will be approved in this system by someone on the ExperienceBU team at Brock before they are posted and live. We will confirm with you when an event or program is posted, or in the event that something is not approved for posting, so that you are also aware.

It is our hope that in the months to come we are able to give you log-in access to your own organization’s profile page so that you can make any necessary changes or updates directly to this information, and also have the ability to create your own event/program listings in the system. Until that time, please let us know of any changes to the information you submit, or additional ways that Brock students can engage with your organization. We will be happy to keep your organization’s information up-to-date for you in the mean time.