Information for Schools

Special Needs Activity Program

Information for Schools

Schools may sign up for one SNAP per term. This happens on the Call-in Days for Fall and Winter term. School board coordinators and the SNAP faculty advisor decide on appropriate call in day dates.

Prior to this, the school board coordinators allocate numbers of children who can attend from each school. This is to allow kids who will benefit the most to have priority to attend SNAP. 

Once these decisions have been made, the SNAP faculty advisor sends an information letter to the boards who then distribute it to the schools. Once the schools know the call in day dates they can call in and book their SNAP date.

If your school does not receive a letter, please contact SNAP on our website or e-mail and/or your respective school board coordinator: 

Schools not affiliated with DSBN or NCDSB may contact the website or faculty advisor directly. 

Call in Days for 2013 - 2014: Thursday December 12th and Friday December 13th from 8 AM - 1 PM.