Faculty of Social Sciences


Advisors are Amazing!

Sociology classes provide the kind of knowledge and information that can change the way you frame your world. Also, the advisors are amazing, knowledgeable, and incredibly helpful. Go see them.

-Chris (Sociology/Geography)


I Can’t Imagine Being Anywhere Else!

As I enter my fourth year in Political Science at Brock I can't imagine being anywhere else.  The faculty are amazing and always willing to help and Diane is the best academic advisor a student could wish for.  With staff and faculty that are easy to talk having the students' best interest at heart, working towards a Political Science degree has not only been educational but also enjoyable.  Brock's close community atmosphere has offered many opportunities through networking including an on campus job and the ability to study abroad for a semester.  It is evident that the Political Science department cares about the success of its students.

-Karen (Political Science)


Mature Student Feedback

I applied to several schools as a mature student, but Brock was the only one that gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge base and further develop my learning.  I don't know where I would be without Brock.

-Brett (Business Communications)


Nothing Sort of Exceptional! 

My time as an undergraduate Psychology student at Brock was nothing sort of exceptional. I found that there were so many opportunities for undergraduate students to get experience within the Psychology department- whether it be as a teaching assistant, a research assistant, or a student representative. The faculty is extremely supportive and approachable, and I am honoured to have been able to meet and work closely with many of them. I would strongly recommend the Brock Psychology program to any students considering a degree in Social Sciences. I know it has opened up many doors for me, and I feel more than prepared to face my next challenge as a graduate student as a result of my undergraduate studies.

-Regan (Psychology)


Positive Experience!

So far my experience with the social sciences has been very positive! As with anything there are high points and low points. I think that the electives that are offered are great though some of the required courses can be a struggle to get through. Same goes for the professors, but overall I have had really good profs that really make the classes enjoyable. If I can offer any advice it would be, don't discredit math! It may pop up so be prepared for those courses!

-Olivia (Sociology)


The Faculty is Great!

I really appreciate all the faculty and staff at Brock University. I am a social sciences grad (poli sci and sociology) and all of my professors and TAs were always helpful and available to talk via email/office hours. The faculty of social sciences is great!!

-Kathleen (Political Science)


Reaching a Full Potential

Being part of the Faculty of Social Science and entering into my second year as a Political Science program allowed me to receive encouraging and positive feedback. The Faculty members and professors in the Social Science department are very helpful and encourage students to be active in the community. The classes and seminars allows student to have philosophical debatable conversation between the professors, T.As and students alike. Overall my first year experience at Brock allowed me ease the nerves and to reach my full potential.

-Arushana (Political Science)


Professors are Accessible

As a Brock student, you will be fortunate to have Professors who are easily and consistently accessible and willing to meet with you to help you succeed.

-Nella (Psychology)


Exceptional Guidance on a Pleasant Journey to Adulthood

My experience at Brock University has been the most beneficial journey of my life. When first entering into the Business Communications Program at Brock, I did not know if I had made the right choice. However, after meeting the professors and academic advisers I was able to discover the perfect program for me which was the Collaborative Program. The switch was smooth and stress free and had found what type of career I was interested in. The Faculty of Social Sciences has a lot to offer and the friendly staff is always there to welcome and support you through your university career. I believe that this type of encouragement is difficult to find and when given the opportunity to meet such individuals, one should welcome the experience with open arms.

-Maira (Communication Studies, Collaborative Program in Public Relations)


Of Interest to My Everyday Life

I have loved the Communications program here at Brock from my very first class. The Professors really get to know who you are and are always willing to help out when it comes to projects and assignments. The seminar system that Brock uses truly helps make the connection with lecture material and course readings. Also, because seminars are of a smaller size, you are able to share and learn with your classmates in a more intimate setting. Brock's Business Communication program was very applicable to real life situations and it was fun to be able to look around and apply what you were learning each and every day. I always looked forward to lectures because I knew that it would be something not only of value to my education, but also of interest to my every day life.

-Heather (Business Communications)


The Professors are More than Helpful!

I recently just finished first year at Brock University. I was very nervous  coming into a university setting and I was extremely scared about the sizes  of my classes. I was always told that professors in university are heartless  and don't care about you. That was absolutely wrong. Here at Brock  University, the professors are more then helpful! My professors were kind and  caring and their way easier to talk to then I expected. The class sizes are  nerve-racking your first day, then it's not a big deal! I'm so glad I chose  Brock, the atmosphere is so welcoming. My first year psychology classes were  not as hard as I expected, but they challenged me in positive ways that  helped me better myself as a student. Go Brock Badgers!

-Marina (Psychology and History)


Brock is Part of My Life Forever

 knew the moment I stepped on campus that Brock was going to be a part of me  forever. As a recent graduate, I can say with confidence that the education I  received from Brock has given me practical skills that I can use in the real  world, teaching me how to think, instead of what to think. Thank you Brock!!!-Sonia (Political Science)   



The program is amazing and taught me a lot. It helped me to be successful and  gain employment after 1 month of graduation in my field.

-Sarah (Business Communications)


A Variety of Quality Classes

I've been impressed by the classes and professors in the faculty of social  sciences. The quality and variety of classes really helped me figure out what  I want to do for the rest of my life. I started out in the Political Science  co-op program but wanted to make some changes and after meeting with Larry  Savage, the director of the Labour Studies program, and having him tell me  more about the program and suggest some classes I might enjoy, I realized a  double major with Political Science and Labour Studies was the perfect fit  for me. Best of all, the professors all seem informed and passionate about what they  teach, which encourages me to be excited about my classes as well. All my  profs have been really down-to-earth and made their lectures entertaining.  Their open and friendly attitudes have helped me, as an extremely shy  student, feel welcome in classes and thrive as a student. I look forward to  the rest of my years as a social sciences student!

-Grace (Political Science and Labour Studies)


Small Classes and Lots of Opportunities

Making the adjustment from high school to university can be a scary time. For  me, finding my niche in the Brock community came easily! With accessibility  to profs, small classes, and lots of opportunities to get involved on campus,  you can too!

-Laura (Business Communications)


I Love the Program!

I love the popular culture program so much because it is one of a kind! Can you think of anything better than sitting in a class where your professor is  talking about World of Warcraft, Barbie and GI Joe, and Tim Hortons?

-Riley (Popular Culture)


Incredible Exerience!

My experience at Brock for my first year was incredible. Naturally it was a  much different sort of place than High School, and this took some adjusting  to. However my Professors, Seminar leaders, and friends really helped me  through the challenging adjustment at first, and by the end of the year my  grades were more than satisfactory to me. It was a great new experience, and  everyone was so nice. I look forward to the next three years!

-Amy (History and Labour Studies)


The Best Times of My Life

My time at Brock went by in the flash of an eye. Looking back, they were some  of the best times of my life because it was the first chance I had to learn  about what I wanted. The communications program is a good mix of business  oriented and media directed learning. My favourite aspect was how relevant  the material was. We didn't talk about the past, we talked about the now! And  how our society is impacted by rapidly changing media platforms. There are  also opportunities for hands on learning which I can honestly say I have  carried on with me into the work place. Sometimes it doesn't feel like it at  the time, but learning is such a valuable experience and in life it should be  your goal to never stop. Earning my B.A degree at Brock has given me these  fundamental building blocks. I never thought I'd say this but, I almost even  miss writing research papers.

-Erica (Media Communications)


Part of the Greater Brock Family

As a recent graduate from the Policing and Criminal Justice program, and a recently hired police officer with the Niagara Regional Police, I would like to convey, to anyone considering a career in policing, the confidence I have in the program offered at Brock. It enabled me to experience not only a traditional academic university experience, but encouraged me to apply the theories and material learned through practical applications at Niagara College. Not only do I employ what I learned at Brock daily on the street, but my entire experience in the program proved invaluable throughout the hiring and interviewing process. The faculty not only presented the material in a professional and challenging manner, but fostered the feeling that students are now part of the greater Brock family. If you want to present yourself as the best possible candidate, one who stands out from all other applicants, consider the Policing and Criminal Justice Program at Brock University.
-Dave (Psychology, Policing and Criminal Justice Program)