Wei Xu

Water Economics, Policy and Governance Network (WEPGN)

Wei Xu

Associate Professor, Department of Geography, The Prentice Institute, University of Lethbridge
Email: wei.xu@uleth.ca

About Wei

Dr. Wei Xu is Professor and Chair in the Department of Geography, University of Lethbridge. He is also a Distinguished Zijiang Visiting Chair Professor at the Centre for Modern Chinese City Studies, East China Normal University, Shanghai. As a China study specialist, Dr. Xu has conducted numerous researches on Chinese urban and regional development. His current research interests include food security, water resource management, Chinese labor market dynamics, land use change, impact of globalization on cities, and relations between development and environment. Dr. Xu is a GIS specialist and quantitative modeler. He has developed numerous statistical and mathematical models in understanding how people’s values and attitudes are related to adoption of new water polices, how economic, institutional and demographic factors are associated with land use change, urban growth and regional development, how migrant earnings in urban labor markets are determined, and how optimal plantation options among farmers can be achieved to promote sustainable agricultural development.

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