WEPGN Output

WEPGN Output

Project Outputs

‘Extending municipal water demand forecasting capacities by incorporating behavioural responses to pricing and other policy measures’ (Steven Renzetti, Diane Dupont, James Price). Project outputs:

BROCKWATER Demand Simulation Manual - September 2015
BROCKWATER Model Water Demand Forecasting Tool (.xlsm)
IWRA Presentation - Renzetti et al. 

Annual Meeting Outputs and Research Presentations

2015 Annual General Meeting

WEPGN held it's 2015 Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the University of Calgary in September, 2015. The event saw 16 of WEPGN's research teams convene to present their Phase I final projects and to announce their new Phase II projects. The highly engaged group included academics, students, postdoctoral fellows, partner representatives, and members of WEPGN's Board and Research Management Committee.

Click here to download the agenda from the 2015 AGM.

2015 final project presentations: 

Introduction: WEPGN AGM 2015 – Steven Renzetti, Brock University
Economic analysis of sourcewater protection – Vic Adamowicz, University of Alberta
Integrated analysis of land use and water quality: Economic, hydrological and policy analysis – Matthew Agarwala, University of Exeter
Applying resilience analysis to a transboundary river system: Developing surrogates for governance – Julia Baird, Brock University
Panel 2 - Water and economy - Diane Dupont, Brock University
Public agencies and social justice: Lessons from Alberta’s regional plans – Parastoo Emami, University of Lethbridge
Analysis of avoided water utility costs from wildfire risk mitigation – Monica Emelko, University of Waterloo
Water policy and extreme climate events – Naima Farrah, University of Calgary
Bridging the gap: Exploring the potential for community-based watershed monitoring to enhance ecosystem health and watershed governance in Canada – Chris Garda, Dalhousie University
First Nations water governance in BC – Leila Harris & Karen Bakker, University of British Columbia
Social networks, water governance, and valuing ecological goods and services – John Janmaat, University of British Columbia
Factors influencing nutrient management behaviour in the Gully Creek watershed – Jennifer Leslie, University of Guelph
From fracking conflicts to innovation generation? A case study in Northeastern BC - Michele-Lee Moore, University of Victoria
Human well-being, ecosystem services and watershed management in the Credit River Valley: Web-distributed mechanisms and indicators for communication and awareness – Alvaro Palzuelos, York University
Supporting ecological governance through natural capital valuation – Steven Renzetti, Brock University & Asit Mazumder, University of Victoria
Evaluating collaborative approaches to governance for water allocation - Alyssa Roth, University of Waterloo
Accessibility, quality and safety of a First Nation’s drinking water supply – Rebecca Zagozewski, University of Saskatchewan

WEPGN AGM 2015 group photo

Participants at the 2015 WEPGN AGM in Calgary, AB (click to enlarge)

2013 Annual General Meeting

WEPGN Projects Booklet - Annual General Meeting 2013