Liquid assets: Assessing water’s contribution to Niagara

Water Economics, Policy and Governance Network (WEPGN)

Liquid assets: Assessing water’s contribution to Niagara

Project Description:

Members of WEPGN (Dupont, Heinmiller, Plummer and Renzetti), in conjunction with members of Brock's Environmental Sustainability Research Centre (Baird) have just completed a report for WaterSmart Niagara, entitled: "Liquid Assets: Assessing Water’s Contribution to Niagara". The report examines the important role water plays in everyday life in Niagara. It highlights some of the benefits and potential challenges associated with the region's reliance on water. It first presents what is known about water quantities used by sectors in the region and what is known about the benefits derived from those quantities used. This is followed by an overview of the complex water governance structure in Niagara, and some of the conflicts arising from this structure that were identified by community members in interviews. The report highlights the potential impacts of climate change for water use and benefits, and identifies some of the areas where Niagara may experience vulnerabilities, as well as where the region is well-situated to adapt to challenges. 


Diane Dupont, Timothy Heinmiller, Ryan Plummer, Steven Renzetti, & Julia Baird


WaterSmart Niagara