Water Economics, Policy and Governance Network (WEPGN)


Applying Resilience Analysis to a Transboundary River System: Developing Surrogates for Institutions and GovernancePlummer

Assessing Drinking Water Governance in British Columbia, with Focus on Water Quality in First NationsBakker and Harris

Assessing Policies to Improve Water Quality in Agricultural LandscapesWeersink

Beyond Physical: Impacts of Water Regulations in Saskatchewan First Nations CommunitiesBharadwaj

Bridging the gap: Exploring the potential for community‑based watershed monitoring to enhance ecosystem health and watershed governance in CanadaCastleden and Conrad

Capacity development for integrated land and water use planningXu and Bjornlund

Closing the gap: Drinking water governance and monitoring capacity in British Columbia First Nations communitiesHarris, Bakkerand  Norman

Costing Climate Change: A Case Study of Employing Climate, Land-use and Water Quality Data to Assess the Economic Impacts of Climate Change on Local Public HealthMazumder and Renzetti

Economic Analysis of Source Water ProtectionAdamowicz

Evaluating Collaborative Approaches to Governance for Water Allocation in Canada: Lessons from Ontariode Loë

From fracking conflicts to innovation generation: A case study of water governance in Northeastern  B.C.Lee-Moore and Shaw

"The Gender Implications of Putting a Price on Water" Scott and Harris

Great Lakes Governance Reform for Place-based Regeneration of the Natural and Built EnvironmentKrantzberg

Human well‑being, ecosystem services and watershed management in the Credit River Valley: Web‑ distributed mechanisms and indicators for communication and awarenessBunch and Morrison

Integrated Analysis of Land Use and Water Quality: Hydrological and Economic AnalysisBateman

Liquid Assets: Assessing Water’s Contribution to NiagaraDupont, Heinmiller, Plummer, Renzetti and Baird

Measuring and Mobilizing Citizen Preferences for Source Water ProtectionJanmaat

Measuring the influence of social networks on water priorities during scarcityJanmaat, Wichmann and Adamowicz

Promoting conservation and social justice through next-generation water pricesScott and Renzetti

Responsiveness of Household Water Demands to Price and Non-Price Conservation ToolsDupont

Social Justice Aspects of Water Allocation Mechanisms Bjornlund and Xu

Water Policy and Extreme Climate EventsHorbulyk