Canadian Water Economics


The following students have completed their Masters of Business Economics research essays.
  • Shawn Atthill "Analysis of Factors Leading to Adoption of Different Irrigation Technologies by Alberta Irrigators


  • Scott Clark “Understanding Water Demand: An Examination of the Capital Region District Using Census Tract Data”


  • Tianshu Wang “Cost-Benefit Analysis of Ontario Urban Water Leak Detection”


  • Michael Antobreh “Modeling Tradeoffs in Tap Water Attributes”


  • Alvin Brown “Estimating Canadian Households’ Willingness to Pay to Use Reclaimed Water to Avoid Summer Water Restrictions”


  • Maimuna Din  “An Analysis of Protest Responses Using Contingent Valuation (CV) Method and Choice Experiment (CE) Method”
  • Nowshin Jahan “Averting Behavior Expenditures Relating to Water: the Effects of Risk Perceptions and Experiences” 


  • Sampson Ndah “Forecasting Water Demand for Ontario”
  • Obed Owasu “An Econometric Model of Sewage Treatment Cost in Ontario, Canada”
  • Yang Tang  “Estimating the Cost Function of Municipal Water Supply in Ontario”
The following students have completed a fourth year undergraduate Honours essay.
  • Arlo Matisz “What You Know May Not Hurt You, But What You Don't Know May: Risk Perception and Protective Action in Decisions Regarding Drinking Water"
  • Jeff Bennett "The Value of Verbatim Responses: Evidence from a Contingent Valuation Study on Summer Water Restrictions"