Our Projects in the News

Our Projects in the News

Canadian Water Economics


  • Professor Steven Renzetti was noted in the July/August 2011 issue of the Water Canada Magazine for his role as an expert panel member at the ‘Water: Public or Private Commodity’ event held in Toronto on May 24, 2011. Along with two other featured panellists’, Professor Renzetti discussed several topics related to public and private roles in water management. Some of the more strongly debated sub topics discussed at the event included water markets, pricing, profiteering and the aging water infrastructure.

    For more details about the event, please visit onlinecic.org.



  • Dr. Diane Dupont was recently quoted in the Water Canada Magazine (May/June 2011) in regards to her presentation at the Canadian Water Network's Water Resources Conference held in Ottawa this past February. Water Canada drew the following quote from her presentation that reviewed the economy of water challenges and opportunities for urban municipalities:


"We are not entitled to an infinite supply of water a              cost of zero"



  • A number of media outlets have discussed our recent work. Professor Renzetti's presentations at the McGill water conference and the IRPP working lunch were broadcast on CPAC. Renzetti's CD Howe report was the subject of a poll carried out by BDO Dunwoody Weekly CEO/Business Leader Poll and reported in Canadian Business magazine. Here’s what they had to say:
By wide margins, the CEOs and business leaders on the COMPAS business panel back all but one of the proposals for reforming municipal water utilities in Canada that are contained in a C.D. Howe study. Immense majorities back universal use of water meters, full cost accounting, and adequate revenue to allow full updating of equipment and processes. 
A more than three-fourths majority embraces the report’s “general conclusion of poor management of costs, underfunding of water agencies, aging infrastructure, excessive consumption and stifled innovation.” The only recommendation on which support exceeds opposition but is tepid is the C.D. Howe recommendation for seasonal surcharges “to better reflect the marginal costs of water use during peak summer months.
These are the key findings from this past week’s Internet survey of CEOs and business leaders on the COMPAS panel. The weekly business survey is undertaken for Canadian Business magazine under sponsorship of BDO Dunwoody LLP.