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Canadian Water Valuation

What's New

This page is updated regularly to better outline what's new regarding water research at the university and significant events.


  • Professor Diane Dupont was recently awarded the 2012 Brock University Award for Distinguished Research and Creative Activity. Details are available at the Brock News Webpage.



  • Steven Renzetti and Diane Dupont are among a group of Canadian water researchers that have recently recieved federal funding to develop a reseach network to examine the economic, political and social dimensions of water-based issues. Steven Renzetti is leading the "Water Economics, Policy and Governance Network" project, which recieved a $2.3 million Partnership Grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. More information about the project is available at the Brock News Webpage.



  • As part of the Blue Economy Initiative, Steven Renzetti, Diane Dupont and Chris Wood recently released a paper titled Running Through Our Fingers: How Canada Fails to Capture the Value of its Top Asset. The paper is the first of a series of research papers  that are to be released over the coming months. Details are available at the Blue Economy Initiative Webpage.



  •  Professor Diane Dupont will be a Keynote Speaker at an upcoming CWN conference, and outlines some of her views in the short video below:



CWN Speaker Series #4: Dr. Diane Dupont, Brock University from Canadian Water Network on Vimeo.