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Water Economics, Policy and Governance Network

 The Water Economics, Policy and Governance Network: Brief Description 

BROCK NEWS: "Brock Takes Lead on Major Water Research Network"


There is a growing concern regarding the health of Canada’s water resources and whether our current water policies promote sustainable and efficient water use. Canada’s past profligacy in water use is well known. However, it is also widely recognized that our lakes, rivers and wetlands are under threat from rising water demands; urban, farm and industrial pollution; and the impacts of climate change. To meet these challenges we must reconsider past and current attitudes, practices and regulations relating to water.

We propose to create a national network that will bring together many of Canada’s best researchers, government agencies and NGO’s. The goal is to carry out world-class research that will lead to improved water use in Canada and internationally. Doing this will yield significant economic, environmental and social benefits to all Canadians. The first step in the creation of WPRN is to broaden our base for funding. In addition to the resources being brought by researchers, universities and partner organizations, funding will be sought from the Social Sciences and Humanities Partnership Research Grants (previously the Major Collaborative Research Initiatives grants).
These will be developed during the summer and fall of 2010 through dialogue between researchers and partners. Some possible themes include the following:
  • Reforming water allocation mechanisms 
  • Building capacity for improved water governance
  • Translating water science into water policy
  • Water policy and social justice
  • Investigating water-economy linkages 
For more information, contact the Network’s organizers:
Professor Steven Renzetti                               Professor Diane Dupont
Department of Economics                              Department of Economics
Brock University                                             Brock University
(905) 688-5550, x.3121                                  (905) 688-5550, x.3129
srenzetti@brocku.ca                                       ddupont@brocku.ca
 The new Water Policy Research Network webpage is forthcoming. 


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