Current Projects

Canadian Water Valuation

Current Projects

1.  Book Project: Economic analysis of the value of water to the Canadian Economy.

The purpose of this book is to contribute to the ongoing scholarly and public debate regarding the appropriate direction for Canadian water policies by providing insights into one specific dimension of water: its contribution to the Canadian economy. While most Canadians appreciate that access to clean, reliable sources of water contributes to our economic well-being, there has been little research that carefully documents the exact nature of that contribution. This is problematic since sound policies regarding water must be based as much on good economics as good science.

The principle theses of the proposed manuscript are the following:

1. Water makes significant but poorly understood contributions to Canadian society and economy

2.  Much of this contribution stems from benefits provided to households and the environment in addition to commercial and industrial applications of water

3.  This contribution is under threat from many directions (e.g. out-moded regulations, water pollution, inadequate pricing, outdated data, lack of research, and climate change)


2.  “Liquid Assets: Assessing Water’s Contribution to Niagara’s Economy”.

Over the next 12 months, Dupont and Renzetti will work with Tim Heinmiller (Brock Politics), Ryan Plummer (Brock Tourism and Environment), and Julia Baird (Postdoctoral researcher) to document the role water plays in the Niagara community and economy, as a way of planning to maximize water’s sustainable contribution to the region in the future. This is work funded by Niagara WaterSmart.


3.  “Water Regulations: Impact on First Nations Health Equity and Promotion”.

Dupont is working with a number of researchers from the University of Saskatchewan to look at issues pertaining to water quality. This work is funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.


4.  “Water Demand Analysis for the Capital Regional District, Victoria, BC”.

Dupont and Renzetti are working with CRD employees to examine the responsiveness of seasonal water demands to price and non-price changes over time. In addition to the econometric analysis, they are using GIS mapping techniques to illustrate results. A Master of Business Economics student is working on the project.


5.  Industrial Water Recirculation.

Renzetti is working with Joel Bruneau (University of Saskatchewan) to examine the factors determining the intensity and frequency of in-plant water recirculation within the Canadian manufacturing sector.