Undergraduate Research

Department of Tourism and Environment

Undergraduate Research

Research is an important component of undergraduate studies, and interested students are encouraged to get involved in the research activities of the Department. During their studies students are given the opportunity to learn about research methods, participate in research and conduct independent research projects either as term papers or in form of honours thesis.

In their final year, honours students with a first class average work on a thesis.  Supported by a faculty member, students investigate a topic of their interest, and produce an extended paper.  Other honours students work in small teams on a group thesis.

Examples of recent thesis topics include:

  • Management Strategies for the Dufferin Islands region, Niagara Parks
  • Cultural heritage interpretation in Niagara: the role of trails and greenways
  • The role of Asian Elephants in tourism in Southeast Asia
  • Ecosystem Based Management Priorities for Little Lake, Barrie, Ontario
  • Selling China As A Cultural And Natural Destination To Tourists:  A Comparative Study of China's Tourism Images Communicated Through Chinese And English Tourism Websites
  • The Impact Of HIV/AIDS On Education In Namibibia, Africa
  • A Sustainable Future For Tourism in Guernsey
  • Food and Wine Tourism:  Branding the Niagara Region as the "Provence of Ontario"
  • Risk-taking Behaviour of University Students while on Spring Break:  Theoretical Understanding of Influential Factors on Risk-taking Behaviour
  • Decew Falls Trailway Connection Proposal
  • Comparison of the ISO 14001 and the Ecological Footprint as sustainability tools for hospitals in Ontario, Canada
  • Tourists And The Environment:  Beliefs And Actual Behaviour
  • The Perception Of Niagara Regional Cuisine By International Tourists In The Tourist Locality Of Niagara Falls
  • Creating A Framework For the Evaluation Of Corporate Social Responsibility In The Airline Industry
  • An Assessment of PlantWatch as a Means to Monitor Ecological Consequences of Climate Change at the Local Level.
  • Service Quality Concepts In A Theme Park Context
  • Food and Wine Tourism:  Branding the Niagara Region as the "Provence of Ontario"
  • Dark Tourism and Ground Zero: Perspectives of Residents and Tourists
  • Tourism Development in Gairfuna Communities on the North Coast of Honduras
  • An Analysis of the Three Elements of Sustainability In Marketplaces of Lima, Peru from the Perspective of Local Newspapers
  • Formal or Substantive Integration: The Challenge of Environmental Education in the Ontario Secondary School Curriculum
  • An Analysis of Sport Tourism: Investigating the Impacts and Implications of Hosting the Football World Cup
  • Sustainable Tourism in Niagara Falls: An Exploratatory Study of the Factors Affecting Voluntary Environmental and Social Initiatives in the Tourism Industry
  • The Ecological Footprint of a Niagara Ecovillage as Compared to that of an Urban Community in Niagara
  • Sustainable Development and the Role of the IMF and World Bank in Argentina and Brazil
  • The Cooperative Management of Atlantic Salmon on the Grand Cascapedia River
  • The implications of parking regulations in the residential restoration of downtown St. Catharines
  • Impacts of the proposed Canadian PCB regulations on the electrical utility industry
  • The Impact of Civil Society on Environmental Performance: A Cross-National Comparison



Lin Zi Hua, TREN graduate (2008)

Lin Zi Hua (TREN 2008) credits her undergraduate thesis work in TREN as the impetus leading her on to a Master's degree (2010) and a promising new career in environmental management.


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