History of our Department

Department of Tourism Management
(formerly Tourism and Environment)

History of our Department

The Department of Tourism Management (formerly Tourism and Environment) at Brock University was created as a result of strong commitment and interest of faculty members to address the issues of sustainable tourism.

Prior to 2006, the Centre for the Environment and the Tourism Studies program were both small, well-established academic units at Brock University. A shared interest in the practical applications of sustainability theory in real-world contexts caused them to join forces in 2006 to create the interdisciplinary Department of Tourism and Environment, with a focus on sustainable tourism. In 2014, to reflect institutional evolution, the unit became the Department of Tourism Management. The department is housed in the Faculty of Social Sciences, and works with local, provincial and national agencies in cooperative research, education and internship opportunities.

The department is very interdisciplinary in nature. Faculty members offer students expertise in business, ecology, economics, environmental studies, management, and tourism planning and development, and have a wealth of experience in interdisciplinary research, teaching, and community involvement. Emphasis is placed on exploring the human-environment interface at all scales - local, national, and international - and on integrating economic, environmental and socioplitical perspectives. This commitment is reflected in our program structure, which engages students with their local community as well as providing systemic opportunities for international study.

Top left: Former Ontario Tourism Minister Jim Bradley joins program Chair Dr. Anthony Ward at the podium to introduce the Tourism and Environment program (now Tourism Management program) in the Sankey Chambers, Brock University, October 2006. Centre: Brock senior administrators and invited guests assemble for a formal group photo at the program launch. Right: Chair Anthony Ward shares his perspectives on the exciting new program with an attentive and enthusiastic audience.