Sustainability Science & Society Graduate Program

Sustainability Science and Society

Sustainability Science & Society Graduate Program

The graduate program in Sustainability Science and Society (SSAS) responds to environmentally related challenges and is aligned with the emerging transdisciplinary approach of sustainability science. It aims to facilitate society’s transition towards sustainability by offering high-quality graduate education, enriching research and applied experiences, and engagement in problem-solving through innovative pedagogy.

The SSAS graduate program offers students two paths to study environmental sustainability. Students can tailor their program to specific career and research interests through enriching classroom learning with practical experience (Scheme A) or intensive research experience (Scheme B).

Program Highlights:

  • Students can complete a Master of Sustainability in 16 months (Scheme A), or 24 months (Scheme B).
  • The SSAS graduate program is transdisciplinary & emphasizes overcoming barriers among traditional disciplines & sectors.
  • Faculty members involved in the SSAS graduate program are leading scholars in many fields. Their expertise spans the natural & social sciences & share a commitment to integrative inquiry. Exciting opportunities exist to joining cutting-edge programs of research.
  • Students can engage in intensive & enriching research that they are passionate about. Faculty members mentor students in undertaking their research. Student research may take place here in Niagara or anywhere in the world. 
  • Students can apply classroom learning & gain work experience through co-op as part of their academic program to enhance their employment potential. Brock University’s Co-op Programs Office offers exciting & rewarding opportunities with some of Canada’s top employers.