MA in Critical Sociology


Steve Romanin (Graduated in 2013)

"The Master’s Program in Critical Sociology at Brock University was a natural fit for me. Having graduated from the undergraduate Sociology program at Brock, I was already familiar - often on a first-name basis - with many of the associate and senior professors in the program. The fact that my professors were approachable and friendly - a hallmark of many programs at Brock - was important in making my decision of where to study. In addition, while many universities offer multidisciplinary social justice related graduate programs (including Brock), Brock is one of the few schools that offers a concentrated, focused Sociology program - an important consideration for someone who is considering pursuing a PhD. Finally, Brock’s Critical Sociology program is one of the only explicitly critical Sociology graduate programs available. I always approached Sociology as a discipline that conducts social research with and for the explicit benefit of subordinated and oppressed people. Brock’s Masters in Critical Sociology program shares this approach and creates a space for students to promote social justice through their own research.

The program has helped me considerably to develop a number of skills (so many, in fact, that I often take some of them for granted). 

Besides the obvious - research skills, writing skills, proofreading, transcription, note-taking - I have developed my public speaking and interpersonal and leadership skills. The skills I cultivated during my time in the MACS program have helped me succeed at essentially everything I have put my effort into since. As an activist, I was able to establish a positive reputation for our organization, create meaningful community partners and organize social justice events throughout St. Catharines. In my current role, these skills allow me to be a flexible and responsive office administrator. I am entrusted with duties as disparate as updating our organization’s website and writing press releases to researching and purchasing office equipment. 

These day-to-day tasks are small pieces of the larger goal of achieving food justice/security - a commitment that was cultivated in me throughout my time in the MACS program."