Dr. John Sorenson

Faculty of Social Sciences - Department of Sociology

Dr. John Sorenson

Information for Graduate Students

Department of Sociology
Brock University
e-mail: jsorenson@brocku.ca
office: AS 414
phone: 905 688-5550 ext. 4369 


PhD, York University
MA, University of Alberta
BA, University of Alberta

Courses Recently Taught

SOCI 2P73: Globalization
SOCI 2P85: Animals in Human Societies
SOCI 3P47: Racism and Anti-racism
SOCI 4P55: Animals and Human Societies
SOCI 4F80 Critical Animal Studies

SJES 5P35: Animal Liberation and Social Justice

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John Sorenson teaches Critical Animal Studies, globalization, and anti-racism. Professor Sorenson has an HBA and MA from the University of Alberta and a PhD from York University (Social and Political Thought). He is currently working on a SSHRC-funded project on various ways of representing animals. Previous SSHRC grants have supported his research in the Horn of Africa, where he studied the experience of women in the Eritrean liberation struggle and research on diasporic communities from Africa in Canada. Professor Sorenson has been involved with a number of Third World solidarity groups. His books Imagining Ethiopia and Ghosts and Shadows (co-author Atsuko Matsuoka) investigate politics of national identity. His most recent books are Ape and About Canada – Animal Rights.